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  1. Or round trip Hawaii from San Diego !!!
  2. In the past a suite or Zenith guest could invite another couple to join them in Michael's Club for one evening per cruise. Don't know if that has changed now that it is "The Retreat Lounge".
  3. We have sailed on several Celebrity ships out of Terminal 25. The Edge and updated ones used the concierges walking around with iPads while the non updated ones still used laptops at the lounge entrance. It is nice having separate X-Ray machines and a bar. Embarkation was not much different than Terminal 18 with staff escorting the suite and Zenith guests onboard.
  4. Yes the suites and Zeniths have a separate lounge and even a separate gangway at Terminal 25. Maybe they have changed but they always used to let the suites and Zeniths board first !!!
  5. When we sailed last March the Retreat concierge escorted us down the elevator and then deposited in a line with several hundred regular guests. I was quite unimpressed compared to the suite disembarkation on M and S class ships! They did have the facial recognition then which made customs a breeze (when we finally reached customs). For some reason the M and S class ships sailing out of Terminal 25 did not have the facial recognition when we sailed several times during the last 6 months!
  6. Normally for all Celebrity ships in Florida boarding starts around 11 AM. Suites first followed by AQ, CC, etc.
  7. I have sailed over 150 times on Celebrity. Been in all cabin types from Inside to Celebrity suite. If you only sail once or twice a year and are the type of person that drives an expensive German car, then a suite is for you. I personally would rather sail 2-3 times as often for the same price. In general AQ is 1/2 the cost (or less) of a Sky Suite. Being Zenith we have Michael's Club / Retreat Lounge access even when sailing in an inside cabin. Sometimes the service is good but quite often it isn't !!! I have eaten in Luminae many times. I agree that there is a lack of beef dishes on the menu (other than the Luminae burger every day for lunch). Considering what the suites cost there should be an everyday full sized Filet Mignon available (not just the children's filet). I have asked about this many times and it is like pulling teeth (even in advance when dining with the Captain). Some see it as a plus that you can order off the MDR menu, but you are paying at least 2X what the people in the MDR paid. That is like going to a steak house and being able to get a McDonalds burger if you want !!! Personally I think that AQ is the sweet spot. Great food, an amazing picture window (on S class) and much smaller restaurant than the MDR.
  8. This will never happen. Zeniths do not receive any complementary specialty dining. Celebrity eliminated the one free visit for the high cruisers last year. Cutbacks galore !!!
  9. In early 2019 they eliminated the top cruiser free specialty restaurant visit (one per cruise). That could be a Z+ perk. Complementary Blu (and / or Luminae) access would be a nice perk. I don't think there are more than 10-20 people worldwide who have 7500 points currently so it would not have much affect on Blu / Luminae.
  10. They try. We get multiple Oceania brochures every week !!!! My entire family were Zenith (100+ credits) several years before they created the level in 2013. I would like to see a Zenith Plus level at 7500 points (same 2.5X factor as Elite Plus) !!!
  11. Millennium Jan 4 2020. Officers only listed on TV now. Victor Mancilla (formerly an Executive Chef) is now F&B. Vanessa is the Retreat lounge concierge. Edrilyn is the CCH.
  12. We get stockholder OBC all the time and have always been able to use it to pay for the automatically charged gratuities.
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