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  1. What a beautiful glass sea. We are privileged to be able to enjoy these wonderful phenomena. Another delight is seeing flying fish glittering in the sunlight. J
  2. Have a wonderful life together Bob and Betsy. Thank you for posting the pictures. from J in England 🎉
  3. We have 6 free excursions on an Ultima priced cruise for next month and after several attempts at booking for them on line, we had to phone our Travel Agent and het her to do it! I know that is not very helpful but it is the best I can offer!! J
  4. Excellent news Bob. Now all the Pilots can get to the ship safely. But you must take it easy. J
  5. cbb..............What a shame you had to miss Waterford and the delightful Glass "factory". Fine cut glass is not made there any more but there is a lovely museum where all the processes are demonstrated and explained for you to visit. Of course there is a showroom too for you to spend your money in! Sorry about your weather, we have lovely warm dry sunny days at the moment here. J
  6. Like this? Sagrada Familia Barcelona i had no idea it was so easy.. Thank you Bob Trust you are making good progress.J e
  7. I think the point being made is that the Deck Plans show, among other things, what and where the restaurants are. Am I right? J
  8. It works perfectly. You indicate what you would like and that's what you get on your plate. Don't forget the Oceania Line carries a small number of passengers so the Terrace never has a crush of people. No problem J
  9. This is terrible news. Please, you wonderful friends, tell him how all these strangers on CC, are rooting for him and wishing for his full recovery. J
  10. I will shut up now, Folks. I have enjoyed this exchange and learned a lot about wine etiquette. Thank you all. I will now await the introduction of restricted drinking in restaurants in the UK. J
  11. Stints or Stents they have made Bob better! 😄 Prostate or Prostrate problems........Neither is much fun for the gentlemen. ☹️ J
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