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  1. Not if it is a free cruise. A $ amount off, yes.
  2. Did you actually see the video? I don’t buy it. They could have tracked where that person just came from and where they went afterwards. If Royal doesn’t want to get involved, fine, stop the lies. Believe: if they wanted to catch him/her they would have. I love to see the door decorations, though I don’t participate.
  3. Anyone know what happened to Bertie? He was on the Brilliance last November. I heard he was going to be a genie. Anyone know which ship? Loved Bertie
  4. Great video. Is Andrea going to be on board for 11/29/19? I don’t want to bring healthy snacks if she is going on vacation. I hope to squeeze in an Oasis before mid March. :-) Thanks, Chris
  5. I got off the ship on 11/9/19 and Sucel was the suite concierge.
  6. I just got off the Adventure and Sucel is in the SL. She is wonderful. I didn’t ask her leave date. I met the DL concierge but didn’t get his name. He was very personable.
  7. I received an email from an Ilona Tsyhaniuk, Suite Concierge Under that said Concierge Lounge
  8. OMgoodness Christopher! I was so looking forward to seeing you and Andrea on Nov. 29th. I see the candy I brought you and Andrea didn’t help fattening you up. Lol Yes, you know me by sight. I don’t know if that’s good or not Yes, I’m a pain. 🙂. Gotta have my Evian in the casino, always wearing my Empress of the Seas or blue sweatshirt. When will your contract on the Oasis end? When do you expect to be back after vacation on the Oasis? I don’t have any room to book anymore until February or March. 😞 By the way, what is Andrea’s favorite candy or snack? I’m excited for you. Terri
  9. I loved I-Fly. If I had known it was so much fun, I would have booked it ASAP.
  10. Is your Genie, Shane? Miss him from the Majesty.
  11. Do you know how long JD will be on the Empress right now?
  12. Will someone post the link to the list of hotel directors. Tried a search on my phone and I am definitely tech disadvantaged. Lol want to know about JD
  13. Nadja is Not on the Mariner. Sukriti is in the SL. She said she would be there until December There was someone new from guest services in the DL. Tao went home as his wife had their child.
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