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  1. Thanks for starting this Masterdrago. I got a Hero 6 last year to use up some OBC last year and now I am hoping to start playing with it soon, especially since a good friend has asked me to do a time lapse of one of his projects going up....That is a real project for someone who spent his whole life making stills.....
  2. Thanks Dan_K. Something to look into before the next trip and after the big move that seems to be consuming my time right now.
  3. Dan_K, thanks for the information about Blurb and LR. I am a Photo Mechanic guy more out of habit than anything else but it is good to know about the connection. My concern with that type of deal would be not being able to manage my own layouts. I like picking and choosing what what I want to show big and what can be smaller. On another note, I am really glad I went to Cuba in February because it looks like travel to Cuba is being cut back yet again for US citizens and ships sailing from US ports. So much for my plan for a quick return to Cuba next spring.
  4. The current administration announced in November that they were rolling back the Obama era policies. I did not hear anything about a Cuban crack down around Christmas and I was watching closely because we sailed on the Journey on Feb 2. That does not mean it did not happen but I did not hear anything about it. We did two days with Blexie and an evening walking tour with Strawberry Tours in Havana, a day with Caribbean Pearl Tours in Cienfuegos. All private tours, all small companies trying to make their way and all were really great tours. In Santiago de Cuba we spent the evening and the next day just walking around the city on our own with no problems. Policies on both sides of this argument are vague and the leadership is a bad joke at best with no clear plans or ideas. Just a lot of gimmie I want from what I can see as an average Joe. It is sad. We really want to go back to Cuba but I guess for now we will settle for being thankful we went this past winter. Side note, 7 year old Havana Rum is so smooth it can put you on your butt without any warning, especially for someone like me who is not normally one to drink.
  5. Try putting them on YouTube......my almost two year old grandson's first request each morning is "I want coffee", then "I want Ipad".
  6. It could be two separate issues but my guess it they are intertwined. The current US administration continues to crack down on Cuba including increasing travel restrictions that make it difficult for US citizens to travel there. The Cuban government has begun cracking down on people being entreprenuers and capitalists. It is a communist country and everyone is supposed to work for the common good aka the government. Apparently Blexie, Fernando and others started their own cottage industry of running tours and they have grown and profited and my guess is the Cuban government is not getting what they feel is their fair share of the take so they are cracking down on these businesses now. It is a strange time to be doing it because contracts have been signed to expand the cruise terminal from one pier serving two ships to three piers service 6 ships. Maybe the Cuban crack down is in retaliation to the US changes? I know the Cuban crack down came first but I am sure the Cubans knew or expected more of the crack down from the US. Please, I am not trying to be political here, just trying to put some ideas out for consideration without making any judgements I am really glad we got to Cuba with Azamara last January. It was just an amazing trip all around and we hope to go back soon.
  7. And they try to do White Night on deck on a port evening. It is hard for them to do it on a sea day because of the wind created by the ship's motion.
  8. Thanks Ken. The books are a labor of love for me. After a long career in photography it is hard to not make pictures where ever we go and I have found the books are a great way to share the images. Otherwise they just end up sitting on a hard drive on my desk.
  9. thanks Dave. Before I retired it was upgrades about every 3 years just to keep things up to speed. Now it is more about consolidating and trying to make life simple for me. I do appreciate all of the info you are posting. Whether it is Mac or Windows the basics behind it all is pretty much the same.
  10. I don't know a lot about wheel chairs and nothing about your wife's chair but couldn't you accomplish this with a simple Bogen/Manfroto magic clamp and magic arm?
  11. Dave, thanks for making my head spin.....I am not a Windows person and I while I consider myself to be handy, there is no way I am going to attempt to build a new computer....ever. That said, I currently have 2 iMac 27s and a MacBook Pro 13 that are all aging and in the near future I too need to make some changes and updates. I love having my Macbook with me when I travel so I can edit as I go, especially on those long flights or on sea days. I love having the big screen when I get home to do my final edits and my book layouts. We have a big move coming up and once that is done and sort of settled I can focus on computer upgrades. In the mean time I am going to sit back and watch this as good way to pick everyones' brains.
  12. Keep in mind that if you buy hard goods that will be taken out of the EU you can get a refund of the VAT when you depart the EU. The process is not so easy and often if you use the forms provided by the ship the service charges are pretty high. I bought a goPro camera on our last Med cruise that was all EU and I got about 1/2 of the VAT back at the airport, the rest went to fees. I guess half back on some thing purchased with extra OBC is not so bad. Oh, there were no alcohol or tobacco sales on the ship. That area was blocked off for the entire cruise.
  13. I asked the same question a few months ago after our Cuba Intensive cruise on the Journey. We want to go back, we want to do a cruise, we want a long one but the RCL family is not showing anything right now. I do know the Cuban government has signed contracts to renovate two more piers to make a bigger cruise port that will be able to handle 6 ships at once rather than just 2 so could that work be impacting the current terminal? Could Azamara feel that Cuba was a flash in the pan for them and decided to put ships elsewhere? Maybe Azamara and Royal wanted to expand but could not get the port time? Maybe someone can provide some real answers.
  14. You are right Dave. I saw a lot of that on our recent trip to some of the national parks a few weeks ago. You could ride along the roads and walk around the viewpoint parking lots and see a lot of beauty but by taking a walk along a river bed, climbing a half mile trail, going behind a waterfall you could make great images. It just takes a little more time and effort and the rewards are amazing.
  15. And those tools getting better and part are part of what got me to retire 3 years ago...It is just too easy to go out and make great pictures now. Dave, that little one looks somewhere between a year and two years. They are quicker and harder to photograph than an NFL running back. They really are. My two, age 4 1/2 and almost 2 really are that quick. I love that look on her face.
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