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  1. Actually, cruises to nowhere used to be very popular. They were usually called casino, or gambling cruises.. until someone protested that they were technically illegal to maritime laws and that ended them.
  2. I was on the phone yesterday with a Princess rep concerning a cruise we are considering. Just in conversation, she mentioned that she was upset because she just that morning received notice that her inaugural cruise on Enchanted in June had been cancelled. We have one in October that is now in question.
  3. On the Princess website notifications, it states Royal Princess will depart on its next voyage on March 14,2020. That was as of yesterday, the 10th
  4. I would be careful of booking any asian cruises for a while, regardless of your concerns about coronavirus. I just heard from my friends who arrived in Singapore for a Thailand/Vietnam cruise on Royal Caribbean. They found out yesterday that their cruise was cancelled, now must find a way back home to the east coast on their own. Bummer.
  5. Something is wrong. Muster stations are assigned as to cabin location. If your spouse is in the same cabin, it should be the same. Talk to customer service
  6. You should be aware that the Arizona Memorial has been closed for over a year with no schedule to reopen. They may let you go by on a boat, but the landing dock is closed for reconstruction. The Missouri is open, as is the Arizona museum building. It’s an easy local bus ride there from Aloha Tower, but a long walk from the bus stop.
  7. I have only done it once, but as I remember all you have to scan is the barcode at the bottom of the passport. The program then downloads the entire passport to the system. Just like at immigration. Have to do it again soon for a spring cruise.
  8. My advise would be book it as two cruises. One: Ft Lauderdale to Copenhagen. Two: Copenhagen round trip to St Petersburg. Fly home from Copenhagen. The return from St Petersburg will require a Russian visa. We are going through that now for a river cruise and it’s a bit of a hassle. Of course, if you want more than the two days in St. Petersburg the cruise gives you, then you have no choice but to get the visa.
  9. If you are talking about a deluxe balcony, they have a sofa bed as the third bed. Some of them will accommodate a 4th person. That bed pulls down from the ceiling crosswise behind the balcony door. You would have to stoop under the bed to go out the balcony door. The steward will retract it back into the ceiling in the morning, so it’s only a problem when the room is configured for sleeping. The same for the sofa bed, it’s returned to a sofa in the morning
  10. We have had three in a mini several times. The sofa bed does not pull out into a full bed, but “rolls over” into a single bed lengthwise. It is not as comfortable as a regular bed, but it’s ok. The steward should return it to the couch configuration when he makes up the beds each morning and change it back at night. We were on a 3 day from Vancouver to LA this fall on Royal and the steward left it as a bed the whole three days. This did not pleas me and I reported it in our after cruise survey, but heard nothing back from Princess. I guess I should have told the steward, but was more concerned with the water dripping out of the ceiling in the bathroom. That was finally fixed after two attempts. Bottom line, the sofa bed is ok unless your daughter is a really picky sleeper. The pull down bed is maybe a little better, but requires the hassle of up and down that ladder. Your choice.
  11. I do not know the actual dimensions of the closet floor, but I can tell you it will hold two suitcases and a folding wheelchair with room to spare. We did it just 2 months ago.
  12. As to question about how to get them: if you pre-register through the medallion app, they will be mailed to you if possible. If not possible, you will pick them up at checkin. If you do not pre register, you will do it at checkin, then get the medallion. To me, the only real advantage to the medallion is how much faster, smoother checkin was. If you don’t want to display your color, just put it in the old card holder, or simply in your pocket. At the cabin door, you may occasionally have to take it out and touch the receptor to open the door. Same goes if you want to use it the purchase things, same as the old card. I think you will soon get tired of pulling in and out and just wear it on the lanyard like almost everybody else. Soon, you just forget it’s there
  13. We have always dined traditional, and asked for table for 4. Once, with a large family group we asked for a table for 11. We have always got what we asked for. We tried river cruising once and voweled never again because be spent the whole 12 days telling strangers the same thing over and over again. You can ask the maitre,d to change your table if you are not happy with it. We have done that maybe 5 times, usually because of the location. We like having the waiters know us and our preferences, especially on longer cruises. To each their own
  14. The EZAir program defaults to what ever home airport you entered at the bottom of your personal information page in Cruise Personalizer. You have to make the change there first. Even there, it may not let you enter the airport you want. If so, you will have to call
  15. As I remember from our South American to la cruise a few years ago, the tenders at Cabo were shore contractors with larger boats. Our mom uses a folding wheelchair. They got her aboard with no problem. ( she can walk short distances). When the tender lines start, let them know you will need the elevator, not the stairs!
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