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  1. Those looking to filling for the cancelled Asia cruises, Celebrity is showing the Eclipse dong 7 nights out of San Diego on March 30. San Diego, LA, SF, SF, Astoria Oregon, Seattle and Vancouver. Very reasonable pricing. I would jump on it if we did not already have concert tickets and some medical testing that week....
  2. We bought a package for our Reflection sailing in Oct 2018. When to make reservations as soon as we boarded and were told only bad times were left, so we left and went to guest relations and canceled the entire package. We met the CC hostess on night two told her our story and she went to work and got us a freebee at a time that worked for us in the Tuscan Grill for one night. The other night we were happy in the MDR and simply spent our OBC on other stuff we could enjoy. We would not book a package again, only tried it this one time because we had a ton of OBC to use or lose.
  3. There IT is known to be beyond terrible. I just tried to price a cruise for May 2021 and once I got to cabin selection it just froze up Oh well.
  4. Join the roll call for your cruise and make your own sail away party. We usually have them at the Sunset Bar starting right after the muster drill. Always a fun time and a great time to meet the folks you have been chatting with here.
  5. We tip at the end of the cruise. We have had some attendants that did the minute so giving the minimum was fine , others have gone above and beyond so they get rewarded. Servers at the Elite Happy Hour get something at each visit. US$ or euros mostly but a lot will depend on what is left over from our pre-cruise currency purchase.
  6. In my world there are two flavors, chocolate and wrong. Thankfully they have it almost every day. The other flavors do rotate so grab the rum raisin when you see it. Be sure to add the toppings too and grab some cookies while you are there.
  7. Be sure to visit the ice cream bar in the Oceanview Cafe. They make it fresh on board and it is better than the for fee gelato
  8. A lot will depend on how quickly they clear the ship. 8am arrival does not mean 8am departure. For EWR on a Monday AM I would not book anything before 11am and that would be with having a car waiting for you. LGA, 1pm at the earliest. You are coming in at the end of rush hour, you will have to deal with gunnels and bridges with tolls. It oculd take an hour, it could take 2 or three. Cape Liberty to LGA and JFK is just painful.
  9. There is no self service laundry on any of the Celebrity ships.
  10. Trying to figure out Celebrity's pricing is like trying to nail jello to a tree. You can't do it, you just have to book when you see what you like and then keep following it and re-faring when you can.
  11. Nice to know, thanks for the info. I would still feel guilty about asking for vets benefits since my "service" consisted of 6 weekends of hiding in a class room with a fake lesson plan up so we could all nap and two weeks of alternately hiding in our air conditioned trailer with that same fake lesson plan and a sign on the door that said "Processing Film, Do Not Enter".....and just walking around and making pictures of the rest of the unit working. It was the end of the Vietnam era and we all knew the unit was so unprepared they would be calling up women and children before us..
  12. We have done 10 on Celebrity, including OZ/NZ and loved them all. We have also done 5 on Royal and we did Cuba last year on Azamara. We were lucky on the OZ/NZ cruise on the Solstice, the Tasman Sea was perfect for two days. It only kicked up while we were doing the sounds and had to skip the third sound because it was joo rough to enter. Leaving Havana on the Journey the captain was trying to get ahead of some really nasty weather and was running hard and we really felt it. We went to the MDR for dinner and they gave the best seats, great view, at the very back of the ship, right over the propellor shafts and we felt the vibration all through dinner, well as much as we could stay for. We had to get up and leave because we were both feeling sick from the motion and vibration. That alone would make me think twice about an open sea trip on Azamara. The service was great, the food was good but the ship was mall. Dr. Knoob, how do the Relief Band work?? Compared the the simple elastic sea bands? My wife sues the Sea Bands and ginger and ginger ale, they all seem to help but if ther is a better product out there I would like to know about it.
  13. Thanks for the info. My discharge is honorable even though I never saw a day of active duty. Once they realized I was not kidding about the knee--two open surgeries and a complete fracture of the femur just above the knee while I was in college--they wanted me out fast. Had I gone to basic, been active, I would have been mustered out on a medical with disability. By keeping me from ever been active it saved the Army a lot of money. Vietnam was a crazy time. I even got a notice from my draft board to report for active duty because I had missed too many meetings.....This was 4 months after I had my DD256 in hand. This was the same draft boad that wanted me to report for a physical while I was in the hospital with my leg broken in tow because I had not registered for classes for the spring. As I said earlier, I have shied away from asking for these benefits because my time in was so short and I firmly believe that should be left for you all who did really serve.
  14. I have never asked for the Veterans discount on anything because my own service was so short. 7 Army reserve meetings, two weeks of summer camp before my badly damaged knee finally blew out and I was medicaled out without ever having a single day of active duty. I had a fancy MOS so the normal sign up and ship out deal did not work for me. It was sign up, go to meetings and wait for an AIT space to open up before you shipped out for basic. My basic orders arrived a week after my discharge process started. At one point last year I did ask for a copy of my DD215 and got copies of my enlistment contract, discharge orders and DD256, Honorable discharge. Out of respect to those of you who have served I have never asked for the discount but some days I wonder if I can....
  15. one suggestion, if you are going to res the image up yourself do it is small steps. Never go up more that 10% of the original size in any one step. The more you ask your software to think and do at one time the more chances for it to fail.
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