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  1. Yes it is the Celebrity vibe that I get on the other ships that is missing. The Edge might be ok if we were not in suites. The sweet life seems not so sweet on the Edge. Our next cruise on Celebrity is booked for summer 2021 to Alaska with friends on Millie in suites. That does not mean we might take a last minute cruise on Celebrity.
  2. With the new Edge Class ships and the other ships being revolutionized. Where are you spending the money you would have been giving to Celebrity? I canceled a 15 night March 2020 cruise. We are going to England for 3 weeks instead. We are also canceling our 17 night Sept 2020 cruise. I booked tickets to see The Music Man on Broadway with Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster. I'm looking at booking Azamara for Aug 2021.
  3. Hoppenized stands for Kelly Hoppen Designs. I just see it as the direction Celebrity wants to go. Kelly must have worked many hours with Celebrity. The designs would have been gone over many times. Just because Celebrity makes minor changes to appease current paying customers. Celebrity is going in another direction and it is not a direction I'm going.
  4. All I can say is when they changed from Corning to Hollywood Hot Glass many of the same staff stayed.
  5. We are not a 7 night cruise type either. I would go with Rome to Barcelona. Favorite cruise area Eastern Med.
  6. In the past when we traveled with friends or family 35 or younger we would book Royal. Royal has 3 ships doing Alaska. I would book Radiance of the Seas (my favorite Royal ship) or Serenade of the Seas. Ovation of the Seas is newer, but just under 5000 guests. Ovation will have more options. But you must be a planning to organize events ahead of time. Other wise you stand in a line and get back filled after others have entered the event.
  7. I not do many tours not through Celebrity. But in this case as it is a 3 night stay and that Bangkok can be 3 hours away. Book a private tour.
  8. Check out cruises from Singapore/Singapore, Singapore/Tokyo, Singapore/Dubai, Singapore/Sydney. The Hong Kong government is clear: The city is still open for business. "Hong Kong remains a welcoming city for tourists and investors, a safe place for travelers from around the world," the government said on August 14 on a web page launched in response to traveler concerns. Aug 15, 2019 More than 60 million tourists expected in Hong Kong in 2018 as officials pin hopes on projects linking city to mainland China. In 2014, a record 60.8 million visitors came to the city. Last year, the total number of visitors was 58.4 million.
  9. Micheal's Club on Eclipse was the same as always in Sept/Oct 2019.
  10. This is a photo of me at our muster station. We were in a mid ship sky suite. Very little seating. Good thing I'm a young 61.
  11. I always try and book on board. The deposit is less for any cruise booked in sky suite or less. With the prices of Celebrity suites go up so much. I've started looking at booking other cruise lines and doing more land trips. I recently was trying to reduce my cruise cost. Hank and others were very helpful here on CC. I was able to reduce the cost of a cruise I have booked for 2022 by $3000 USD. By bring my deposit up to a full deposit, ie $900 and get a group booking. I'm not sure if it was the additional $700 or the group booking that saved me money. I did lose some non-refundable shipboard credit, but I dont need $1150 non-refundable shipboard credit. A good TA can be very helpful.
  12. I was disappointed when I heard the Corning was leaving Celebrity. They brought in Hollywood Hot Glass and I love it. I've made 3 pieces so far. It is so much fun. Each instructor seems to do things a little different. Instructors always collects the glass. It seem to come down to how comfortable you are and how much experience you have.
  13. We do have a 3 week land trip to England booked for May/June. Family has wanted to do Alaska cruise. I want to say we have done Alaska 5 times and we have Millie booked for 2021 with friends visiting from England. I'm going to book HAL to Alaska for July 2020. I'm going to take my parents and other family members. Thinking 4 balcony cabins. It will give me a good feel if HAL might work. As we live in Seattle it is a easy cruise for us. I'm going to cancel the Hawaii to Sydney cruise. If family backs out we'll try the signature suite. Thanks for all your help here.
  14. I was unsure if I should put out there what prices I'm paying. molemaui and you Hank have given me in sight to some other options. Oceania suite prices still seem high. Regent, Seabourn and Silversea are options. But as I said in one of my post. I'm looking for a more county casual dresscode. As RCL is part owner in Silversea I was hoping their dresscode might change some. I think it was Regent that a man on CC said coming back from a tour I was turned away from the bar because it was after 5pm and he did not have a jacket on. I'm not that into smaller ships. I'm sure I might get some crap for this. My parents are in their 80's. I retired early to spend time with them and to help them. I check on my parents 2 times a day. They are not in that bad of shape, but need help here and there. I'm very grateful that I still have both my parents. My vacations are to recharge myself. I'm concerned that going on the high end cruise ships will be like spending more time with people my parents age. I also know that a 30 year old would look and me as old. And yes there are always exceptions to any rule.That brings be back to HAL. We've done maybe 7 cruises on HAL, only one in a suite and that was years ago. I'm not that fond of HAL smoking policy. Yes I know their smoking policy has changed and is a lot better than before. I'm now thinking of trying HAL again for a Western Mexico cruise as Celebrity has pulled out of that market years ago. It will give us a taste of what HAL is now offering. I'm also going to look at Silversea again. And just plan more land base vacations.
  15. As to the prices I showed. I'm hoping the price might go down at some point. But I'm not going to bet on it. I've thought about canceling Hawaii to Sydney and cruising the Black Sea. I looked at booking Azamara 14 night, 12 Sept 2020, but only oceanview at $8599 pp and inside at $7999 pp are left. I looked at NCL Haven the prices are not really different. I also looked at Oceania, but again the suite prices are up there also. HAL seems to have the best prices for suites, but their Lounge just does not compare to Celebrity. Viking Ocean does not have a casino, not that it a must. Having a casino is nice entertainment for evenings and sea days. One of our problems are that we have cruised a lot over the last 20 years. Do I really want to pay these high prices and go places we have already been too. We really only need a sky suite. I dont see a need for a separate bedroom. Other option is concierge cabin and get a dining package. But the specialty restaurants dont change the menus.
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