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  1. I have rented a kayak on Mendenhall Lake. I don't recall any permits for land access last season however? You can see the ice caves. There aren't any with helicopter landings. I do suggest- being certain to have a good pair of binoculars at least 10 power, because you can see caves at glaciers from the cruise ship.
  2. For crab- perhaps a better opportunity would be at the George Inlet Lodge in Ketchikan. Although different type of crab- if you're thinking Tracy's kings? Or do both. 🙂
  3. Budget Queen

    Skagway Train

    The steam engine is the highlight, certainly very much a priority for any rail fan. 🙂
  4. I caution, about "another trip". 🙂 In some cases- it was years, just to arrange the current one. I'm of the thought of taking advantage of - now. 🙂 With Tracy Arm- Adventure Bound and Allen Marine are the vendors. Next year- (don't bother now- way too early) contact each direct and inquire what may be available. I will also mention, I noted your "wildlife" comment. For others with this priority- TOP choices are Kenai Fjords and Denali Park- bottom line. And Denali is your bargain of bargain opportunities to take advantage of- if of interest.
  5. Cruise Next redemption's are per cabin. The double up for any 6 day or longer has been in place since 5-19. Recently was double for any sailing length, (unknown if that was extended) But the above example- is not free. In general- you have to purchase the Cruise Nexts. There would be a COST of $250.
  6. An above poster, just called and got it removed - with no problem.
  7. Op- Depending on the “group”. Split up. 🤩. If someone has a flight seeing prior- then do it. As example. Don’t drag along everyone. 🤩. What Tracy Arm touring? A car rental can also work out well in Juneau. What’s the port time?
  8. You only have 1 night at each lodge? I need to know your transit. How many days is your tour?
  9. There are hundreds of things some may thank you “should “ consider. I guess what needs to be said is Alaska isn’t a one time trip for some. Even 10 isn’t enough. I’ve already said I would not give any priority to some of your choices and would be making alternative plans. And so would many others. There are countless options. But you have clearly stated you’ve done your homework so it seems your selections were thought out. You aren’t going to get an ideal, perfect trip But I do find your cruise port plans weak. Of course a wide range of choices- Plenty of Cruise passengers do nothing and are perfectly satisfied. So it continues to depend on what YOU want out of your trip.
  10. Dyea Dave, also offers the Lake Bennett combo.
  11. Great opportunities then for you- keep looking and revising. 🙂 There is plenty, I would "skip and add", with your itinerary. BUT it isn't my trip. 🙂 Make sure your current choices are yours and not something you "heard", was a must do, I would suggest. I find a LOT of joy, in Alaska- with the out of the way, small possibilities- which I add, in transit. I find , Necessary is THE MILEPOST. Offers the details of the smaller opportunities as example.
  12. Have no clue what your "wilderness trail" is? where is it? But the other 2 are simple bookings via direct, out of Talkeetna. BUT, you have to factor in your time carefully. How many nights? Cruisetour Transit?? And finally, you need to be conservative with your shuttle, verify if any reservations are needed? (not sure if the y take them?) If first come first serve- leave very early concerning any booked tours.
  13. There is no best and multiple “top” choices. I think it’s a big mistake to make any touring choices based on the “maybe we should do xxx because so many claim it’s a must “. No- 🤩. The choice in my opinion should only be considered if YOU have the interest and know all the details. I do have a significant background with Alaska touring and have always sought out MY preferences. I do repeat a lot of locales BUT every visit is touring plans. I don’t do “nothing “ days and don’t skip areas to save money. For me Alaska has never been the place to skimp on touring I want. Your mainland touring is little I would consider, but is what you have planned Hopefully there’s more to the lists. 🤩. Denali is certainly a major highlight of Alaska , I always give it a priority with my scheduling- Tentative plans for me this year are 2 trips there 🤩. BUT absolutely is NOT for everyone nor a must do. With Alaska planning so far ahead however. I do think it another mistake to have fixed plans and not be open to change. Especially first timers- great planning comes from revisions and changes you continuously make. Based on the more you research and fine tune.
  14. Good luck. Check carefully your small print booking terms from the agent. It’s very likely the agent terms will get 100%,nothing more. NCL FCC is never issued to an agent. Only your Latitudes account.
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