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  1. Thank you for this observation. The trouble is that it is not clear whether Sirena is docking in the Maritina port or Basilio. I think it is easy to get a taxi from the main port but from what I have read Basilio is a different matter. We will just have to wait till much closer to the date and see if the docking situation is clearer. Venice port authority no longer differentiates between the two ports in their schedule listings J
  2. I didn't intend to arrange anything, just to find out if anyone might be interested. J
  3. We are doing The Med/Adriatic in August '20 and I would like to share a taxi from Nice Airport to Monte Carlo and from Venice to the airport. I have put an entry on the roll call but have had no interest at all........ well a few views. That's the way it goes these days. J
  4. Scrumptious photo.............. "eatable" J
  5. I believe it is one restaurant at a time. but you can chose any night; you just have to ask your butler to arrange it. I is vey nice to have your dinner course by course. Your butler will do whatever you ask him: course by course or all at once. J
  6. Of course not. A package is a package for all "free" restaurants at lunch and dinner. J
  7. What an excellent observation UDSpud, couldn't have put it better myself... J
  8. Thank you for your review. Very interesting indeed. J
  9. There was no central table at tea time on Nautica in Aug/Sept, neither was there a buffet table on the back wall like there used to be. I don't think I have seen a central table on the R ships. J
  10. Gator 50.........Please let us know where your Nautica docks when you find out. . We are disembarking from Sirena next August in Venice and we would really liked to know as we have to get to the airport. The trip from Piazzale Roma on the airport bus costs €8. A taxi from San Basilio is €40 !! As there is no mention of S Basilio in the port schedule and I have found Sirena in the list, I imagined she would be docked in Maritima where we have docked more than once. I can't really believe Oceania would be in S Basilio overnight would you? It is not very convenient for having a quick sightseeing visit in the City. J
  11. What an excellent review. Thank you for giving so much time to produce it. Looking forward to more. 😁 We too enjoy a lot of the entertainment offered and have "grown out of" the big production shows we used to see on mass market cruises. Although the Tea might have less variety than it used to, it is still very good and enough for us. Too much tea and dinner looses its charm!!! J
  12. Maybe there is no ice, towels etc because the line to re-board is rarely very long so not much waiting. They do usually put up a tent if only for the crew on duty. Your review says everything we feel about Oceania, very succinctly written. Thank you. We find the little lifts are not often full up and frequently empty, so never a problem. I think RCI having guests boarding as early as 10.30am is the exception rather than the rule. If you are in a suite higher up the scale on Oceania you can board at 11.am . and your suite is ready by 1pm. J
  13. i have never seen a bag like the one in the pic. I take a cream cloth bag from a previous O cruise and pleased I did as I am not keen on the blue nylon/plasticy one they now provide. The blanket stays in the suite as does the robe. J
  14. Oh dear. The Blue Book shows the itinerary, Your bookings. The Port at which the ship will be docked. It gives you full details of all the tours that Oceania offers for your cruise, times and days. For me it is "The Cruise" and I would be very disappointed if it did not arrive. If you can possibly get it I would. However so long as you have the final invoice for your cruise and your Passport (visa if necessary of course) you will be able to board without a problem. Have a nice time. J
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