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  1. Unfortunately they are much more expensive per day than Caribbean cruises. Also lots of flying for us Floridians who can just drive to the ship for a Caribbean cruise !!!
  2. Not surprised. Was looking for this cruise last month on the Celebrity web site. Nothing came up. Quite a shame. Celebrity is moving to shorter (higher onboard revenue) cruises !!!
  3. A large part of the problem is the menu changes we saw onboard Eclipse were not implemented onboard Millennium until we arrived in Vancouver. Talking to staff the first day they had no clue of the changes and then when the menus were published there they were !!!
  4. We spent 3 weeks on Eclipse, one night in Vancouver and then boarded Millennium. Will be onboard Millennium for 2 weeks. Having the same issues food wise as on Eclipse.
  5. The reason they allow you to drop off you carry on onboard the Edge is because they implemented the stupid RCL practice of making you go to your cabin to get your seapass card. Absolutely absurd in my mind. Just give it to me in the terminal. Can't even get a drink or go to the Retreat lounge on the Edge until going by the cabin to get your seapass card!
  6. The decline has been quite steep this calendar year. Before then I was quite happy. I believe that they had a budget reduction a few months ago. Some of my favorite dishes were completely removed this calendar year.
  7. We have sailed over 150 times on Celebrity over 25 years. Back in the early 90's the MDR food was exceptional. Now dinner in the MDR is not even banquet quality. I am a beef eater. Six weeks onboard Edge, Eclipse and Millennium since March first I am totally disgusted. Sometimes overdone, sometimes underdone. The meat quality itself is terrible!!! Yes we have complained. Onboard Edge the F&B had to instruct the chef in the proper preparation of shrimp cocktail sause!!! Total lack of quality control!!! They have cut the budget WAY too far! Corporate controls everything. Down to the dB level of every show in the theater! This is what corporate wants!!!
  8. We received the standard Zenith 25% discount during the dinner but there was NO discount offered onlibe before the cruise. Are you referring to the dining packages where they sell multiple meals at a discount?
  9. Technically the Penthouse would be a downgrade. Wonder if they are giving thousands of $$$ of OBC in addition ???
  10. Actually Fine Cut steak house on Edge is EXTREMELY busy. Told by the F&B when onboard in March that they had a least 100 guests each night who wanted to dine there but could not due to excessive demand. That restaurant was sold out on my birthday two months before my birthday but we had our TA contact the shore side concierge and get us a reservation (we are double Zenith). Dont know how many spaces they save for suite guests.
  11. We just got off Eclipse also and I was not impressed with the canapes. Exact same onboard Millennium currently.
  12. We joined in Vancouver on Friday. Worst port in the world if suite or Zenith. No priority whatever!!! One check in agent for everyone Concierge, AQ, Elite Plus, Zenith or Suite. Then had a room with 500+ plus passengers from both Solstice and Millennium waiting for boarding to start. Instead of letting the suites board first they did it first come first onboard. Fifty feet later was the MCC to escort suite / zenith onboard. Yesterday morning at 9:30 AM in Cafe Al Bacio two four tops each had just one person at each literally sleeping. MANY passengers walking around looking for a table to sit at. Celebrity did not seem to care. Eleven AM currently. Still waiting for cabin steward to even start making up the cabin!
  13. Reclassified to 2C or C2? Another thread said C2. Currently onboard the Millennium with the same "love seat" in a C2. Fits two if they are thin but not two average Celebrity cruisers. Lots of waisted space on the sides. Sofa could be at least 2 feet wider. My issue is no coffee table. Are we supposed to bring in the table from the balcony?
  14. Embarked Millennium yesterday. No invite received. Today is a sea day. Went to check time and place this morning. Found out the meeting was last night. On Eclipse the previous 3 weeks they had them in the mornings.
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