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  1. TO us it sounds stupid but to the cruise lines it is CYA time. They have been made to look really bad during this entire pandemic and now I am sure there are going to be lots of law suits so their lawyers are telling them this is necessary. We fully expect that our upcoming Ireland and Iceland cruise in May will be in the next round of cancellations and were planning on taking the FCC bonus to apply to our fall cruise or an Iceland cruise next May or our already booked Panama Canal cruise in fall of 2021. After reading this form and talking to one of our doctors during a check up last week we will be taking the refund if the May trip cancels and when iT comes time for final payment on the October trip we will be demanding a refund on our $100 NRD if the form is still in effect. It was also the final nail in our decision to cncel our planned Alaska cruise with our family in July. No point in giving them more money in the hope that the cruise actually sails if we know we can't board.........Hey, it is only what, 10 to 20 grand. No big deal to a big company.
  2. It is not just Celebrity. I have a growing list of companies that owe me refunds on cancelled events, tours and cruises and hotels too...Princess Lodges for Alaska 41900 from a 3 week old cancelation, Vegas.com $330 for concert tickets to an event that was cancelled weeks ago and a refund was promised with in 72 hours, Tours by Locals, Dixie Ellis tours and the list goes on. Requests for action have been sent and ignored. In those requests I noted that on April 15 I will start filing disputes with my credit card company. Unfortunately everyone is swamped, everyone is short staffed and everyone on is trying to hold on to cash..Many have even made similar offers to Celebrity's bonus FCC bonuses. These are hard times for all of so it becomes a balancing act of our patience and their efforts.
  3. My thoughts exactly If the cost of the balcony is too nigh then I will find another cruise. I have really enjoyed being able to just step out and see things especially when docking or sitting out on a se day. Our frist cruise was in an OV because it was an old ship with few balconies. never again for us. I don't need a suite or CC or Aqua ( but we do like it when the price is right) but we need that balcony.
  4. The airports and the seaports in NY and NJ are governed by the Port Authority of NY and NJ. It is an "independent" commission with representatives from both states.
  5. Yes, so little is known it is pretty scary so even though I am feeling find now, getting solid reports on my check ups thre is no way I would head out on a cruise now if they were going. I was thinking far head, to July when final payment comes due on our October cruise. I won't make that payment if this Fit to Travel is still in effect . I will just bail on the small deposit and then worry about the Panama Canal in 2021......and there i s just no way that I can book a cruse with anyone as long as this is in effect. Not complaining, just being real. I am already looking at the possibility of doing Iceiand and maybe Ireland ou our own as a land and air trip in 2021.
  6. Thanks. We have decided to skip the May trip, just waiting on a change to get our cash back and cancelled July at final payment. Just too many risks even without this issue. October we will deal with in July when final payment comes up then. here is a link to the actual form on their web site. Under current conditions if I was my doctor I wouldn't want me sailing on any cruise. All of my numbers are great and I keep up with my regular check ups and meds. There are no restrictions on what I can and cannot do from a medical stand point.
  7. I was not referring, thinking about the current situation, I was looking into the future. An Oct 2020 booking we currently have and a May 2021 booking we are looking at to replace our May 2020 cruise that we will not be taking.
  8. Like davekathy said, there is no point in doing anything before final payment. The whole situation is just too fluid. We are currently sitting on an Iceland/Ireland cruise in May to see if they cancel so we can have the option of a refund of FCC bonus. Beyond that we are sitting on an Oct 3 sailing in Italy to see if it cancels before final payment. No need to so anything now so sit back and wait.
  9. I took Celebrity's new "if you are over 70 and have..." waiver to my wife's pulmenologist today when she went for her check up to see if he would sign off on for something in the future. " NO way. They are asking me to certify that you don't have any of the diseases listed" "you have asthma. it is well controlled and you are doing great but you have it and that is their question so no I can't sign it". So will we never sail on Celebrity again? Will they adjust this waiver to something reasonable? Pretty much answers the question about do I take the FCC bonus or the cash when our May 18 cruise is cancelled in a few weeks. I have my own check ups in April and I will talk to my docs then but I am assuming they won't sign off on it either and I can't say that I cannot blame them. If Celebrity wants us to come back they need to adjust that waiver. There is a world of difference between having a condition and having it well controlled so you can live life.
  10. Rather than trying to pick one more or posting a bunch of them one by one here is the link to our fall 2018 cruise on the Reflection from Rome to some Italian ports, some Greek Islands, Malta and more... http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/invited/7893541/2a25672cc174554601cbf74d7ecb407d861f2c29 Just click on the cover photo and then you can click through the books. Great times, great new friends, wonderful places and some rain...
  11. We have had success negotiating cabin/catagory upgrades on those post final payment price drops. We usually book veranda and have been upgraded to CC and AQ just be asking nicely. Be nice but be firm.
  12. What they are sayingg about taxes and fees on/in the FCC relates to any future cruise you book. The FCC covers cruise fare, less the deposit but it does not cover taxes and fees. Taxes and fees from your current cruise will be refunded to you. I had an occasion to have to cancel one cruise 5 days before departure because I was in the hospital and they refunded my taxes and fees, the rest has to be claimed on my insurance.
  13. I have seen i ton Celebrity's web site, I have seen it from TA's I know and work with. FCCs are not good for a deposit on a Celebrity cruise. Celebrity FCCs are also not good on RCCL or Azamara cruises. While RCL owns all three, there are different rules at times for each line.
  14. But the FCC rules clearly state it cannot be used for a deposit......
  15. The way I read it is we have until a year from the original issue date to use the credit to book something. Then anything we book has to start with in one year of our original travel date. Keeping in mind what FlyerTalker said, I have emailed United's customer care team and when I get a reply I will post something back here. The auto reply said 5 to 7 days and taht is not a problem since we are months way from the actual original travel dates.
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