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  1. We have only encountered block parties on Seabourn. As Lincslady says it seems to be something American. It is a means of meeting your immediate neighbours on board. I think we would call it a corridor party. However it takes place before dinner time so you can remain in your suite enjoying your own private drink until it is all over if it is not to your taste. 😆 J
  2. Does this return of premiums apply to just this kind of insurance? or does it apply to all insurance in the US. If you insure your car and you don t make a claim, do you get the premium refunded? Surely not. In the UK there is no return of premium if you didn't take the holiday/cruise you insured for or any other insurance premium. J
  3. Jay23

    Double First

    P.S My husband tells me it is Green Flash not Spot. Must get it right!
  4. Jay23

    Double First

    Be assured CeaJay that Stugeron will do the trick. Also while taking this med you can still drink alcohol! Of course it is more than possible that you will not experience Mal de anything! Our first cruise was on the old P & O Victoria in 1999. Victoria was nothing like the present cruise ships, she was old then.. We went to the Caribbean. It was magical. Every evening we went on deck to watch for the Green Spot.The Captain would tell us over the public address that this was the perfect sky. This is a phenomena at sun set. As the last bit of the sun drops behind the hor
  5. Jay23

    Double First

    May I recommend Stugeron for Mal de mer. J
  6. Jay23

    Double First

    You will board the ship around 2pm - 4pm so you will unpack and have a cup of tea or something stronger and perhaps tour your new "home" Your steward will come and tell you all you need to know. I don't think you are expected to "dress up" on the first or the final nights of your cruise. I am not sure what you mean by siting at your table to listen to the entertainment. There are several areas around the ship for you to watch/listen to the entertainment after dinner. All you need to know is what time the venue of your choice begins the show and go to dinner so that you will fin
  7. Hear, Hear. Absolutely right in every way......
  8. Must be joking. Presumably you will get any monies back that you have already paid.
  9. As you see from the photo there are very few loungers on the spa terrace. There are another four the other side of the bubble pool. However, we were always able to enjoy a lounger as very few passengers used it. We did wonder if people even knew about it.. It was wonderfully quiet.
  10. Not "Aft" cabins but cabins near the back of the ship but looking out to starboard or port with the extended balconies and not the ones towards the pointy end is what I meant!!!!!! It is all so difficult to describe. We have also been in a Penthouse on an R ship which has the larger bathroom. J
  11. We enjoyed the Penthouse suite the most. I can never understand the criticism of the table at the bottom of the bed but each to his own obviously. We have also had the A cabin with a large balcony at the aft part of the ship Very nice. A concierge cabin seems a poor compromise to us. The accommodation space in Concierge is the same as in an A cabin it just has a butler but is somewhat more expensive. It is really what is important to you and what makes your holiday the most enjoyable. You "gets what you pays for" is a saying in the UK which sums it all up. J
  12. Ten days ago Saga rang us and offered a refund or voucher. We requested a refund and although Saga tried to encourage a voucher it wasn't difficult to secure a refund. They promised to send the money to our TA within fourteen days. Today we received a Cheque (yes, an old fashioned cheque) from our TA which is now safely in our Bank. Very pleased with the outcome. We now have no holidays/cruises waiting for refunds and are seeing how this tiresome situation pans out before putting down any money. Who knows if we will ever cruise again or even go abroad? J
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