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  1. That different countries different rules thing came into play for us when we booked an Asia cruise with our UK cousins. We booked here in the US, they booked in the UK. We even linked the reservations but when the price dropped after final payment our TA was able to us upgraded from 2A to C3, could have gone to A2 but our cousins could not get anything... The next cruise we booked together we did through my US TA and when the price dropped we all saved a few hundred $$$. So call your TA and ask. Asking is free.
  2. We have used https://airportstaxitransfers.com/ in Hong Kong and other places around the world. Never a problem. Vehicles are always nice and clean, drivers are always there waiting whether it is at the airport, hotel or the port.
  3. the harbor there is pretty well protected so boarding should be easy. I have never tendered there or on the Summit so I can't say how many boats they can load at a time but typically they can manage two at a time if they use both spots on the ship. They have a lot of experience with this and normally have it pretty well organized and they do normally issue timed tender tickets for the morning.
  4. Assuming you are talking about Newport RI the tenders are the ship's lifeboats and they hold between 100 and 150 people for tendering. Yes, you can go back and forth as often as you like.
  5. You normally have to buy it with a week of two of your booking. That lets you avoid pre-exsisting conditions clauses. I rely on the folks at tripinsurancestore.com. Steve and his staff are very knowledgeable and helpful.
  6. Another vote for Rome Cabs. Great people, great service Join your roll call and make some friends to share the ride costs from the city to the port, maybe even the airport to the city but that was only about 50 Euros last fall. We like Albergo Del Senato. It is right on the Pantheon Saquare and very well located for walking all over Rome. Great staff, excellent breakfast too. Lots of nice little restaurants around the square and the best gelato ever at a Lindt chocolate shop right up the street.
  7. We have used RomeCabs from the airport to Rome, from the ship t he airport, they even did a half day tour for us once when we had a 3pm flight. and did not want to just hang around the airport. Always on time, always helpful.
  8. Stand up and then look straight down. See your feet? That is your best shore excursion for Ibiza. The town itself is pretty small and very walkable. We were there on a rainy day but still took the ship's shuttle into town and walked all around. Lots of nice shots, some churches and a fort and some art museums to explore. You really don't need to pay for a shire excursion there.
  9. The one time we docked in Amsterdam the cab line was very very very long and very slow. If you are trying to make a 10"25am flight I would strongly suggest you pre-arrange your ride.. Also remember that Schipol is a huge airport and it can take 30 minutes to just walk to your gate.
  10. I will. For now I strongly suggest you get to your local camera store and try out each camera you are considering. THere are so many great cameras today at every level you need to have the cameras in your hands before you make a final decision. I was fortunate that Sony loaned me the RX10 for a week so I could really play with it. Took it to Disneyland, made lots of pictures and decided it was not for me. I am much happier with the a6400. It fits what I am doing now and that is being Papa and doing some traveling.
  11. I was a Canon guy from 1990 until now, Nikon before that for 25 years. When I retired completely I wanted to get smaller and lighter than my 5D Mk III with the 16-35, 24-105 and 70-200 2.8 IS II. It was just too much weight to carry around for me once the age counter passed 70. I tried the Sony RX10 Mk 4 and while I liked it, I did not love it. There were things that just did not click for me so I tried the Sony APC mirrorless and picked the a6400 with the 16-50 Kit lens and the 18-200 OSS. So far it has been a month of just playing with it but I am happy with it. The big test is coming next week when we head to Europe for two weeks on the ground. I kept the 5D and the 16-35 thinking I would want/need that super wide but the more I think about it the more the 5D is staying here to be liquidated when I get back and adding the 10-18.
  12. I can't speak for all airlines but I know United will sell that upgrade long before they give it to a Premier FF or someone asking for a mileage upgrade. In the last three years we have had the grand total of 2 United upgrades clear. We rarely bother with them anymore. The whole big up/upgrade thing is just a way for them to make some extra $$$ along the way. I first saw it on Air New Zealand about 5-6 years ago when we went to Australia for a cruise. It is a game, I personally would not play it.
  13. I have not done a Move UP yet but to me it is like United's Mileage Upgrade game. They take your miles and your money, hold it for weeks or months and then sell the seat to someone else for a few $$ more and eventually, after a few reminders send your money and your miles back. There are better ways to do it and if you really want that upgrade just ask what the cost is and decide if it is worth it to you.
  14. I got this from Bob Krist, a friend of mine and fellow professional photographer who is now a Sony advocate. Bob is a good guy and a great photographer so I trust his judgement. https://alphauniverse.com/stories/hands-on-with-the-new-sony-a6600/?fbclid=IwAR3YSYcEGWE5Ibs9khbXxbddS-XTMa4Bx81T-UQsixqC1NwFxzOmk3cuu5E
  15. Thanks Dave, can I send the bills to you.... 🙂
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