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  1. I noticed none of the last 4 offers listed Harmony for November or December of 2021, but they listed all the other Oasis class ships for balcony and below comped cruises.
  2. No, I will NOT get the vaccine. I don’t get the flu shot either. If it is required, I will not be cruising. 2 people in my immediate family were the sickest they had ever been after the flu shot. They never took another flu shot as well as the other immediate family never took one.
  3. Do I understand you correctly? You want the cruise lines to start cruising because Disney World is doing it right, but want the White House to listen to the CDC who said, NO CRUISING until February 1st? So, which is it?
  4. Yep. It bites the big one. Try losing an 11 night free balcony.
  5. For my comped cruises, 125% of zero is zero. No FCC Two cruises in November, one 7 night Harmony and one 11 night Vision. I only could switch to 2 four night Mariner cruises. Losing that 11 night free balcony cruise was a bummer.
  6. Can someone set up a survey on here whether you got one or not if cruising November through January? Doesn’t matter if you took it or not.
  7. I’m scheduled to cruise twice in November. I got the survey, moved to trash, then took it after seeing the comments on here. I’m curious as to how many got the survey that are NOT cruising in November through January, whether they took it or not?
  8. Chief, Could Royal load up the crew in Europe for USA ports, then do a TA with them to the USA? Wouldn’t this make more sense than trying to fly them over here? It would give them 10 days to quarantine and test. Thoughts?
  9. I watched the Port Canaveral meeting and they are ready for cruises. They made it known at the state and federal level.
  10. I think they will do the Independence out of Ft Lauderdale.
  11. I agree: no passengers allowed to book inside cabins. Lock the bookings. Offer the inside cabins a chance to pay more to upgrade. They don’t want to base the cabins on money spent on a cabin. There are inside and ocean view cabins that cost more than a balcony because of how many the cabin holds. They also want their casino players as most of them spend way more than their cabin was worth.
  12. Do you know what page of this thread it shows the change of ports. I’m on 5/22 Thanks
  13. Where did you see the list of the new ports? I’m on an 8 night also.
  14. Now the big question is: Will they move our casino comp cruise over from the Brilliance to the Independence? Should be easy as the Independence is larger. I’m emailing my casino host. He will probably be getting 100’s of emails. 😞 I called a Casino Royale (host is off at 5) and the person said they don’t know what they are going to do yet with the free casino cruises.
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