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  1. Unless there is an iconic item (like the gorgeous nesting dolls I got in Russia), I just buy interesting edibles. I already have enough stuff to dust. Oh, and the husband has to have a refrigerator magnet from each place. Our refrigerator is completely covered. Every once in a while, I will buy something big (like the amazing inlaid wood coffee table I got in Sorrento and had shipped home) but mostly, just food and drink items.
  2. I've been to Italy and Rome three times, going back again in October. You can find your own (much better) tours for less money on the Internet - Tripadvisor is a good resource. Things that I have done and Loved are Vatican tours (which include skip the line, St Peter's and the Sistine chapel). Another fun thing to do are Segway tours in Rome - there are several companies that do this ranging from a couple of hours up to a whole day. Great way to see the city. My favorite is probably the food tours - an incredible and delicious way to see some great neighborhoods. Eating Italy is my provider of choice but again, check Tripadvisor for ideas. Italy is amazing - Have a great trip!
  3. Please leave the light on when getting "busy" on the balcony - with the light on, its much easier to critique your performance and I don't drop nearly as much popcorn.
  4. CLEAR seems to be $15/month or $179 a year - EVERY year, unlike the $100 for 5 years with Global Entry and Pre-check. Yikes! :o
  5. NOW you're talkin'. Kennywood has the best ones (Small theme park in Pittsburgh). Not on the buffet, per se, but the chocolate melting cake on Carnival - get that and ask for some peanut butter. A bit on the end of your spoon with the melting cake.... mmmmm...:hearteyes:
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