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  1. https://www.portseattle.org/page/port-valet-enjoy-seattle-luggage-free
  2. While it is not something I would do. Celebrity Edge is mostly doing 7 day cruise. Carry-on only for a 7 night cruise. I know I could cruise 7 nights with a carry-on backpack and a small carry-on suitcase.
  3. While many like the Aft S1's. With Luminae and the Retreat all forward I would book mid ship.
  4. As your on the Dec 23 cruise. Your option is to have your TA talk to Celebrity. Between now and after final payment you are going to have to keep on checking weekly or daily to see if either of the suites opens up. Then call your TA and have them which suites, then you can add a 3rd.
  5. A quick look at the deck plans. You want sky suite accessible 8127, 9123. They can hold 3 people. If they are not available. Then have your TA call Celebrity. Celebrity can reach out to the passengers that are in sky suites 8127 or 9123 to see if they will swap cabins. You might find out that the suite you want is held by a TA. Dec 2 has sky suite that hold 3, but not accessible. Dec 13 does have suite 8127 available. Dec 23 no suites left.
  6. Our last cruise was Hawaii to Vancouver. I did come down with a cold the evening I got home. I say, .....Stay away from the slot machines and public bathrooms on the ship. When I traveled for work I would consume about 3000 mg of power Vitamin C per day. I seemed to have less colds back then. I'm think I might have to go back to my old ways.
  7. The earliest opening of Luminae on embarkation day I have heard of was 11:30. I like to board the ship about noon. Drop carry-ons bags in MC. Meet the MC concierge, then go have lunch in Luminae. Luminae closes at 1:30.
  8. Yes there is a coffee stand in the hideaway. You can see it in the photo. https://www.cruisecritic.com/photos/ships/celebrity-silhouette-594/the-hideaway-214293/the-hideaway--v10791432/
  9. The best price I have gotten for JWB was a single bottle without the box for $155. Also I have gotten 2 bottles for $310 with boxes. This was 2 or 3 years ago.
  10. It is my understanding that once Reflection has been Revolutionized in Feb 2023, then you will drop your bags in the cabin after boarding the ship.
  11. We were on Eclipse Hawaii to Vancouver last month. Rose the CCH told me they were having a very high number of Zenith's on the round trip to/from Hawaii out of California. I have read commits on CC that Celebrity has very limited cruises out of California. Some past guest in the Southwestern US have stopped flying. So a round trip Hawaii cruise out of California would be great. I'm sure that would mean high numbers of Elite and Elite Plus.
  12. I personally dont like showing up before noon. Cabins open up about 1:30. If I dont have a schedule lunch time (Luminae or concierge lunch). Why not have lunch in Miami. You know you can get in a cab and go have lunch and show up later in the day. Why sit around the terminal.
  13. I'm adding this photo again. If you look close you can see that each item has its own price. Yes the vase I made was $120. What I will say I like making the pieces verses bidding on them for charity as it was in the past.
  14. I feel the same way. Ive made 3 pieces on the cruise ship and one piece on land. It is great fun. They seem to let me do quite a lot. Maybe it is my skill or the pieces I pick. Here are some of the display items and the last piece I made earlier this month on Eclipse.
  15. From what I remember the Porch is open for lunch on embarkation day and sea days. It is a great option for embarkation day.
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