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  1. Thanks Cap, Not to worry...folks seldom come here...lol. You can call PEM and ask for Tamara. They just received 7 trunks from me last week. Talk about timing...lol. I’ll contact you and maybe we can figure out a plan of attack.
  2. Hmmmmmmm...so many cruises...so many great suites. The Penthouse on Celebrity Century, 33 days in the Royal Suite on the RCI Jewel Of The Seas. And recently in the Yacht Club on MSC Divina in cabin 12001 which was bigger than their Royal Suite...had a fantastic view overlooking the bow of the ship with floor to ceiling windows. Our favorite was the Divina Yacht Club.
  3. Hi Capt. I am an ocean liner historian. It looks like you are looking for fairly recent menus. You can try the Seaport Museum in New York City. I would help you but I just donated my entire collection to the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Mass. I had many menus from Royal Caribbean Princess and Norwegian. Is there anything specific that you are looking for? You might want want to look at the the library at Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park New York. You definitely want to check out Ebay-Ocean liner collectibles-menus. Most menus there are much older but you will find some from the 1970’s. If you leave your your email I can contact you with more information.
  4. Great and moving story Willmega82. You must have felt like things were a bit unreal as you were at sea and somewhat out of touch with the Current events of the times. We were onboard the Norwegian Sun a few days after 9/11 and we had to stay in and near Boston Harbor. There were at least 5 other ships that had come up to Boston. The feeling was surreal seeing a bunch of ships that did not belong there. It seemed that the world had been turned upside down. There were armed Coast Guard boats patrolling all around the ships The one thing that was already apparent to us at that time was that travel would never be the same.
  5. You will probably appear in the Thursday presentation of the top four reviews of the week. It does take a while for them to post.
  6. The 12001 on Divina is the best! To bad there are not more of them. Lately they have been putting on big prices for that Suite...too bad. It was a great alternative to a YC.
  7. So true...it all depends on where the ship has been. I was on a Caribbean repo from Boston and the ship (RCI Jewel Of The Seas) had just done a northern cruise up to Canada. We lucked out as the ship was loaded with lobster from Canada and it was some of the best we ever had on a ship. And yes that was a longer 12 day cruise.
  8. You are saying that neither you or your wife are into the finer spirits. You like beer. While the mini bar is nice to have it should not be a deal breaker. So stay with Premium.
  9. The YC suites are actually slightly larger balcony cabins. They are more than adequate...and comfortable. The big difference is the array of extra amenities you get in the Yacht Club and the level of service. Compare the YC price to a Sky Suite and you will see the difference. The YC is a Big Bang for the money. IMO I would consider the YC as a very good alternative to a Sky Suite.
  10. I would be very surprised if management allowed anything less than top performance for Meraviglia’s American debut. MSC is betting the house on this move into the American market.
  11. Whether you are feeding 200 or 2000 makes no difference. It still takes a team effort right down to the runner who brings supplies up to the galley. Most of these complaints sound like there were inexperienced cooks working on the line. Having managed several kitchens in my lifetime I can tell you that there can be mayhem behind the scenes. Unless you replace or rearrange the order in the kitchen/galley there will be dysfunction.
  12. Please keep in mind that a massive restaurant operation needs teamwork...from the Executive Chef through the the dining room managers, cooks and waiters. If all goes well then we have rave reviews if one or two links in the chain are not performing then all hell breaks loose. The good news is that these teams rotate and a bad sailing from six months ago might be an excellent sailing today. Usually upper management takes notice and corrects as soon as possible. MSC management is constantly reading these posts. One of the conversations that I had with an MSC Food and Beverage Manager was how well informed he was by reading Cruise Critics.
  13. You got a fantastic deal for 14 days in the YC. I predict that you will be more than pleased with MSC Yacht Club. Bon Voyage!
  14. No one here has mentioned anything about potable water. The theme of this thread is the shutdown of the vacuum toilets.
  15. Getting back to the original theme... The last thread I read that involved a water shut down was the result of some moron pax who had flushed a wash cloth down the toilet. Most of these shut downs are from stupid pax flushing the wrong things into the system.
  16. I don’t believe we have ever seen a report here on CC that denied YC benefits when pax received an upgrade. Correct me if I am wrong.
  17. Safe travels home Bea and all the best to Mr. Bea.
  18. There were exceptions to the bland buffets. The Germans (Hapag Lloyd) had a Gala Buffet once a week and it was spectacular. There was lobster, prime roast beef, smoked pork, crab legs, all forms of German delicatessen and Buluga Caviar. When Regent Sea first set up business they had Apollo Catering and they put out a weekly Gala Buffet that included a 150 lb roast pig as well as all the best beef, sea food and poultry...a true extravaganza and really good to eat. They also had themed buffets throughout the week and they were all excellent. Their deli buffet was stellar. They had homemade corned beef, roast brisket, pastrami, chopped liver and much more. Even Chandris Line had super buffets when their Celebrity Line was first started. They had very fancy offerings that were high quality and delicious. Our dietary and nocturnal habits changed so the midnight buffets disappeared.
  19. If it’s great burgers you want then you must try R.F. O’Sullivan’s on Beacon Street. They are truly legendary. They will give Frankie the O’Sullivan treatment.
  20. Frank, LOL...LOL...LOL... I had the same thought...lol. Hi Bea, hang In there things are bound to get better. Glad to hear Mr. Bea is on the mend.
  21. Dear Bea, We all hope that Mr. Bea will be up and around soon. Sending you best wishes and good thoughts.
  22. Hmmmmmmm...me thinks that Bea just kept pouring the Veuve.😜
  23. Hi GK, I love to cruise but I find my cup is full after 14-16 days. Too much of a good thing I guess. I have never wanted to go on a world cruise but would have no problem with a segment.
  24. Hi Bea, I am so J-E-L-L-O...you are onboard Cview. And then you have the audacity to tell me you are in the TSL wasting everything down with the Veuve! ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!! At any any rate I am in my captain’s chair and rambling along with you...😊 BON VOYAGE BEA AND MR. BEA!
  25. BRAVO Fox...well said and so true. A reasonable person should be able to figure out that the dishwashers, cleaners, food prep people and maintenance people are the ones who work 12-16 hours a day for months at a time. Many of these people are the prime earners for their families and elders at home. Unfortunately, where some here are concerned, you are whistling into the wind.
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