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  1. Thank you Alberta Quilter. I hope things open up for you. We should get there around August 20 or so.
  2. Thanks for the comparison. This gives me some hope for mid August.
  3. Lots of people do but I don't. Just my preference. As Dave says below a lot depends how much motion or silky look you want in the water. Since I rarely carry a tripod anymore my slowest speeds are 1/4 sec unless I can brace on a tree or a railing. Between lowering my ISO to 100 and dropping the aperture to 22 or smaller it is pretty easy to get down to that 1/4 second. If you want to go lower then you really do need a tripod and an ND filter.
  4. That is on top of my liist for this morning, once I get my grandchildren to camp. Thanks.
  5. Going to Iceland a few days ahead of our cruise departure to see more of the country and Hertz has a good deal on a PHEV. The plan is to spend one night in Reykjavik the day we arrive and see some of the golden circle sites, then overnight in Vik to see the glacier lagoon, black sand beach etc and then head back to Reykjavik for a few more days. One night in a hotel, one on the ehip. I am not at all familiar with any of the EVs so does anyone here know how hard it is to find a place to charge a PHEV outside of Reykjavik? And what about a charging station near the port?
  6. Heading to Iceland in a few weeks with my Sony A6400 and the 18-200mm and a GoPro for those super wide moments. For water falls I usually like to slow my shutter down to get some movement in the water to show up. Like Dave, I pretty much live on Aperture and use f stops and ISO to create the shutter speed I want. We were supposed to go pre covid but that got lost to the pandemic so I am really looking forward to make this trip all about pictures starting with the waterfalls and hoping to maybe even bet a lova lfowling image.
  7. One word of advice in addition, some place requre you to actually bring the goods with you so they can see you really have them. I made that mistake in Barcelona once. at the airport. Goods were in a checked bag and the bag was already checked when I found out.
  8. Benefits allowing you to cancel? the child to cancel? Health benefits for the ill person? lots of questions to be answered first.
  9. Also check your credit card terms. Some have travel insurance so it is worth asking them. AS dcbiker 97 said, Call everyone ASAP.
  10. We have not been on the Infinity but we have done Greece and the Med with Celebrity and really ejoyed all of it. Yes, the Infinity is an older ship but Celebrity does a good job of maintaining things and updating things. The M class ships do have a nice theater with different types of shows. The onboard cast will do some productions shows, there will also be entertainers, musical, comedy and magic who will be with you for a day or two and then move on. There is also a house band that plays around the ship at various times. Your Diamond status with Royal will get you Elite status with Celebrity so be sure to register with the Captains Club and make sure they know about your Royal status. We are both well into our 70s now and still enjoy getting out and doing. Greece has so much to do and see that every time I see an ad for one of those cruises I say " I really wish I had the $$$ right now".
  11. Thanks pkster, this gives me some hope....
  12. Takes time to make up stuff so you sound good.
  13. Thanks for all of the infomration. We will be there in about 4 weeks so for now it is watch and hope time.
  14. Does anyone have a web site for tracking the iceberg status for Prinz Christian Sund? I have read that the ice around Greenland is still pretty thick this year so I am wondering if ships are getting through the water there now?
  15. No experience but if you use centerhotels.com, the web site for center hotels you can get a 25% discount using the code BOOKDIRECT.
  16. We have an Iceland cruise coming up that I booked through an online TA that I know and trust. I get extra OBC for booking with them and when I needed to change the date of the cruise it was seamless AND the price of the new cruise was much lower so I saved a lot of money. A month later the price of the new cruise dropped again and I contacted the TA again. No problems, here in an invoice for the new, lower pricing. The downside of the price drops are less OBC from the TA because that is based on their commission. If the cruise fare goes down, the commission goes down so the OBC goes down but I gave up $300 or so in OBC to save over $3400 in cruise fare.
  17. Thanks so much. We are off to Iceland in a month and I will try it that way first.. Guest relations on the Beyond was pretty useless so I should have known to not accept their negative answer.
  18. but once we activated her account with the unlimited plan we could not access her "free" minutes for me....
  19. How did you do that? When I tried it on our last cruise I could not do it. Guest relations said it could not be done. We had purchased an unlimited packate for her during one of the big flash sales and hot not used the 90 minute/30% off bebefit
  20. Thanks. I do appreciate your in put. These boards have been at great source for me for years. That is why I put the question up here.
  21. Thanks. From the pictures it looks so lovely, so scenic. This trip for us is more about seeing than it is doing. Family members went last winter and from their descriptions the thermals are not that exciting for us. We all have a different idea of what we will enjoy.
  22. mkkao924, glad it all worked out for you. Persistance pays off and I know it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you are in the middle of the battle.
  23. Prices are driven by supply and demand. We are leaving for Iceland in a month to sail on Eclipse for 12 nights. When I booked it last year the prices, even for a veranda were really high but it is a bucket list thing for me so I bit the bullet and booked. 6 months later the volcano started erupting and a lot of people bailed and I saw the price drop 55% make the cruise almost a bargain. Thankfully I have a great TA who worked with me through two re-bookings to save me a lot of money.
  24. Some people are buying OBC now with AMEX cards because many of those cards have a $100 statement credit if you spend $500 with Celebrity. The rub here is what happens to the statement credit if yoo buy the OBC and then ask to have it refunded at the end of the trip, if is refundable at all.
  25. We don't have a lot of interest in the thermal spas as far as actually getting into the water but do have some interest in seeing them as sights to see. I know you used to be able to park outside the Blue Lagoon and walk around the perimeter to see the lagoon but can you still do it with the recent volcanic activity? Can you get a good view at the Sky Lagoon from the outside?
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