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  1. Grand suites on RCI are very nice...but that is about as far as it goes.  Sure the RCI Concierge Lounge is good for espresso and cappuccino and evening cocktails.  The Yacht Club blows RCI away when it comes to all the extras.  The whole YC enclave dwarfs anything RCI has to offer.

  2. 6 hours ago, jotjot said:

    Now,  some people are lining up to get into the casinos and some are staying home afraid to go out. I say gamblers will bet they don't get sick to have a good time.

    Gambling adds another component to the restart.  There will be those pax who choose to cruise in order to play.  Keeping the casino area clean and disinfected will present its own set of problems.  

  3. 37 minutes ago, cangelmd said:

    My opinion: cruising will start back close to the end of this year or early next. It will be limited in length with few or no foreign ports. It will involve some social distancing and some masking and signing a mountain of paperwork relieving the cruise line of any liability and outlining how you are going to,get yourself back home if you get sick (this will be irrelevant until cruises are 5 days or longer, which I don’t think will be the case initially).


    What I know is that there is an adage in lab medicine - tests can be fast, cheap or reliable, you can generally get 2 out of the 3, but it is extremely rare to have all 3, and virtually unheard of in infectious disease testing. New technology is wonderful, but the level of accuracy implied by the media is practically impossible with a TAT of 5 minutes. The rapid testing platforms that have been used for Covid or that are being discussed have trade-offs - you will either let people on that are in early stages of infection or deny people boarding that are negative - it is inevitable.

    It all comes back to risk, perceived or real, no one sues the airline or cruise ship if you get flu on board. Norovirus is a risk we take on a ship. People find those risks acceptable. I’m not implying that Covid isn’t serious, you do NOT want to be early in this game with a bad case! What I mean is that returning life to normal will most likely require a mixture risk reduction strategies - some treatments, some consensus on effective prevention, prevalence testing so we know what the risk really is and can make sensible educated decisions about how that applies to us.

    Well said...thank you.  It will be interesting to see which cruise line jumps off first.  My money is on Carnival.  Who knows...maybe they will promote cruises for those under 50 since they seem to be able to survive the virus.

  4. 2 hours ago, ECCruise said:

    Citation please.

    The worst case estimate that I have seen, but one group only, was slightly over 2 million fatalities.

    Which was with absolutely no lock-downs, social distancing or ongoing mitigation.  Letting the virus, in effect, run it's course.

    So we need to stop using these numbers (or worse) since the mitigation efforts were started almost immediately.  


    And cruising will not start, hopefully, until 2 things happen:

    1)  We get a much better handle on the means of transmittal, additional health problems, and the antibody question.

    2)  People stop dying at the rate of 1000-1500 per day.

    New York Times March 13th.


    The antibody question is most likely the key to restart cruising.

  5. 1 hour ago, DYKWIA said:

     When you start your statement referring to doctors as "so called experts" I guess I know where you're coming from.....


    The DOCTOR in question was referring specifically to the tests in development and has probably been the leading media medical voice on C19 in the UK - but hey what does he know compared with someone who goes on cruises and wants to think creatively....


    You're right let's will a solution and think positively, that will sort it.  Those people under 60 who really want to cruise can get on a ship even if one isn't sailing, such is the power of positive thought.  


    I wonder what Gwyneth Paltrow's take on this is - perhaps Goop should be consulted?



    Sorry but so many of these doctors have been wrong.  Their predictions of gloom and doom were rampant...hundreds of thousands were going to die and hospitals were going to be over-run and unable to cope.  Some of us can see more positive solutions on the horizon and some of us will stay home until the CV 19 has disappeared entirely.  I’m not even remotely concerned with what Gwyneth Paltrow would do.  

  6. 3 hours ago, ECCruise said:

    You can accept all the risk you want, I understand that. 

    But you are not going to determine that level of risk. The cruise lines are. And I think that risk will be highly mitigated. 

    2 reasons:. Liability. And a major outbreak on a ship when they start sailing ends cruising. Virtually forever. 

    If the cruise lines mitigate too long they will be gone anyhow.  Again everyone seems to be dealing with what was.  If a cruise line starts up again you can be sure they will have protocols for immediate evacuation with a prearranged agreement for hospitalization.  Again...we need to think creatively.  Cruise lines are not going to allow a repeat of the Princess debacle where sick pax were held onboard and allowed to infect everyone else.  Understand...we are still learning about CV 19 and we are just now starting to come up with tests, remedies and vaccines.  I realize that a lot of you are dejected and feeling like cruising is over.  Believe me...I have learned in the past three years to develop a positive mind set and shake off the negativity.  We all need to believe that we are going to cruise again!! 

  7. 3 hours ago, DYKWIA said:


    I heard this proposed by someone on TV this morning.  The Doctor on the show said it wouldn't work.  The quick tests that are being developed only work if you have symptoms.  If you are asymptomatic these tests (along with temperature checks) will not work

    Of course the so-called expert claims it won’t work.  They are talking about what is available currently.  What they don’t tell you is that THERE WAS NO 5 MINUTE TEST 2 MONTHS AGO.  Advanced technology will give us a 5 minute test that will show asymptomatic people.  I would guess that would be just months from now.  The world is full of nay-sayers and short on doers.  

    Those of us who love to cruise are going to have to think creatively.  There will be a level of risk and those who do not want to accept that level of risk can simply stay home and wait.  Those of us who are willing can take a chance and press on.  People who are under 60 will probably start cruising sooner than later.  






  8. 5 hours ago, alley24 said:

    This test would not protect you from people and crew that go ashore and bring the virus back on board the ship.   One person brings it onboard and you have another Grand Princess senario.

    My point exactly...the ship could not land at a port and allow the pax to wander off.  Once you have an entire ship testing negative you cannot expose them to a general population on an island or port.  If the pax get off the ship they will need to protected from infection.  They will also need to be tested periodically when onboard.  I don’t see the ship making many port stops in the near future.

  9. 6 hours ago, MrCoachRentz said:

    That's easy, open the ports and let people choose.  Manage possible infections while on the ship, just like they do with nora virus.  If experts say this will never go away, then, might as well start living and managing.  

    Opening ports and letting people choose is a recipe for disaster.  In order to start cruising again the ship will have to be tightly controlled...preboarding testing and onboard testing.  When the ship lands at a port, one that has a special agreement, then all pax who disembark will need to be escorted to an isolated location.  The pax must be kept from becoming contaminated.  To expose the pax to a general population at a port defeats the efforts to avoid infection while onboard.


    So...how do we cruise keeping the ship infection free and avoidIng infection while in port??  So far all I can envision is a long voyage with one port of disembarkation.  How many of you would embark on a 2 week cruise with no ports other than the port of disembarkation??  The ship would be the destination.  

  10. 2 minutes ago, Blackduck59 said:


    And you wonder why the largest outbreak in the world is in the United States...Good luck with that.

    The largest outbreak in the US was due to the idiotic mishandling of the nursing homes.  61% of the deaths were elderly...mostly nursing homes.  If you removed that 60% you would have 35,000 deaths...not even close to the annual flu deaths.

  11. 6 hours ago, RaftingJeremy said:

    Well I see the Virgin Islands are reopening to tourists on June 1 and airlines are returning to Jamaica and other popular Caribbean areas beginning in June also.  Other lines are saying they will relaunch with a small number of ships and grow from there.  I was just wondering is MSC had made public what they might do.   

    Would you really want to get on an airplane when nobody has been tested??

  12. 1 hour ago, Prost Seattle said:

    I hope your state doesn’t regret these choices. 

    People under 60 are going to have to accept a level of risk.  The stats show they are surviving.  The elderly will have to continue to shelter.  It should be a personal choice for people under 60.  

  13. 6 hours ago, rkacruiser said:


    I like your idea.  Many of the ships have become so resort like that marketing them as a "resort vacation at sea" could be possible.  I would hope that if such an arrangement happened, in the interest of those guests that are b2b guests, the entertainment and menu offerings in the MDR could be alternated.  


    I'll expand on your idea a bit by suggesting a Florida-Caribbean type of itinerary.  A 7-10 day cruise to a port that has an airport that could accommodate those guests that might want to fly to/from that port.  Florida to San Juan; Florida to St. Maarten; Florida to Cozumel, etc.  As part of the itinerary, scenic cruising around some of the islands in the vicinity.


    The cruise companies might benefit from some creative itinerary planning and marketing.

    Great idea RK.  The only problem would be picking up a new compliment of pax while in port.  They would have to fly in and go through a lot of testing.  With the transatlantic theory you can take on a new compliment of pax in Europe to sail to Miami.  If say, MSC, had two ships reaching Miami while another 2 ships reach Barcelona or Rome they could exchange entertainers while in port.  That would keep 4 ships sailing back and forth.  Hmmmm...this might work.  These would be 14 day sailings.  Hey...it’s a start!!



  14. On 4/18/2020 at 7:57 PM, rkacruiser said:


    What wonderful memories!


    I do recall the possibility of such short crossings between or among European ports.  My QE2 voyage started in Bremerhaven near the end of one of her Northern Europe cruises followed by the TA from Southampton.


    Surely, we cannot forget the Priest who boarded Titanic in Southampton and then disembarked at Cobh.  His photos are historic.  


    Maybe such a time will return as cruise companies need to tweak their business models.  I know its an old cliche, but sometimes "what is old becomes new again".  This may be such a time.  

    Hi RK,


    I hope that you find this since there has been nothing posted here for the past two weeks.  

    It has occurred to me that due to the limitations caused by “The Hunan Virus” that there will be few ports available.  Cruising, as we know it, might start by sailing southern transatlantic from Florida to Europe or from Europe to Florida.  The ship would be the destination and the Port will become the point of embarkation for those sailing in the opposite direction.  The passengers could return via chartered flight or sail back to back.  All passengers will have to be tested before boarding ship and boarding the plane.  If they test positive they will have to quarantine on land at a prearranged hotel with hospital access before returning to the USA or Europe.  

  15. Sadly...I do not think MSC or any other line will be ready by the Fall.  There are just too many obstacles to overcome.  Just restructuring the buffet will take time.  Testing each passenger before boarding will have to be worked out.  Even if they do resume sailing, where do you think you would be sailing to??  Most ports will be closed to cruise traffic.  Cruising in the near future might be limited to the ship and a visit to the private island.  

  16. 5 minutes ago, Beardface said:


    If this holds true, sailing out of the US will effectively be canceled until the vaccine comes, because US law pretty much forbids cruises to nowhere without taking measures that the cruise lines deem fiscally prohibitive.

    About time to cancel The Jones Act!

  17. 4 hours ago, capriccio said:


    The reliability of that specific test was called into question yesterday.  See https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-05-13/abbott-fast-test-missed-many-covid-cases-unreviewed-study-says


    "The analysis, which has yet to be confirmed, found that Abbott’s ID NOW missed at least one-third of positive cases detected with a rival test and as much as 48% when using the currently recommended dry nasal swabs, according to the report on BioRxiv, a server where researchers post early work before it has been reviewed by other scientists."

    A lab comes up with a 5 minute test and it’s flawed.  They did this in less than 60 days.  Imagine what they will be able to do in 6 months.  Yes there will be trial and error but eventually they will get it right.  

    Again...I will say...we need a 5 minute test that can be processed by the hundreds in a short amount of time.  We will need that test for cruise lines as well as airlines.  

  18. 1 hour ago, Bobal said:


    To my knowledge there's no accurate '5 minute' Covid test which can be done just prior to people boarding and having a regular temperature means nothing - half the plane or ship could be infected but asymptomatic. All this talk about testing people before they board a ship or plane is irrelevant really because there's no such quick fix test available.


    As to removing people with symptoms, it's already been seen (in many parts of the world) that countries are not prepared to take people with Covid in, so what would you suggest happens when they are removed?

    Abbott Labs are currently producing 5 minute tests...50,000 tests per day.  The problem is that it takes 1 machine to do the test.  They need to design a machine that can do hundreds of tests simultaneously.  Like everything else with C19 things will improve over time.  

    Right now I’m concerned with ships sailing in the Caribbean.  Europe is another matter entirely.

    Ports of entry are going to have to cooperate with the cruise lines if they want their business.  That is why I said...prearranged.  As the virus dies down more hospitals will be willing to take on contagious people in limited numbers.  Islands and ports were reluctant to allow contagious ships to land for fear of their med systems being overwhelmed.  This too shall change as we go forward.

  19. On 6/7/2019 at 10:37 AM, tubeamps said:

    On a 14 night Viking cruise we had lobster in the MDR twice, no separate charge.

    You can have lobster any night you want on Viking.  Simply ask for it.

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