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  1. Sure, it's a full size dock. Docked on the NCL Jewel last year with no issues. Great port.
  2. You arrange for the taxi- Inside the airport. You pay at the counter, they give you a ticket and tell you where to go. Be advised that anyone who takes your bag is going to “insist “ on a tip. 🤩. Start your own post I’d suggest. You state you want a tour. Find that vendor- and have them pick you up at the airport. I simply take Tienda Leon bus. 🤩.
  3. That's by the old tender dock, way back when they started that port. 🙂 I'd forgotten about it. It's off the main path now. They do have King Crab there. Puzzle solved I think, also some other suggestions to consider in addition 🙂
  4. Mine took a week/10 days as I vaguely recall. Just keep checking your Latitudes account.
  5. Correct= Studios never are able to upgrade. And if you happen to be in another cabin, upgrade offers are going to be for double occupancy, so you pay twice the amount of your bid. Even, with a reduced solo rate, etc. bidding is always 2x your bid.
  6. I got 3 emails for upgrades this past week. All in the trash pile. 😉
  7. Have you been to all 5 of the Glacier areas, that the mega cruise ships sail? They ALL are worthwhile and offer an extremely unique experience. I instead, looking at the ENTIRE itinerary, it's all a compromise. I never recommend giving "priority" to any single day. It's always going to involve compromises Ports, time in ports, glaciers, they are all equally important.
  8. There are multiple excellent eateries for Halibut. Nothing beats fresh Alaska halibut. I - again, HAD to get my halibut when I returned in August. 2 great meals, plus another of sockeye. 🙂 Do, experience the wonderful fish/crab options.
  9. With your description- of king crab, deck- you mean outside? - it sounds like- Juneau - has Tracy's Crab Shack. It's been upgraded with some inside dining ( previous) Served crab year round- is frozen King. Other is in Hoonah- at the Office Bar, they have Dungeness crab fresh in season, and frozen sometimes. So be mindful of the official season opening dates. They are not fixed- and I've seen them later some years- where I missed them. 😞
  10. A LOT of NYC cruisers live in the Tri State. So it will involve quarantine for all of them. I just came off it last week, of 14 days. I fully complied and had to report every day.
  11. What are the differences? Post them. NO, July is not the "best". There is no "best". 🙂 I suggest you head over to the Alaska Ports of Call board. Will find a lot more experienced replies and detailed information.
  12. Are these both ship excursions? However- I'd say this is not a good idea, unless you are willing to accept the possibility of not making it to the second tour= AND, ok with loosing the funds paid??? There also may be a default that prevents you booking this, if a ship tour. It's not clear exactly what these tours involve, but "wildlife" isn't easy to find in the Ketchikan area.
  13. It isn't your decision. The businesses are taking all the financial risks, have everything to loose. As I said, pertaining to the US- which is a litigating society, far more has to be considered conservatively . Just 1 major, outbreak could mushroom and lead to bankruptcy.
  14. AND, what do you think the future will be IF (and when) there are positive cases? It's going to happen. Decisions have to be made conservatively and with many parameters, you simply are not aware of and ignoring.
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