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  1. Since the consensus is so favorable, we will go ahead and book this cruise. Thank you for your replies!
  2. We are experienced (20+ cruises) cruisers looking at booking a 12-nighter out of Baltimore in January 2020, but have concerns having never sailed out of a Northeast port in the winter; i.e., what's it like being stuck inside for 3 sea days until we're finally in warmer waters? And then 3 more increasingly freezing sea days on the way back? Jam-packed Solarium? Choppy January seas on the open Atlantic? All replies are welcome!
  3. We are 24 hours from boarding Anthem in Bayonne for Bermuda and no email or text from Royal C regarding any itinerary change. I will be quite surprised (but not disappointed) if we learn tomorrow that we are going to Canada.
  4. I was referring to the NY teams, not necessarily their fans. :)
  5. We are scheduled to sail Saturday from Bayonne on 5-day to Bermuda. I have read A LOT of comments by posters on MANY different boards and threads, and the consensus is that Royal C will let booked guests know 2 days ahead of sailing if there's an itinerary change due to severe weather forecast. That would be tomorrow for us. One poster said (jokingly?) that you'll find out when you board the ship. LOL?
  6. You 'guarantee' that we'll find out when we get to the pier? That's like saying parents will know if it's a snow day when you drive the kids to school and it's closed. Of course, if there's no last-minute itinerary change, no prior communication is necessary. If there is a weather-influenced change as drastic as Bermuda in mid-Sept vs. Halifax, then I'm fairly confident we will learn that no later than 2 days in advance of sailing date. We gotta know how to pack!
  7. We have sailed 17 cruises and Grandeur out of Baltimore was the easiest embarkation/disembarkation of them all, by far. Driving (right off I-95) and parking (200 yard walk to the terminal) there is a breeze. You need reservations for everything on Anthem; I'm not a big fan of 4000+ passenger ships. Yes, Grandeur was commissioned in 1995, but upgraded several times since then. Finally, the North Jersey/NYC crowd on Anthem are all obnoxious fans of all the New York area sports teams hated by most fans everywhere else!
  8. FYI, Grandeur's Sept. 8 scheduled 5-day to Bermuda was changed to Nassau/Port Canaveral, so the ship will be returning to Baltimore from Florida, not Bermuda.
  9. I just finished reading all 180 posts in this thread. :-) We are supposed to sail Saturday on Anthem out of Cape Liberty to Bermuda. Waiting to see what happens. Right now, Anthem is in Halifax on a scheduled 9-day Canada/NE cruise, so no hurricane impact. If our itinerary does change, I wonder how close to Saturday we would be notified? I saw one poster say last year, it was 2 days early. RE: the joker who said "I'd rather sail in a hurricane than go to Nassau." Well, haha. You know what? Nobody says you're forced to get off the ship when you're in ANY port, so if you're not a fan of Nassau, just stay onboard and enjoy having most of the ship to yourselves. We've done exactly that on more than one occasion and it was very enjoyable!
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