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  1. You’re making very wrong assumptions. The cruise line is a booking agent. They do not operate the flights. You are far better off going directly to the airline when there are problems. You are wasting valuable time playing phone tag going through NCL. Add to the mix- the restrictions of your ticket. There certainly will not be any priority on a discounted contacted bulk ticket. These people certainly can miss the ship.
  2. Any time there is a cancellation- There are only so many empty seats left on alternative flights. There are countless variables but everything you speculate, can and does happen.
  3. The bottom line for precautions. Is to eat NOTHING with your hands. Which I NEVER do. Yep- I manage just fine with sandwiches etc. the spit swapping is rampant in the buffet with all the eaters in the line and finger lickers. All of them are handling the Utensils. Worse are the idiots who bring their dirty plates up and refill them. Contaminating everything.
  4. How often do you cruise? I’m seeing terms tightened up. Don’t think you’re going to continue being special.
  5. Absolutely. There is NO comparison with these 2 random- no detail claims this person is posting And certainly means nothing. Why isn’t this poster disclosing the itinerary and WHAT they paid????
  6. How is that any valid support for your claim? Why not post what you paid and the itinerary??? Then see how you compare?
  7. This isn’t any advantage. What you fail to realize is- IF your bag doesn’t make it to your room. You don’t know where the miconnect is. When YOU drop your own bag at the ship bag drop at least you know it made it to the dock.
  8. Non refundable is non refundable. I guess you were special. Was this recently?
  9. It has not been for the past year. And it was 2 YEARS before they offered it again in May - for any cabin.
  10. This is a typical sailing that other lines do as well.
  11. A supplement drop is more common to occur less than a week prior. The double Cruise Next- any cabin promotion expires 11-30.
  12. Pure- supply and demand. Prices are liquid.
  13. You are making wrong assumptions about seats. What is showing “available”. Does NOT mean- all- that is available. Always held back seats.
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