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  1. One other difference. The loveseat converts to a single bed, in a balcony cabin the third bed if needed pulls down from the ceiling. If a 4th bed is needed, it pulls down from the ceiling in both type cabins. Important for us “old” folks.
  2. To tert333: I have been on the Edge and the Royal (same class as Sky). It depends on your personal preferences. I prefer the Princess ships to Celebrity Edge. The Edge was too trendy for me, loud techno music everywhere, only two banks of elevators; it seemed to be aimed at the younger generation. The food was the same or in some cases better, they had free ice cream in the buffet (limited flavors) the staff was excellent, but I never felt comfortable and relaxed on Edge. The Edge seemed very class oriented(exclusive dinning, services dependent of what class cabin you booked) Again, it’s up to your personal preferences. The Royal class ships are too big and crowded for me, but the whole industry is going that way. The Grand class ships are my preference, but itinerary decides which ship I book. I am already booked on Sky for 25 days next year. I will cope with the crowds because of the itinerary. I will never book Edge again, but I like Celebrity’s other ships.
  3. Coming into SanPedro on our 3 day from Vancouver, the captain announced that they had to slow down to 10 knots as the approached the Santa Catalina island because the whales were protected in the channel between the islands and the mainland. It was two hours later we arrived in port. We were already 12 hours late because of an oil spill in Vancouver. Good for us as we live in LA and got to sleep late, but a bummer for those flying. It’s a new law to protect the sea life in the channel. It will have scheduling effects on ship into and out of LA
  4. It’s not just the age of the ship. We were on the inaugural cruise in the Caribbean on Celebrity Edge last year. We had water running out of the ceiling in the bathroom twice before they got it fixed. We loved the glass enclosed showers, but found that if you ran the shower at more than half water flow, the drain was overwhelmed and flooded the floor. Leaking plumbing is an ongoing problem in cruise ships...plastic tubing?
  5. I am on the same cruise. Weather forecast for Vancouver for Sunday14 September is low 70’s with chance of rain. Nights will be colder, especially at sea. The Pacific is cold water, especially that far north. LA is still hot right now (90-100), but due to cool a bit on Sunday. A jacket or sweater should be enough for Vancouver.
  6. The view from these cabins is obstructed by equipment on the deck outside your window. The view is more open than if there was a lifeboat out there as in most obstructed view cabins. the upper bed does not “lock” the balcony door, it “blocks” the door, in that you must crouch down under the the bed to access the door. I believe E501 and E503 are window cabins with no outside door. These cabins are actually a little bigger than the balcony cabins. We actually prefer them unless the cruise is in a temperate zone where it’s comfortable to sit outside. Alaska cruises can be quite cold outside when the ship in underway. In places like Glaser Bay the ship moves very slowly to mitigate this problem.
  7. On my cruise on Celebrity Edge last year, they replaced all water bottles with metal bottles, I think they were aluminum
  8. I had the same problem for a B2B Florida to Denmark, then on to Russia and back to Denmark. I called my Princess planner and she gave me several options on cabins. No problem. But only over the phone, could not book online. If you use an agent, I would think they should be able to call and do the same
  9. I recently changed my cabin on a BtoB from Ft Lauderdale to St Petersburg. I found the same problem, all Dlx balcony cabins were to be assigned. I picked the deck/area of the ship I wanted , then called Princess. Several of my choices were available and I changed the cabin with no problem. If you are using an agent, they should be able to do the same. Just call and tell them what you want.
  10. Princess does this to expedite customs validation in certain countries. The alternative is you standing in long lines to have your passport examined. I have had to do this in the past, having Princess take care of it is the far better solution.
  11. Check the same flight this or next week. You can see if they just substituted a different model plane or cancelled the flight. Most likely, unless it’s an exceptionally long flight, they just use a older model 737 or A320.
  12. I stand corrected! It was the Ruby Princess that arrived this morning in Honolulu.guess I need better binoculars
  13. I saw the Grand returning to the port in Honolulu this morning. she was just here Friday and supposed to be at Maui today. Is she having electrical problems again?
  14. If you want to seethe Queen Mary, sail with Carnival. Their ship docks in Long Beach very near the QM, or just get your ride to San Pedro to detour through Long Beach on the way from LAX
  15. As of the Princess video released last week at her official launching, Sky princess is the first new ship built from the keel up to integrate Medallion. Personally, I am happy with the old cruise card. But, time marches on. Which is why my car locks the doors and beeps it's horn at me when ever IT wants. We love gimmicks.
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