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  1. The reference was- few cruises start in Dublin, re- the US marketed companies. It wasn't clear to me, Sorry for my confusion.
  2. I've flown a lot of Friday flights, and that day can be very high demand/ loads. No one has a crystal ball and letting time tick by to 6 months is no guarantee Prices can indeed be higher than today. There is no answer.
  3. There is no such thing as "sold out" until the ship sails. With offering bids irregardless of inventory , then NCL can act quickly and has a ready pool of bids to choose from, when cabins come available.
  4. No there aren't any hotel shuttle service to the port. I suggest you arrange car service, Carmel and Dial 7 would be the vendors I would use. Very reliable and long standing business history. Was there any touring you were considering? I would NOT stay at the airport for my preferences. Depends what you are looking for?
  5. I have done both multiple times, including another full transit last week. Of course it is "worth it", if YOU have the interest? Ports on the itinerary are some that I can definitely skip. :)
  6. No one can predict the future. And most people want/need their travel plans in advance. With waiting for any "sale". You would have had to been, flexible and totally accepting of NOT going. You agreed to the cancellation terms of your booking. I'd assume, you booked at a rate you were comfortable with on the ship and date you wanted? Have a wonderful cruise on your birthday. Bermuda is a wonderful opportunity for touring. NCL had their own ferry to St. George last season- which was FREE. I can spend a whole day there. Otherwise, cheap bus tokens work perfectly getting where you want to go.
  7. The grats you are seeing and being charged for with your booking- are for the PERKS, only. You will also be charged the daily service fee of $14.99/day/person, when you are on board.
  8. I always take cheap public transportation. :) I've got a route with no stairs. Q 70 to R Subway- to M 42 bus. :) Works perfectly for me.
  9. I also fly AA frequently. "Late", can be a result of nothing to do with the particular airline, and because of weather at locations, as example. NO guarantees or crystal ball. :) You aren't likely to be flying in for a cruise with going to Dublin?? I fly business as often as possible and always appreciate the service.
  10. You went OVER the limit, and you were charged. I don't see any issue. Why do you think you should not have been charged? Would you think the same - going into Walmart, that it "doesn't matter" when you spent $21, and only give them a $20?? Why would you think the cost limits don't apply to you?
  11. What type of dog sledding???? A fly in on snow or a cart ride on dirt?
  12. I suggest you also get your tickets. You will need Id and each person has to present. Make sure you take everything with you that you’ll need on the train. After you drop them off you won’t see them until Anchorage
  13. You are off peak for Anan. I never would consider this. Traitors is peak. Which is excellent. I was there again last season.
  14. For Anan yes. But Neets and Traitors is peak.
  15. This is also simple to drive to plus add more. 😀
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