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  1. It isn't your decision. The businesses are taking all the financial risks, have everything to loose. As I said, pertaining to the US- which is a litigating society, far more has to be considered conservatively . Just 1 major, outbreak could mushroom and lead to bankruptcy.
  2. AND, what do you think the future will be IF (and when) there are positive cases? It's going to happen. Decisions have to be made conservatively and with many parameters, you simply are not aware of and ignoring.
  3. I have 3 cruises booked in November, simply stacking up the 25% FCC's, at this point. I absolutely expect all the cancel, although some may feel better "hoping" they are sailing.
  4. There have been reports of cruise ships are going to be docking elsewhere and not right in Venice? https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/cruises/news/cruise-ships-crack-down-venice-historic-centre-unesco-overtourism/
  5. I also agree and this will run for a trial of data. Other cruises are going to do the same thing, and it will be only short cruises operating, as they will want to move people on and off ships. If they require the prior negative testing, it isn't going to work for back to back guests perhaps? Unless testing is available on the ship- and it likely will be self pay? There shouldn't be any "exception", because they are b2b. They could be newly infected when they first boarded.
  6. I agree, makes no sense and I would not be surprised if another change. It certainly isn't to "move any ships around" It costs time and money and a lot of work to dock, tie up, debark etc. There is absolutely NO reason for this. IF the ship wants to leave early from Skagway, they can do what every other ship does, Stall and take the crawl in Icey Strait. But this time does allow for most activities in Skagway, including the WP railroad, ships do manage well with this port time. It's actually a nice schedule. Even though there is Tracy Arm on the schedule- it's also no duplication- in my opinion to take Adventure Bound in addition out of Juneau- if of interest. One of the rare schedules that allows for it. IF this schedule does remain- it's likely there could be special opening hours at the museums? A lot closer to cruising , simply call - direct to the vendors and ask. The cruiseline will have tours as well. An option, I'd would absolutely consider with this unique schedule would be to give notice, I wasn't going to return to the ship in Skagway and would arrange a scenic flight of the magnificent ice fields, perhaps Glacier Bay- although all are worthwhile, again only my opinion. I'd have a drop off in Haines (I've done this a few time, with a one way flight and ferry in other direction, Haines/Skagway. Several options, fly over earlier, and tour, rent a car etc. If RCI was smart they'd offer some one way options too. 🙂 However, your last day mentions "sea day" which usually means outside of Vancouver Island? A negative for me.
  7. You’re no fun. 🤩🤩🤩😀😀. I certainly have small portions of potatoes and an occasional bread item. Certainly with. butter and I typically have some cheese every day. What’s great about cruising something for everyone! 🤩🤩🤩
  8. Nope not in my case. I don’t think the food is that exceptional. Menus are the same. And I’m way past it being anything special. My weight remains the same. I’m sorry only cruising for where the ship takes me. It’s all about the itinerary. 🤩
  9. What’s important is OFF the ship. YOU need to decide. So do your homework and look at what each port offers. Pick what you want to see and do. Then rank your interests. That should give you direction. The ships are sister ships. A few cosmetic differences that are insignificant. I was on all 4 of these Jewel class ships. Certainly very nice.
  10. Just as important the other way. Nobody wants a newly infected “wanderer” back on the ship either. And spreading it to unsuspecting passengers and crew
  11. Interesting that the website isn't updated. Should be a priority. But- with only a few hours in Haines- simply NOT enough time. Where is the ship all day?????
  12. I went to Rome 3 times last years, I always stay near Termini at one of the small hotels, Guest Houses, that is walkable from the station. only a couple blocks. I always take the public bus- I use Teravision mostly for getting from the FCO airport to Termini. I then, usually take the the public bus to Civi, but it is a little tricky needing to take the Metro to the pick up. I frequently stay one night in Civi. I also take the train, equally. Pleasant 1 mile walk to the port/a hotel I like to stay at etc. There is SO much to see and do in Rome. I never use cabs, always Metros, Tram, Buses. I have flown into both Rome airports, Cia and Fco but Cia I've only flown in from the UK or Europe. Good transportation from there as well. I would allow 90 minutPSmycityes if you are arriving the same day as the cruise to get to the port. Of course add all the extra time, I'd suggest. I highly recommend Rick Steve's guide, and GPSmycity if your independent and enjoy the history. I use it every day.
  13. I apologize, I have never been directed to any special lines, I'm always in the regular lines. I also may have restrictions in place due to my ticketing anyway. I last flew into CDG 1.5 years ago, So not real recent information anyway. I've flown into/out of international airports multiple time the past year, Auckland, Sydney, 3 one way trips, Fco 4 times, BCN 4 times, EZE, Scl Sorry, I'm clueless.
  14. Immigration has no priority with the airlines. That is an airline benefit they are operating. That I have ever seen. I've always just directed to the regular lines, nobody cares what class of flight you just got off of. Only benefit you can be first in the increasing lines since your let off first.
  15. These are all separate choices you have to make. None of the businesses have ANY impact on how the others operate. My solution, is to wear a N95 medical mask and leaving it on. I used this less than a month ago, on a full, 6 hour flight, in a middle seat, exit row. Even though I have full access to loads and can anticipate empty flights, schedules are slim. (only 2 flights per day out of the location I was leaving)
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