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  1. oregonian123

    New and Improved CC

    Thank you, I worked on the buttons below that first Save button, and now things look much better. I have quite a few emails today.
  2. oregonian123

    Orient, Margot, Maho and Divi

    Is Lā€™ E Press near where Serafina's used to be? It looks yummy!!
  3. oregonian123

    New and Improved CC

    Hi, I saw your response (got email), but didn't get any of the other response notifications today for this thread. This is what my setup looks like (using laptop) for the threads I want to get emails for as they occur. Is this correct? Notification Settings Top of Form Send me news and information Enabling this option will add you to our mailing list. You can unsubscribe at any time. Automatically follow content Automatically follow new content I post Automatically follow content I reply to Method to use for content I follow automatically A notification when new content is posted One email per day with all new content from that day One email per week with all new content from that week Do not send me notifications Notification preferences Show popup window when I receive a new personal message Only send one email notification for content I follow until I revisit the community Play a sound when I receive a notification Browser notifications not enabled -By enabling desktop notifications, we'll be able to tell you when there's new content even if you aren't active in this window. Bottom of Form OOPs. when copied it, my markup doesn't show up . let me try it again, Here is a copy/paste from the system: my setup cc.docx
  4. oregonian123

    New and Improved CC

    I don't get a notice when a thread I am subscribed to has a new post. For instance, I subscribed to this thread 2 days ago and have no emails showing that there is any new content. Any recommendations?
  5. oregonian123

    Cozumel, Mexico

    We also did that one last year and enjoyed it. The year before, we did the San Gervasio Mayan Ruins and it was really good with history and story telling and demos. I recommend it because you do not have to go to the mainland for the bigger ruins.
  6. oregonian123

    Tampa - Hyatt Place airport (Westshore) review

    Thanks for the helpful info.
  7. oregonian123

    Sun in drydock

    Mine too!!! This is great info. Thank you !
  8. oregonian123

    Not going well on Sun cruise .

    Hi, where did you see it? I missed it.
  9. oregonian123

    Not going well on Sun cruise .

    Thank you for your detailed info. This will help me plan.
  10. oregonian123

    Not going well on Sun cruise .

    Mary, thank you for both of your responses. As you and dexddd noted, I need to watch our RollCall.
  11. oregonian123

    Not going well on Sun cruise .

    Hi, OceanDreaming2. How were you notified of the delayed embarkation and how far in advance did you know you had to make other plans? Thanks you any info, I am trying to plan ahead.
  12. oregonian123

    Last Sail Before Dry-Dock

    How and when were you informed about the embarkation date changes?
  13. oregonian123

    Norwegian Star May 6, 2018 Where am I???

    Hi, BirdTravels. Can you give more details, please? Which Ship and When? Was it delayed more than a day? How were you informed? How much lead time did they give you? I am trying to plan ahead for the NCL Sun on April 19 as it comes out of Dry Dock. Thanks.
  14. This very same thing happened to me this week. My credit card company did not show the charge. I called my PCC and she took my number and gave me a new Summary sheet showing that it was now paid. From now on, I will just call my PCC. NCl's web site is too wonky.
  15. oregonian123

    Quality of Laundry Service

    Hi, I am trying to understand what gets hung up and what gets folded. Do long pants and slacks come folded or on hangers? Do shorts come folded or on hangers? Do soft ladies tops come folded or on hangers? Those are the things I would hang up to avoid the need for much ironing. When we tried the laundry on our last cruise, we only sent underwear. I didn't know what to mark on the slip, so I left it blank and they only folded the undershirts. The underpants for both of us and the socks were just dropped into the basket, no folding of any kind. So, I guess I will mark both the fold and hang and see if they do it the way I would. :)