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  1. Just use a ATM. I've always just used a credit card.
  2. I always get sailaway. I don't care where my cabin is. But with your "forward" thinking- you are going have to be accepting of this. With this rate, you can NOT have any preferences. You can be under the buffet and over a late night show lounge (first hand experience) This type of booking is not for everyone. If any possibility you are going to be miserable- then do not book this this rate. Always bring ear plugs. I've been on 14 cruises this year, with 2 more starting Saturday, so I do have some stats. However, it isn't very predictable to draw much from this. Thousands of cabins- are possible every week. So a bunch of positives is no guarantee. Expect the worse, and be delighted with something better.
  3. I've had annual medical plans for years. I self insure my trip costs these costs are insignificant to me.
  4. If you are "living paycheck to paycheck" and "getting behind"? Is it very smart to bury yourself further and go on a cruise? Good grief. The facts- you claim are harsh are just that- facts, there is no other intent.
  5. I happen to really enjoy Prince William Sound and the glacier tours. I do suggest you add as many days as possible. Maple mentions a car rental. In your situation that would very effectively use your time. Both tours are top choices.
  6. You filed.well after the cut off which is 48 hours. Strictly enforced via time of submission. You already got your compensation when you accepted $300. You would not get both if you’d filed on time. You were lucky to get anything.
  7. Good grief what did you expect this is an evening tour. Of course there is going to be a lack of daylight. A very common comment in reviews. And I can assure you. YOU do NOT know the details of the delay nor are qualified to place any blame. Passengers speculate many times naively. There are a whole lot of reasons that impact time.
  8. It does not sound like the above described tour went to the Cp Cook Monument- Which has a lot of yellow and black tangs and healthy coral. It’s important to choose vendors who identify where. They go. I have easily done independent snorkeling trips out of Kona. Including using Body Glove. and Fair Wind. I’m returning next week for a 3 week visit including 2 cruises.
  9. If you have time. The Cotral bus, I like. $5.50 from Termini- Metro to bus station. It's public transportation, basic and not direct, so takes more time.
  10. There is usually stairs involved. So, being able to haul your luggage, up and down a flight stairs- is necessary. Add 2 euros for the transportation from the port to the train station.
  11. I mentioned the Atrium. That was where I used.
  12. My travel is certainly all paid for, even when booking the day prior? what is your reference that this isn't the case? I certainly do manage all my touring easily as well, and no issue with dining reservations on the ship. There can be a lot of benefit for last minute- AND you need to be fully accepting to sitting home. :) But for me, there are endless opportunities- so, certainly something for everyone.
  13. ??? Usually these OBC's are non refundable. So you are saying to just stiff the staff. if that is the case?
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