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  1. We cancelled our August cruise well within the 121 days and got a complete refund within 23 days. We had never taken the cancellation Ts & Cs seriously as we had never been in a situation like this before, obviously. If cancellation has not been done within the 121 days then graduation of monies is set out for a claim: or you wait for Oceania to cancel the cruise. It is pretty straight forward. What isn't straight forward is the Covid 19 Virus pandemic. J
  2. As you know Madeba, we now have the money for our BA flights that were booked separately for the August cruise. After several attempts at getting a refund from BA on the phone (they simply disconnected ) we wrote an e mail to BA Customer Services asking how we could get a refund if the phone was constantly being cut off. They wrote back! " The refund team would get in touch within three weeks". After about 10 days my husband found the full amount refunded on his credit card. No e mail or phone call, just the money. Not complaining, very pleased it is all sorted. J
  3. This is correct. It is bad practice, particularly at this time. As I said our TA does not do this but I am not able to give the name on here. J
  4. BTW We are trying to get a refund from British Airways. We can get a voucher on line but we have to phone for a refund. When we phone and press 1 for the refund it rings for six times and then the line goes dead. They have cancelled the flight. J
  5. Yes it is time you got back to them. That is really not good enough J
  6. We cancelled our August Oceania cruise back in April, within the 120 day limit, and had the money in our CC account within 23 days (deposit only obviously) It came directly from Oceania as our TA does not hold any payments from their clients. It depends on the TA you use in the UK, and the TA holding on to monies here is one of the biggest names here. Not good practice. J
  7. Spin, distortion......................is there a difference?. ................... Ferguson is clearly unreliable and his doubtful private life did for him. He said he thought he was immune from the C19 because he had had the virus. At the time there was no test for immunity so no means of confirming immunity............... It was a case of one rule for me, and a different rule for everyone else. J
  8. I was going to post exactly the same thing. It is amazing how information gets distorted J
  9. Welsh family....... This is not right. Our cruise was for 5th August. We had plenty of time to cancel in the 120days window, which we did. I think you could have done this too. You were misled into believing you would lose your deposit. Oceania refunded our deposit (all of it) in accordance with the Ts & Cs printed in the brochure. Do not let your TA keep your deposit in these circumstances, it is illegal in the UK as i think you know. We received our refund 23 days after requesting it. Do not give this TA your business again is my suggestion. J
  10. I think I will have to say "change your TA" You should definitely get the deposit back if you cancel within the 120 days: and if you cancel up to 90 days before then you will have to pay the administration fee. Keep smiling. Stay safe. We seem to be nearing "release day" in the UK but the info is a bit fuzzy for us over 70s. J
  11. Oh dear Mklions. We had a cruise booked with Oceania for August and we got our deposit back in March. Please read the Ts & Cs. It is all set out exactly how much you have to pay but if the cruise does not happen you will not have to pay anything and the cruise company will have to refund you. They will try to give you vouchers, if you don't want that you don't need to accept that. . I do not recommend that you pay the full amount now. Do you have a TA If so , talk to them. In the last resort apply to your Credit Card company who will refund you as you will have paid for something you did not receive. J
  12. The TA said it would go straight to our CC account and he was told it would take up to 90 days. We did not have direct contact with Oceania. It took 23 days so we were pleased with this service. J
  13. No! We won't be cruising, or maybe even travelling. We will have endured lockdown for many months (we are in the over 70 bracket) just to have all the careful living to be undone. When there is a vaccine maybe ........................... J
  14. We always pay CC even when they were charging for the privilege!! It was never worth the risk. It has been a very long time since we have been charged for CC payment by our TA...
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