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  1. I would shoot for an 11:30 arrival at the YC tent. The first wave at 11:00 always seems chaotic.
  2. Agreed: I see from the price list that Moët sells for $59 onboard. When you factor in the 30% discount you are talking $40, an outstanding value when compared to other lines. If you are looking for quality then the price becomes a small consideration.
  3. Hi Rose, You certainly can order the high end bottles in the YC dining room...but you will be charged. I know that last year if you had the Deluxe Package...same as YC...that they discounted each bottle by 30%. I just checked the MSC web site and it says the All Inclusive Premium package gives you a 30% discount on all bottles of Champagne and wine.
  4. Hi Bea, Don't they give you a 30% discount??? If that's the case then you can get Moet for $40??? Not bad at all!
  5. We have had excellent luck with National Express bus service. You will be able to go directly from SH to LHR with no problems. You might have one transfer along the way but IMO this is the easiest way to get there.


    The Divina is really as beautiful as the pictures. D has her own personality and IMO has the potential to be one of the true classics...with a little fine tuning.
  7. Great review, Dennis...thanks for your thoughts on HAL / MSC. The fact that you sail Neptune on HAL makes this review stand out. Keep it coming! Thanks
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