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  1. I'm in the wait and see with BA. We canceled our cruise and took the FCC with Celebrity. I'm now just waiting to see what BA is going to do. Our flights are on May 13 Seattle to London in Business. We fly home on BA in 1st class. BA has taken very good by me in the last 30 years.
  2. As the suite prices had been going up so much in the last year. I had planned to do more land based vacations. I booked airfare 6 months ago. Plans changed, so I looked at vacationing at Disney Paris or flying to Germany. I ended up booking a cruise out of Ireland for May 2020 that friends were already booked on. I then canceled and took the FCC. I have not done anything yet with BA and flights. We are to fly to London on May 13 and home June 2. Our next cruise is Feb 2021 round trip NZ. Then June 2021 is Alaska. March 2022 is Chile to Argentina. As I had planned to do more land vacations. I have bought tickets for The Music Man in NYC for Sept 2020. We are hopeful that Broadway will be up and running by Sept. On a personal side we are both doing fine and so are our families. We are both retired. I've spent the last 3 days working in the yard/garden. I did my our taxes this year and sent a check on March 15. It has been great. I see this as a nice reset at least for myself. I have not spent a whole summer in Seattle in over 30 years. I'm liking this so far, and it is not summer yet. Stay safe.
  3. We were to be on this cruise. I canceled before final payment. While I thought the cruise was nice and going to a nice area of the world. Getting to San Antonio from Seattle was not easy. Wishing them all save travels.
  4. We already have booked Millie for June 2021 Southern bound cruise. We booked last year.
  5. I told our TA to cancel our up coming cruise on Reflection May 18 out of Dublin and give us the FCC. I'm 61 and in good shape. My husband is 57 and has diabetes. My concerns are will we be able to get back into the US. I also take care of my parents both over 80. So a 3 week vacation, then 2 weeks of quarantine. We just cant do that. We still have our British Airways flights to deal with. Our flights are Seattle to London non stop great flight with flat bed sleepers.
  6. This is interesting. That would also effect the Hawaii to Vancouver BC cruises as they need to stop at a foreign port. We have a Alaska cruise booked for 2021.
  7. We went with the Northern side. If you want a lot of sun on your balcony then Southern side while going through the canal.
  8. I found the flower butter photo taken 2017 in Luminae.
  9. Sad news, we will be on Reflection this May if all goes well. As celebrity only has 2 Porch restaurants. It is understandable. The bar will help the server in LCG.
  10. I will say with over 50 cruises that I have seen many of older men not or barely washing their hands after using the bathrooms on the cruise ship. I'm 61 in good health and we are retired. Our next cruise is in May. We are spending time in England before and after the cruise. My problem is that we will be staying with friends after the cruise. I dont want to expose friends over 80 in great health or my parents after we get home. My fathers health is not great at 84. And we live in the Seattle area.
  11. We just made our final payment for our May cruise. I looked on Celebrity website and saw that there was only about $1000 more for a larger suite. I just called my TA, she call Celebrity and we upgraded. In the past we had done this going from a Aqua cabin to a Sky suite.
  12. I enjoy The Porch. It is my favorite restaurant that Celebrity has. The last time we ate at the Porch it was $30 pp. You dont have to pay extra for the seafood tower like you did in the past. You can always ask for more food. You can see the tower in the photo
  13. Here is the cart on the Edge March 2019
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