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  1. At this point I would talk to your credit card company about filing a dispute for the charges your TA has not refunded. The cruise lines, the TAs, the insurance companies are all using OOVIC-19 as an excuse to hold our money as long as they can. Anything beyond 60 days is just absurd. We had an Alaska cruise planned for July 3 and canceled on April 1 just ahead of final payment. Celebrity refunded our deposit with in a few weeks. Our pre-paid hotel with Princess Lodges took forever to refund and when I got to 50 days and they kept saying "sorry we are taking 90 days or more", after they originally said 7 to 10 days I wen I canceled I when to Citi and they gave me temporary credits for the whole amount while they dealt with Princess/Carnival.
  2. We were booked to go to Italy in October and American. They canceled our TALT flights back in May and when I called about it they quickly offered a full refund and processed it in 10 days. We were booked to go to Ireland in May on United. When it because obvious to me that we were not going and UA was offering no penalty changes or ETCs good for two years it was a nice, easy thing to just cancel and get the ETC. IHad I wait for to see if UA would cancel the flight I could have gotten a refund.
  3. Our Iceland/Ireland cruise for May 18, 2020 was canceled on April 16. Requested a refund the dame day. On April 17 they confirmed the request and said 45 days. Today is 63 days and I planned to file my credit card dispute today but low and behold this morning two refunds for about 80% of what we paid posted. One was our deposit, the other I am guessing is cruise fare. Lets see if the last $600+ show us soon. Glad this crap is ending.
  4. Yesterday was 60 days since they canceled our May 18 sailing. Requested a refund, not FCC the same day. Got an eamil the next day confirming my request and saying it would take 45 days. Tomorrow, assuming there is no refund on my credit card I will just file the dispute and let Citi worry about it. I did the same thing when Princess Lodges for our Alaska hotel stay for a July cruse we dropped at final payment. That still shows on my card account as temporary credit but at least I am not paying for them to use my money. That one is now well past 90 days.
  5. The only way I hear from my about to be ex-TA now is if I lob a hand grenade towards New Hampshire. Celebrity let us know that our Iceland/Ireland cruise was canceled by text and email. Of course they still have not refunded our money...
  6. We stayed at the Doubletree Centraal Station twice and enjoyed it. Two minute walk to the Centaal Station transportation hub, close to many nice restaurants and other tings to see and do and about a 15 minute walk to the ship. The first time we had to take a cab from the ship to the hotel because one of us was on crutches and our friends who walked got there faster. Second time we just left the hotel and took the nice walk.
  7. Back in April our cruise was canceled. I reached out to our broker for advice on our insurance policy and got a boiler plate reply telling to contact the insurer. I did that and I got the standard "we are swamped" auto reply telling to expect a reply in 12 to 20 biz days. That was almost two months ago now. I have tried to follow up with both the broker and the insurer and have gotten no reply. I have no claims to file because everything was refunded or in the refund process so do I go after the broker or the insurer via credit card dispute now? I have gotten really tired of people who take my money in 20 seconds and then forget who I am when there is a real problem.
  8. I agree that I would expect to have heard but since too many TAs are playing the we are so busy game it could get lost in shuffle. Just my own feeling but if they are getting paid we should be getting something too if it was the cruise line that canceled. Oh, still waiting for dime one from Celebrity......
  9. I get it if I am the one to cancel but in this case it was Celebrity that canceled and paid the commission. I have been using that NJ agent for a few years now but their service has fallen off so I am thinking it time for a change anyway.
  10. Received nothing so far but it has only been 5+ weeks but thinking all of this through I have a new question. We booked with a TA who offers OBC for booking with them. This s from them not from Celebrity. So, if Celebrity is paying the TAs their commissions on these canceled cruised why shouldn't the TA be kicking something back to us?
  11. I only hope that gelato shop was the Lindt Chocolate shop about a block up the the front of the Pantheon... That place is almost worth missing the ship for......
  12. Marinetraffic.com shows the Reflection arrived in Barbados early this morning from Miami.
  13. If European cruises were to start in August how would most Americans get there? Most US airlines are not flying to Europe now. We are still booked for Oct 3 out of Rome to Venice but American canceled our flights long ago and gave us a refund in under 2 weeks. I am thankful that our deposit is only $50 because ther is no way I am making final Payment on this one.
  14. Celebrity's web site? Expect nothing so you won't be disappointed. They still have my May 18 Ireland/Iceland cruise listed in my future cruises. It was cancel back on April 16 and should have sailed 2 days ago..
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