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  1. our 444day cruise for Feb 13 Maasdam cancelled as ship is sold !Darn it! Loved the itenerary !Official email from Holland America last night.
  2. No one wanted us. if you were not on this trip,-your points are moot!
  3. I hope was on this ship for the whole month -no problems and I am 80+
  4. They were doing a job as I did -nursing ! Same as my grandchildren stocking shelves to keep the food line going -it’s called Working for a living regardless ,-I nursed in infectious diseases in Africa-doing my. Job and saying thank God for work
  5. Feeling like crap today -tired with slight fever-what the hell -I had a wonderful 30 days and lived the good life.No regrets!
  6. we were the couple that were married 59 yrs in the Marriage game -enough said!
  7. I had a fabulous time on the Eclipse -no complaints-but Im an 80+ old girl . Panic will kill you quicker!
  8. My Dr over the many years always gives me a prescription for antibiotics -some years we have used then but mostly not.He know I will not abuse them and always good to have on hand.
  9. We leave in a few days for SA.Not worried at all -I am an retired nurse and so tired of the hype.If your immune system is not good -thats a different story.Putting the fear of God into people causes more anxiety problems
  10. Have used them often -no problems .Do my home work first and then see which is better deal .No problems so far
  11. my kind of music-still cruising and turning 81 this year
  12. thank you-I am hoping hoping I will be stable -price is very high for INR testing machine but I believe if you are longer than 3 months on Warfarin Medicare will pay towards it -so heres hoping .!thank you for your help and I hope your wife is doing well.
  13. I will be doing a 4 week cruise in March and have just been put on Coumadan (blood thinners) I am hoping by my blood tests will have settled down by then -I would appreciate any advice that can help me -time difference -testing on board ship etc .All help greatly recieved. Thank you!
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