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  1. Yes Here is me at the Muster Drill on the Edge. We got their early, but not seats available. Yes Modern Luxury for suite guest.
  2. As we dont have a national drivers license, that means 50 state would come up with different plans. We have a state website for vaccinations also. I looked at mine and they dont have all my vaccinations listed. I do have my yellow US CDC vaccination book. At this time we dont know if booster shots will be needed in the future. Like the yearly flu shot. If it is linked with our drivers license then all countries will have to scan our license to verify our Covid shots are up to date. Hopefully scanning a card with photo will be good enough. Like on the cruise ship when other governments require
  3. https://www.kiro7.com/news/local/coronavirus-some-regions-will-move-phase-2-reopening-plan-starting-monday/XIDPHMLVOJAAREQ5YCL75367PU/
  4. Any photos of the coffee table. Coffee table are about 15 inches from the floor. Do they lift up to eat off of?
  5. 7am we have breakfast in our suite. Then to Luminae at 9am for breakfast. 10am we go to the Retreat for mimosa. Then to the casino. Then back to the cabin to relax and change for lunch in Luminae at 12 noon. 5pm we got to the Captains club event and have drinks from the bar. About 6:30 we are off to Luminae for dinner. Casino after dinner. Might go see the show if we had not seen it before. Stop by The Retreat for a drink, then off to the cabin by 9pm or 10.
  6. I dont remember the Retreat Lounge or Retreat sundeck being crowded. In the lounge there was not a bar to order drinks from. I also did not like the self serve food stations. There seemed to be lack of shade at the Retreat sundeck. Yes I know it is a small thing, but having to scan our seapass cards every time I order drinks at the Retreat sundeck bar.
  7. Yes your right. We asked right away for a table as we like to have a small breakfast in the room before going to Luminae. Our butler said they only had a few of the tables.
  8. 1st photo is from S Class ship having breakfast on our sky suite balcony. The 2nd photo is what our butler gave us to use in our sky suite in March 2019 to eat breakfast on. This is one of the reason I will not book suites on the Edge Class.
  9. Celebrity already canceled our 9 night Med cruise for Aug 2021 on Connie.
  10. We were on Celebrity Edge March 2019 having lunch in Luminae. I asked about a children's lunch menu. I was told Luminae do not have a children's lunch menu. This might be because Edge Class MDR is so far away from Luminae.
  11. Check out thread within thread. Remember Reflection has one more deck that other S class ships.
  12. As I'm 62 and healthy. I know I dont qualify. If I lied and said I live with my parents a mile away I could qualify. My father gets his 2nd shot this month and my mother gets her 1st shot this month. Interesting article about reinfections. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/new-variants-raise-worry-about-covid-19-virus-reinfections_n_602193e6c5b689330e31dcc4
  13. I look at it a bit different. I'm on a Alaska cruise and have stopped at Red Dog Saloon in Juneau to have lunch and a beer. I dont know I have Covid because I have no symptoms. Might I give Covid to someone else that is at the Saloon with their mast off having a beer that has not had the Covid shot or shots? I'm not even sure if Juneau could handle 3 ships with only tours through the cruise lines. Meaning no private tours or just walking off the ships. Dont get me wrong. It would be great for Seattle, Alaska and the cruise industry if they could pull it off with little to no Covid in
  14. It is my understand that you can still get Covid after you have been fully vaccinated. So you become positive with covid and have mild or no symptoms can you still give Covid to someone?
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