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  1. Looking for information on the unlimited dining package for dinners and lunches on sea days? How is it priced? I am going on an 12 day cruise in January. Thanks
  2. At my age and physical condition, lying on a towel is not an option. 🙂 Yes, I agree that everything costs more in Bermuda and that it is an upscale destination. That's why cruising there (vs. flying, hotel, dining) is such an attractive choice. We live in southern NJ and take a 5-day cruise out of Bayonne, NJ or Baltimore every September. No airline hassles, no 50-lb luggage weight limit, etc. We tell our friends it is our time share. 🙂
  3. If the weather's nice, get ready to wait in in the hot sun in a long line and pay extortion prices to rent lounge chairs and umbrellas at Horseshoe Bay.
  4. Since the consensus is so favorable, we will go ahead and book this cruise. Thank you for your replies!
  5. We are experienced (20+ cruises) cruisers looking at booking a 12-nighter out of Baltimore in January 2020, but have concerns having never sailed out of a Northeast port in the winter; i.e., what's it like being stuck inside for 3 sea days until we're finally in warmer waters? And then 3 more increasingly freezing sea days on the way back? Jam-packed Solarium? Choppy January seas on the open Atlantic? All replies are welcome!
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