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  1. Will you have a car? If so, There are full service in Wasila and Anchorage. You do have to get on a shuttle bus, at the scheduled time. But, just yell "stop" and you can exit any place with no wildlife nearby. As mentioned- just flag down any green bus, going in the direction you want. Without your own transportation- most of the lodges have preordered box lunches available. The WAC has a limited selection of box meals. I usually have a car/RV, and I rely heavily on my favorite- pb&j. Needs no refrigeration and simple to put together fresh.
  2. Nugget Falls trail is a very low section of the area. The Visitor Center, Photo Point, and certainly Trail of time are all much higher. Not sure if you've been there?? But, flooding has happened multiple times there.
  3. It simply means- Nugget Falls trail can close. There is PLENTY else to enjoy there, so I absolutely do not agree with the above to stay away. I actually have been there when that trail was flooded for days.
  4. Facts and details are significant . There basically are 4 different, train tour options which obviously the op doesn't know about. 1- round trip White Pass- no documents reeded 2. combo, Fraser. train- one way, Fraser/Skagway via Klondike Highway 3. combo Fraser train- one way, Klondike Highway transit - Emerald Lake- Yukon- turn around point. 4. combo Lake Bennett train- one way, Klondike Highway transit- Emerald Lake - Yukon turn around. There can be additional add ins as well- dog kennels, meals etc. Again- details are everything with picking the right tour for YOUR preferences.
  5. I happen to greatly enjoy Hoonah. :) There are some hidden gems, outside of the contracted compound. For hiking trails, this isn't the place unless you go private guided. There is the compound trail- but that is a basic short loop. I enjoy walking the entire coastal trail- usually a lot of eagles, I always have binoculars. There is a Cultural Center, with a carving shed that is frequently being worked on. In front of the high school, there is a long standing, multi years old eagle's nest. I had the wonderful experience seeing the "shift change" of the parents for 2 chicks. I also earlier- by the former tunnel, saw a Juvenal- actually eating a chick . (nature)
  6. I actually have taken NCL from Whittier. So certainly have a “clue”. There is no “switching “ off in Girdwood? It simply is a stop. Again totally separate trains. If you’re talking about the routes bifurcating. It isn’t at Girdwood either.
  7. Sorry you are wrong. The ONLY train that stops at the airport is the cruise contracted train. Leaves Anc around noon. Seward 7am. Have no clue what you’re talking about with Whittier?? It is a separate train and never had anything to with Seward. Again Only the cruise contracted train has ever used the airport. The daily run has always been to from the downtown depot. There are so many wrong “guesses “ here
  8. My most sincere appreciation. :) I am able to see the schedule I'll just go to the station and ticket office. I give up with the app and web site. :)
  9. Thank you. I will not be sailing the same day. I can not find any schedules???? Are there late afternoon buses I could get? I'm sorry to pester you, but I've tried for over an hour to figure this out. :) I did download the app- which doesn't translate- and is the same. I'll need this on Wed. July 17. Again thank you very much.
  10. this appears to be a good option for me, But the website is challenging at best. :) Can tickets be purchased with just walking up? Do the buses sell out frequently? Looking at google maps, does not list these locations? ( putting in your references) Any further help you can offer for me?
  11. Us flights come in in the morning. Some very early. I'm again flying out, Monday, and will be in Rome before 10am- no matter where I fly out of, Jfk, Clt, Ord, Phl or Dfw. (not chosen yet)
  12. Are you?? flying from the US? Flights arrive in the morning. Frankly- it is not difficult to just book your own flight and hotel. Cruise hotel costs are per person, and you are way overpaying. it is simple to get your own transfers. Biggest benefit is being on you own time for how many days you want in Rome. Otherwise- you are going to stuck with what ever NCL gives you- along with not knowing the details until it is way too late to change your mind.
  13. As always supply and demand, and profits set prices. People WILL pay it. For me cruises have never been cheaper. Last minute Sail away rates are superb. I just picked up another one yesterday- at a significant discount.
  14. I started to book a suite yesterday and the deposit came to 55% of the cruise price so I didn't book. I got a call from NCL asking me to finish the booking and I told them I didn't feel the deposit was reasonable for a cruise in 2019. I went and booked the same Mexican itinerary on Princess with a normal deposit. I don't get it??? What difference does it make? You still have to pay for the cruise.
  15. You may have to look for something independent, which is going to be difficult. NO you will not make this cruise ship transfer. First- call NCL and inquire about their schedule for transfers. You will have to have a transfer after 2:15p or later. There is no option for a train, with this arrival time. You might want to reserve a one way Hertz car- now- if available, as a back up. Yep- will be very high cost. Alternatively- check for every possible transfer service, through Anchorage and Seward visitor sites. Good luck.
  16. There are no flight requests, unless you pay the additional fee. and even then, a large group probably isn't going to be booked "together". Be sure to determine- the actual costs? As mentioned, it's built in to the cabin fare. Especially compare to Sail away rate- and factor the actual value of "adds". I've seen some extremely inflated fares. It's also darn simple to just fly in/out of Seattle. A LOT of flight options.
  17. I'm missing something??? So- it appears above- pre exisiting can be covered in Canada with specific policies? I find it impossible to believe, there is no insurance for any Canadian who has a pre exisiting condition?? And- the question is what the terms of the policy are, since they claim it was purchased prior?
  18. Do you have priority with the cruise line? I wouldn't think you'll simply be first off the ship and right into airport transportation. I'd suggest looking for a 3 hour window at airports.
  19. Your "thought" and again, entitlement thinking is not unique. IF this were a possibility, NCL would have requests every day. YOU are making the decision not to travel, no matter what the reason is, and by your own post- you are medically cleared to do so. The ONLY insurance- at this point is a cancel for any reason.
  20. I have an annual medical travel policy. Which would have coverage. But your thinking that NCL is terrible for not making an exception for you is misguided. You aren't entitled to more than what the terms are.
  21. You get the Platinum benefits- per cruise. So, you'll get the usual 2 vouchers per cruise. A great option for Barcelona touring is to head to Montserrat, simple to go independently cheaply. Or, join a free walking tour (tip based), multiple options. Or any of other countless enjoyable activities. Don't waste your day- enjoy Barcelona.
  22. The main question is- does the op HAVE travel insurance, that was purchased- prior to illnesses??? It doesn't appear so? Their "unfair", claim is moot. Of course they aren't entitled to anything but, what's in the terms.
  23. You aren't the only one who has traveled there, nor an "authority". These are first hand reports from cruise passengers that the incidents happened to. I was traveling at the same time. Just because you haven't had any incident does NOT mean it doesn't happen. There are many reasons to have a passport. I guess you are calling "others", stupid??? I've actually spent months in South America- going every year for the past 9.
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