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  1. Thanks. I hope it works for us.
  2. Thank you all for all the info.
  3. Thank you for the room service menu!
  4. Traveling on the Sunrise with friends. We have cabins next to each other. (Not joining) Is there a divider between the balconies that we can ask the cabin steward to open so we can have the 2 balconies together?
  5. Thank you for the room service menu!
  6. Going on a New England cruiser in September. I haven't been on a Carnival cruise in years. Is basic room service still free?
  7. Our New England cruise leaves from NY at 4 pm. What would be the latest embarkation time?
  8. How do you know the day when you can select the check-in time? My cruise leaves on September 29.
  9. I know I can pre-buy bottles of alcohol for use in my cabin. I also know I can purchase once on the ship. My question, though, is whether the choices are the same once on the ship as on the website for the pre-buy? I am asking because a friend of mine likes Canadian whiskey, such as Canadian Club or Canadian Mist. There isn't any listing for Canadian whiskey on the Carnival website. The closest is Seagrams 7, which she doesn't like. Does anyone know whether it would be available to purchase once on the ship? Thanks.
  10. So, liquor doesn't have to be pre-ordered. It can be ordered from room service. Can you still get it on the first day once room service is available?
  11. Terry, I will be on a 21 day sailing from Rome to DuBai this fall. Have you booked your excursions in Israel yet? May I ask which tour company? Thanks!
  12. I will be on a cruiser that stops in Safaga for 2 days. I would like to visit Cairo and Luxor. (I know, that is a big order, but I don't think I will ever be in Egypt again.) Does anyone know of a good, reliable, travel company that does such a shore excursion? Thank you for any information.
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