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  1. We just got off a cruise that had 2 medical evacuations. I ALWAYS purchase trip insurance, I'm also always concerned because you hear of those horror stories that some islands take advantage of you and won't treat you until you fork over thousands of dollars. We are going on a 10 night Caribbean cruise and am very concerned about this as we start getting older. Can anyone who has personally taken ill in the Caribbean and went to a hospital tell me if they actually want cash upfront or do they accept your medical insurance (not Medicare) as my medical insurance from my employer covers me out of the U.S. or trip insurance that they can call and confirm the coverage. Thank You!
  2. Don't they dock them and take them out of the harbor when leaving?
  3. WOW! I just looked up Maya Chan, it looks amazing! The only thing is the 30 minute ride to and from. Also, If you want to leave early, is it a problem or do you have to leave a certain time so people can share a taxi?
  4. So there is a beach right at the port? If so, if I want to just hang at the beach, I can stay here and save myself cab fare? Do you have to pay for beach chairs and umbrellas?
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