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  1. It all depends how often you sail and how much you are willing to spend. Every time I look at cruise pricing Sky suites are AT LEAST twice the price of Concierge or Aqua Class. I personally would rather sail twice as often - especially if dining in Blu. We are Zenith so we get most of the suite benefits except Luminae. Were in Luminae on Eclipse earlier this year for 3 weeks and was not impressed !!! VERY limited menu. Yes you can order off the MDR menu but why should I if spending twice the price !!! Best bang for the buck is Aqua Class !!! Blu is 90% of Luminae. Or just book a lower level cabin and dine in specialty EVERY night for less than half the cost of a Sky Suite !!! Been on over 150 Celebrity cruises on every ship !!!
  2. I think they were referring to the tour being conducted on the port wing.
  3. I just noticed that MSC provides their "Black" loyalty level a free specialty restaurant visit. That is VERY generous !!! Is that once per cruise no matter the cruise duration? Celebrity does not do that even at the Zenith level (Zenith get a 25% discount). Earlier this year Celebrity deleted the free specialty visit for the top cruisers!
  4. I agree the Bigelow bath products are a HUGE step down from the Bulgari. I LOVE the Bulgari bar soap! The small hard bar soap provided now is HORRIBLE. I have a stock of leftover Bulgari at home and have been bringing it with me. The shower gel is completely useless. Personally don't mind the shampoo...... We get these as Zenith even when sailing in an inside cabin. I could not imaging spending $1000+ per day and having to bring your own bath products !!!
  5. Don't really care about the balcony furniture but am upset at the deletion of ANY coffee table on Millennium and Summit concierge cabins.Had to bring the balcony table in. Again the tiny coffee / storage table in concierge cabins on Edge was a joke !!! The main issue is that they keep deleting items and adding extra costs. Now they will charge gratuities on the "free" beverage packages!
  6. If it is Blu on an M class ship you can order anything they have in the MDR.
  7. Like I always say, the hardest thing about any cruise vacation is getting to and from the ship! Once onboard everything is wonderful !!! If I never fly again it will be too soon !!! Have a great cruise !!!
  8. My kids were on this same cruise. They took a Celebrity transfer bus from the ship to the Tokyo airport. Took about an hour. Arrived at 9:30 AM. Cost something like $80 per person. Bought onboard with OBC !!!
  9. Royal suite is $500 pp per day, Penthouse twice that !!! Specialty is $50 max (except on Edge) - 1/10 the price !!! I personally refuse to pay even $300 pp/pd for a Sky Suite. Just booked Concierge on Equinox in Nov for $100 pp/pd. Zenith get $25% off specialty bringing it to $35 pp average. Why spend 2X+ for Sky Suite Luminae?
  10. We do this all the time. Pretty much all prices drop shortly after final payment. Can save significant money !!! Just booked late Nov Equinox Concierge guarantee for less than inside was before final payment. Assigned cabin 2 days later and we moved it to where we wanted. Saved about $500 compared to booking an assigned Concierge!
  11. Normally assigned very quickly. We booked a late Nov Equinox cruise less than a week ago and the cabin was assigned the next business day!
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