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  1. Absolutely allow at least 3 hours. Leave your time flexible but be conservative with your transit estimate. It is a distance to the car rental shuttle pickup. And a horrific traffic area. I like the Canyon route which adds about 15 minutes for me. A LOT to see in the area. I was there twice in December and looking to return next month.
  2. I’m considering a last minute trip. Im interested in some recommendations for budget lodging that would be convenient for getting from the airport to the port. I am especially ok with public/bus transportation. Looking for cheaper. 😀😀😀
  3. It depends on the port what you do with a b2b. There are some ports where you have to exit the ship. I’ve never had to “gather” anywhere. I could do what I wanted get off or stay on the ship. I’ve done 9 b2b sailings- last year.
  4. I’d say if it does not specify it sails the Na Pali - then it does not. On the POA itinerary (which I’m on again tomorrow). It’s clearly stated on the itinerary.
  5. You can rent from any of the ports. I suggest- first figuring out where you want to go and include based on your port times. Some people have unrealistic ideas and don’t rely on google maps for time estimates. Be conservative with your plans especially if you have not been there. I’ve visited at least half a dozen times and plan in this manner
  6. Absolutely right ever visit is very different. I’ve done over 75 cruises to Alaska including 6 last season.
  7. I’m getting on the POA Saturday. But hope to get on the Star next month. Last 2 sailings have dropped. So I’ll be watching if available. Otherwise I’ll consider Auckland again.
  8. ????? Dinner??? I’ve been on numerous round trip Seattle sailings so obviously, they are enjoyed by many. Can be a transportation benefit as well.
  9. So did I. I picked up 2, for a 21 day round trip Sydney.
  10. I also actually was on both ships last season. Both enjoyable. I suggest you figure out what you want to do in each port- make sure it’s available.
  11. Really. Have you traveled mainland Alaska and didn’t like it? I certainly disagree. There isn’t any “only “ way to go.
  12. Holcomb Bay (Endicott Arm and Dawes Glacier). Is done the same day as Juneau.
  13. Go to the official government website. It’s all there- accurate and updated. Why bother with guesses, outdated info, inaccurate information. Etc. From a message board.
  14. The last several years it hasn’t been difficult to pick up last minute bargains- less than a week prior. I’ve been doing so the last several years. Flexibility is essential. But I got a $299 solo rate last year.
  15. Anyone who is a snorkeler is going to be VERY disappointed. I wouldn’t waste my time. But I’m very picky and want superior options. I head out to Caye Caulker by ferry when I have a Belize port. Have you been there? What are your expectations and history areas. I’m actually in an airport now heading to Hawaii for 3 weeks. I get a lot of excellent snorkeling in. 100 times surpasses Harvest.
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