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  1. Just a suggestion. I just got off the Bliss yesterday. I observed a LOT of very wrong assumptions with attire. You WILL need a range. But you need more than t shirts and sandals. And leave the winter boots at home. This is a factor that can ruin a trip here. Additionally. I saw a lot of wildlife so be certain to bring binoculars. Most people did not. Iโ€™m jumping on the Jewel today and staying on for extra trips. Alaska is in over supply with huge price dumps. Perhaps consider taking advantage!!!!
  2. Taquan and ProMech are the Ketchikan ship contractors
  3. You get a yellow luggage tag and exit when called.
  4. Last minute is best for these who donโ€™t care what cabin and are flexible. Plus accepting of not going. The usual lower โ€œlast minute โ€œ deals is only a few days ahead. Iโ€™ve booked several times the day prior. Tomorrow Iโ€™m on the Bliss which I booked last night. With getting off the Gem that morning. Booked the Gem 2 days prior. ๐Ÿ˜€
  5. The Moore Bridge is of interest for engineers due to it being a cantilever bridge. Attached only on one side. But- it is being replaced, work was ongoing last year, so don't know at what stage it's at this season. As clarified, the Yukon Suspension Bridge is NOT in the Yukon. Take a look at a map. It's not well thought of by a lot of seasoned visitors. And some ships do offer this option with combos. Check your shore excursion guide.
  6. Yes, 10 minute walk. BUT, the problem with a late port time, is EVERYONE is up and wants off the ship. So, it's important for you to consider being staged at least 30 minutes prior to the posted time. Look outside and if you're docked early, get in line. In Alaska it's always more favorable to have those early morning dock times for my preferences. :)
  7. This is a cruise contracted train, which has to be booked through the cruise line and costs more. Verify, "you" have no interest in touring Seward. It can be a disadvantage to consider this, if, any touring interests. Not any time in either Anchorage or Seward for much of anything. www.seward.com Especially excellent if wildlife and glaciers are a priority.
  8. I disagree with most of the "advice" given above by NON medical people. There is far more that is done- with an assessment that licensed professional are trained for. It's simplistic to just tell people to take out their own. First 10 sutures is a lot, again an assessment of how to proceed, by a professional is grossly superior. The claims of how to remove sutures is a complete violation of infection control and never would be done a professional service. I've had to deal with the nightmare of treating too many dehisced wounds with secondary infections.
  9. It's smart to always be mindful of potential bear encounters. I do the Coastal walk every time I am there. I simply pick up the whale watch by walking to the dock. Glacier Wind, in the past used the dock, next to the Liquor Store. Blue Building. I've gone all the way to the far docks with another vendor I've used. When I'm in bear country, especially on trails, I always have an empty soda can, filled with a few pebbles with me. Noise is a good deterrent. .
  10. Information is not accurate, "all day" is not the actual 4.25 hours. You need to allow 3 for the Seward Highway transit. Anchorage to Portage, scenery is the SAME on both the train and Seward Highway. There is NO "train diverts" train. There are 2 SEPARATE, daily train routes and trains. Scenery via train- Anchorage/Seward is superior to the road transit.
  11. By the end of May migration is finished. A bonus of May, is possibly catching feeding at Dixon Passage. There also are humpbacks that do not migrate. A typical whale watch is sightings of Humpbacks- with blows, backs and tails. Expect NOTHING more. Some people have unrealistic expectations. In my opinion, those who are looking for more, need to invest a lot of time and money and go out several times. I've gone entire seasons with no bubble netting - above example. Last season, I saw it every trip- 5. times. :) You are given a small window of regular "life" of whales. :)
  12. A significant issue with whale watching is the tides and having steep climbs or descents up and down ramps. Mendenhall is handicap accessible with paved ramps. It sounds like this is a ship tour? You need to fully disclose and be realistic about abilities, with the shore excursion staff. Then go with their recommendations. It depends on the what vendors are being used for your tours. Pick ups are close by with the ship tours. Another concern- will depend where you are docking??? Juneau and Ketchikan can have you docked at the floating docks, which especially Ketchikan, can have you walking significantly up hill at low tide.
  13. Seward is excellent for Halibut.
  14. There isn't going to be any issue. and a regular car rental will do just fine. It is already way to warm for any snow accumulation. And certainly no "jeep" is needed.
  15. There is no cab line at Mendenhall. YOU have to either call for a cab, or have a prior, pick up arranged. There are 2 companies I have used, long established vendors. If not arranged in advance, then you need to call for a cab about 30 minutes prior to needing pick up.
  16. Being proactive and YOU keeping track of pricing trends is essential. There is no magic formula and every "claim" is simply hindsight. Figure out what you will pay, and if that rate comes up, then consider booking. You've already stated the cruise isn't essential- which, frankly is necessary.
  17. No it is not limited to 25 people. The tour vendor is Allen Marine and space is for over 200. Which, isn't a lot for this size ship.
  18. If you are transiting via the train, it's of benefit to combine being in Talkeetna with activities, and not go back and forth to the McKinley Lodge more than necessary. My top choice is always a summit flight. Just excellent way to see the beauty and vastness of Alaska.
  19. There is no benefit to driving a jeep on the Klondike Highway ( NOT the Yukon Highway, unless you go there on the way to Whitehorse??) You can NOT go off road with a Jeep rental, and is purely a more costly option. In the past a few snacks were included, with Green Jeep?
  20. This happens numerous times, You are involved with 2 countries plus each harbor pilot.
  21. Potlatch isn't a "totem park", it's a business next to Totem Bight. All these options are certainly worthwhile. Depends on YOUR interest???? Take a look at images?
  22. Sorry, but many of the above "health suggestions" are WAY out of line. And certainly NOT from any professionals. What simplistic back seat claims. Another issue will be =- since there was no travel insurance involved- is there health insurance? There isn't any guarantee route of treatments or outcomes. Again, very poor suggestions above. IF health care is needed from the ship medical, make sure there is insurance to cover it. It is also NECESSARY to get health clearance from a professional- to go on the trip. NOT a decision based on a message board claim or because someone is afraid of loosing some money.
  23. I wouldn't worry, your cruise is 2 months away. Why not just resubmit it??
  24. If you only used your pass 3 times as you list, you over paid. It is only $4.50/token per ride, and possible for the free NCL ferrry. You would need to make 5 trips to get a positive value. I never get the passes. I simply have a supply of tokens. From the Hamilton station- there are also cheaper coupon books.
  25. Correction to above, verify the dress code of the main dining. I may be recalling incorrectly.
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