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  1. So my better half is a first responder, and we applied for and received this certificate. There seems to be a catch, however. The way I read the promotion, she cruises free only if I pay not just the going price, but the full non-discounted price. Which if this is the case, doesn't make it as great a deal as it seems. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks. >>Brent
  2. Thanks Daisi -- found the notice on the Avalon website COVID-19 page new this morning, which I've been checking regularly. Having TA rebook us for the same 2021 cruise with the $200pp credit. From what I can read it's not so much readying the ship itself but the unclear border issues with the countries involved having U.S. and Canada passengers.
  3. Bummer -- we were still looking forward to our August 11 Danube cruise.
  4. You do not want to see me wear it on the balcony!
  5. Hi -- we're sailing on the Meraviglia on December 8 in a Fantastica balcony cabin, first time with MSC. If we tip our steward, will s/he be able to get us bathrobes? Or are we best bringing our own? Thanks for any advice! >>Brent
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