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  1. There is a financial manager. That a friend used. I’d suggest submitting again.
  2. Absolutely. An official claim needs to be submitted- factually in writing.
  3. You have already been denied reimbursement of your submitted claim?
  4. Have claims even been submitted? And do you think they have even been audited yet? The cruise was only 2 weeks ago. You can’t jump to conclusions until payments or denials are issued
  5. Now you mention you are savvy and got your own flights? Good thing they were available. The transfer can possibly be reimbursed- but you’d need to take that up directly with NCL. I got out on Sunday which excellent in my case on a wide open flight. But of course unknown what would happen. I was making arrangements for shipping if I was going to be stuck in Chile. I had a lot going on to hedge my bets.
  6. They “told” people they would be reimbursed for flights?
  7. No, I think the better option is for people to have the skills themselves to make their own arrangements, or make their own contacts via agents. What was NCL supposed to do? The SAME thing. But with extremely limited available staff- and the necessity of standing in lines, long waits etc. Each person is a LOT more efficient getting things done independently. The later it gets the less availability.
  8. There certainly were taxis available, and bus service. The bus I happened to take was only half full, walk up (which I always do) But you streamlined in your case. You did get out- which is positive. I ended up buying 2 additional back up tickets- to hedge my bets getting out, but was successful on Sunday. 🙂
  9. He does have an account. They become active and available at 18. Call and get the number, then set up the online account. The credit is posted there.
  10. Sorry, but there are dead people on many cruises. This is the world cruise. It's not surprising. I was once on a sailing that had 6 dead. People die. There is no report of cause of death either.
  11. I have another week to turn in my Cruise Next. I'm turning back at least 4. I have 2 cruise coming up that aren't going to sail. so I'll be getting 4 back. No telling if the double redemption is going to continue either. I use my stockholder benefit to purchase the CN, so do not want a stock pile of them.
  12. Loyalty programs are not fixed and can be changed at any time. It's unknown what each individual company will do.
  13. It's clear in the terms, the credits go to each individual in the booking. Invoices are specific with charges of each person. In the past this is what credits and refunds have been based upon. There is no reason to expect anything different. I'd suggest invoices be located and referred to.
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