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  1. Sorry but my screen would not release your quotes... YES...you should book the YC it is worth every penny...just read the reviews. Is it perfect for you...probably not...every cruise has a flaw or two...but you will find lots to like. The YC is unlike any cruise you have taken so far. YES you can go anywhere on the ship and your YC status is good in every bar onboard. That is exactly what I love about the YC...the ability to have the rest of the ship anytime you care to leave the serenity of the YC. Good luck with you adventure.
  2. The drinks in the YC are included...no taxes.
  3. I dont think the agent knows a lot about MSC. He or she is just going by the info on the ticket. I prefer to arrive around 11:30 to Noon. That gives the staff enough time to get ready. You have paid for the full day...so enjoy.
  4. "Must have thought we were VIP's" Bea, you ARE a VIP! Who else on these boards has been such an avid MSC enthusiast? You have taken many cruises with MSC, thoroughly reporting without embellishments and giving all of us an inside look at the entire spectrum that MSC offers. I am sure that your posts are well known and well received in Europe and Florida. Your cheerful willingness to help newbies (even though the same questions have been posed a thousand times...lol) is most appreciated by those who are just beginning their MSC adventure. If Good Will could be bottled then MSC would send you a case of Moet every time you board one of their ships!!
  5. Hi Bea! Great to hear about your Armonia adventure. Keep it coming...you always have the inside info. Frank’s comment brings to mind what I always tell my friends who are cruising for the first time. “DON’T FORGET THE CORKSCREW!” CGT
  6. I believe you are correct in the above info...THE CANADA STAR. She was the ex SS Brasil. The name Brazil was spelled Brasil at the request of the Portuguese ambassador. The name of the sister ship (ex SS Argentina) at that time was was Bermuda Star. I believe these two ships had more names in their sailing history than any other ships in history.
  7. Victoria was born as the Dunnottar Castle in 1936 by Harland and Wolff, for the Union Casle Line on the South Africa run, and was sold to Incres Lines in the 1958. The Victoria was beloved by all who had the good fortune to sail on her. I have a collection of menus and other memorabilia and I have to say they are spectacular. It would be great to hear from anyone who sailed on her. She was later sold to Chandris Line in 1975 and continued her cruising life for many more years.
  8. When I completed my first cruise with MSC in October 2017 I made the statement that “ MSC is a work in progress”. We see the title of this thread, “MSC not ready for the American market”, as stated on November 24th., has now been reduced by Seaside’s track record...in just two months. What a difference two months make. For those of you who think you can build a dozen giant ships without some growing pains, think again. What MSC has done in ten years is simply amazing. It won’t be long before we will be discussing, on this board, how the other lines intend on competing with MSC in the American market.
  9. Thanks Hank, Luger’s is one of the greatest steakhouses in the world as they hand pick and age their prime beef. And I will bet that many of those tourists and business people are from many different countries. I did have a cheeseburger on Divina (in La Muse) and I have to say it was an outstanding lunch. The cheeseburger was excellent. I could have had fillet mingnon everyday but I needed a change and the burger hit the spot.
  10. Your travel agent needs to keep calling MSC until he/she gets someone who will do the upgrade.
  11. Hi Brenda, I don't think there is another cruise line that is like MSC. Many veteran cruisers are choosing MSC for that very reason. What level or experience on MSC are you thinking about?
  12. Sooooo...I recently took a good friend of mine, he’s from England, out to a great steakhouse in the metro Boston area...my treat. He could take his pick from a fantastic list of steaks...so what did he order? You guessed it...a cheeseburger! LOL! Needless to say, we all had a good laugh. I believe the hamburger has reached global appeal.
  13. You have posed a good question. I know some people who would swear Divina is the way to go and others would swear by Seaview. At any rate, I don’t think you will be disappointed either way. I do do not know what all the fuss is about with the walk to Le Muse. The best way to get there is going down to one of the main decks and walking through the various clubs and public rooms...always an entertaining jaunt. Maybe it’s the fact that you must leave the inner sanctum or the YC in order to get there. It never bothered us in the least...Divina is a beautiful ship.
  14. This site is loaded with info. Take some time and read up...there are lots of comments that will help you decide. A lot will depend on which MSC experience you choose.
  15. It all depends on which experience you pick. Yacht Club exceeds Celebrity...IMHO. The atmosphere on Celebrity is more sedate than MSC Bella, Fantastica and Aurea. Again...we would need to know which experience you are picking.
  16. Do your parents enjoy the casino and/or flashy shows? If so they might very well come to love the YC. While the YC might be sedate the activity level in the rest of the ship is pulsating...especially at night. The butlers will escort them to any place they care to go onboard. They should enjoy being with you and the calm and level of service in the YC....not to mention the price difference. Every cruise is different and it is what you make it.
  17. Hi NBT, i was was fortunate enough to have sailed on the France and the Norway. We were onboard the Norway in 1993...twenty years after our sailings on the France. The food on the Norway in 1993 was pretty good. It was after Knute Kloster sold his holdings in NCL that things went downhill. In 1993 you could eat like royalty in The Parisian Cafe for $10.00 pp. If you had a top side suite on the upper two decks you could have room service that offered steaks and giant shrimp cocktails or anything else you could think of. I had a cocktail party in our suite and the Consierge sent out written invitations and delivered hors d’oeuvres. How things have changed.
  18. Ahhh George...those were the days. When you could see 3 or 4 great liners berthed on ocean liner row...and you could visit them for a 75 cent contribution to the seaman’s fund.
  19. Our shore butler was so nice...he stayed with us until we were handed over to our butler. A $5.00 tip was very much appreciated.
  20. The misrepresentation of the 5 beds bears no relation to the service. Your comments would lead us to believe that you are feeling guilt over your own actions...very strange indeed.
  21. A lot of people do not like MSC as they try to compare it to their favorite cruise line. You will never really know unless you try it. With over 7,000 pax sailing from Miami every week you would be reading thousands of negative reviews if it were really that bad. If you love RCI and NCL then you might not like MSC. A good friend of mine who has more than 25 cruises on NCL recently sailed on Seaside (Bella) and loved it. He too had a lot of reservations before he booked. I have never paid a lot of attention to the negative reviews. We all know that bad things can happen when they shouldn’t. As Hobby said, stay with what you know unless you are up for something different. To me...cruising is an adventure.
  22. What a great thread. The positive testimony favoring the Yacht Club is astounding as it confirms a resounding affirmation that excels MSC YC over RCI. I have always felt that with RCI you get a bigger suite but with MSC YC you get the whole package. I don’t mind giving up a larger suite for all that the YC offers. Beachin 2...by all means pull the trigger! BTW...In response to teacher 42...I would much prefer 12001 on Divina over the Royal Suite.
  23. Hi Heidi, Yes, the luxury lines try hard in order to justify the prices they charge. I have to chuckle when I see a review or a post that starts complaining about the “decline” of the food quality on one of the luxury lines. The food and service on the luxury lines are great if you enjoy smaller ships.
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