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  1. Just booked Celebrity Air economy on Virgin Atlantic from Orlando to London for the fall Silhouette TA. $298 per person (like $100 airfare and $198 taxes). Several other airlines at the same price. Virgin website wants $1500 per person for the same thing. I find that VERY reasonable. TA tried booking for us by calling and Celebrity Air wanted ~$1000 per person for the same thing. DON'T CALL - Use the Internet !!!
  2. Virgin Atlantic Orlando to London is just under $300 pp on Celebrity Air site. Virgin gets $1500 pp - 5X !!! Don't know if the just under $300 is any lower than normal for Celebrity Air !!!
  3. I have sailed over 150 times on Celebrity since 1983. The food used to be AMAZING. They have been making a number of changes to the MDR menu this calendar year. Cost savings. Deleting filet mignon and veal dishes (among others) to save money. The quality of the beef is WAY DOWN. Lots of fat and grizzle now !!! Blu is better as is Luminae. Problem with Luminae is the very limited menu. Also they used to make off menu stuff (like a filet mignon) in Luminae but no more. Booked 7 night Equinox in August recently, AQ was $200 per person more than Concierge. Blu is nice but for that price I could dine in specialty EVERY night for small extra $$$. For me Luminae is not worth the 2-3X cruise cost (over Concierge) !!!
  4. Only if you don't care how much you are paying. We tried to change a booking which included free gratuities and OBC. Was going to cost 2X the value of the perks to keep them (compared to booking w/o the perks).
  5. We had the same issue when we sailed in March. I tried to make an early reservation at Fine Cut for my birthday online 1-2 months before the cruise. Earliest they had was like 8:30 PM. My travel agent contacted either the Zenith desk or the Shoreside Concierge and was able to get the reservation. We were the top cruisers and are double Zenith (7000+ points each). I am surprised that the condition has deteriorated to the point where even the Shoreside concierge cannot get an early reservation for a Royal suite guest!!!
  6. WOW !!! If someone in the Royal Suite cannot get reservations at Fine Cut three weeks before the cruise what hope do dining package holders have of dining there? They have to wait until they get onboard to make their reservations. What happened to holding space for the suite guests and dining package holders??? What is the value of unlimited specialty dining if they wont let you eat at your preferred restaurant?
  7. The benefit was deleted. They also deleted the navigational bridge celebration for those reaching double or triple Zenith. One of the CCH read us the email from corporate earlier this year. The top cruiser is still supposed to dine with a senior officer.
  8. I think they really made a mistake with the size of Fine Cut. It is quite small. There is SO MUCH wasted space on Edge !!! Hopefully they will make it bigger on future ships !!!
  9. Was this after requesting the three reservations be made by the Shoreside Concierge? Was Fine Cut already sold out 3 weeks before even for the top level suites? WOW !!!!
  10. In general the top cruisers are those who have sailed on Celebrity over 100 times. Deleting this benefit obviously means that Celebrity no longer values their business.
  11. Closely held secret !!! The ranks are growing though. On one Solstice cruise last month there were four new Zeniths !!!
  12. I had reported about the deletion of the free specialty visit early in the year. At the same time Celebrity increased the number of free drinks from three to unlimited for Elites. Have no idea what the logic was but between the two changes the costs have increased! The benefits vary from ship to ship. Onboard Millennium last month every month every Zenith was called up on stage at the Captain's Club Celebration and given flowers and wine (there were like 20 Zeniths). There was a Zenith lunch on the last sea day. The top cruisers did not receive anything extra. Word is that later this year Celebrity will completely revamp the Captain's Club program to be 100% spending based. Also a frequent flier type program with continued cruising requirements.
  13. The point is the old system with no perks and refundable deposit was better.
  14. The new system is a total rip off for Zenith members. We get the premium beverage package and unlimited internet free. I looked at a 15 night cruise and it would cost me $676 per person to get $375 worth of OBC and prepaid gratuities. Of course that includes a refundable deposit. 2 or 4 perk offer is only worth it if getting a beverage package as one of the perks !!!
  15. I am currently onboard the Millennium in a C2 concierge cabin. Beds are VERY narrow. If anything they feel narrower than the concierge C2 cabins we were in last month onboard Eclipse.
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