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  1. Well, I haven't specifically been on the Gem, but on every ship I've ever been on in an accessible stateroom (including NCL) the king beds were two twin beds put together. Therefore, they are easily made into 2 beds.
  2. Yes, it's no where to be found. Oh well.... I'm sure someone will start a new one at some point.
  3. Well, I don't know what to say. I swear that particular date was gone from Royal's website this morning; however, I do see it now, so I guess all is good (I hope). But I do not see the Empress' roll call for April 21 2021. There weren't many posts on it but I don't see it listed.....
  4. We are booked for April 17 2021 on the Empress. It is still showing on our Cruise Planner; however, our Roll Call is now gone from CruiseCritic and when I search for our April 17 cruise on Royal's website, it is not there either. Are we about to receive an email from Royal saying this cruise is cancelled?
  5. I hate to ask another fog question about getting to the Hobby Airport from the Port of Galveston and departure times at airport, but this is for a cruise in September on the Liberty of the Seas. The fog stories at Galveston seem to be centered around the winter months. We dock at 6:30am and would be getting private transportation back to Hobby. I know no one can predict the weather, but would at 12:30pm flight out of Hobby in Sept be too early? We would not be self-disembarking since we have one person in a wheelchair; however, based on past experience the wheelchair users are taken to a special line or front of the line at the terminal. (This is also true at the airport.) I hate missing out on the 12:30 flight but I also don't want to miss (literally) the flight. Thank you to everyone who has experience with this.
  6. I agree with everyone who suggested renting a folding wheelchair for Grand Cayman. If you are considering a tour from the ship, you will probably have to wait until your cruise date gets closer to see what they have in the way of tours. There will probably be accessible tours available and I would also double-check with the cruise line's Accessibility Department as they sometimes have accessible tours that are not listed with the regular tours offered. Often nonaccessible tours can accommodate a foldable wheelchair but again, check with the Accessibility Department so they can ask the tour operator to make sure this is possible. I suggest booking a tour before leaving home because our experience has been slim to none regarding getting accessibility information from the Shore Excursion Desk on the ship. And you will be responsible for getting to and from the tender dock to wherever the tour bus is.
  7. I've had this happen a lot on Royal's website. However, I did discover that if you call Royal (or have your travel agent do it) and ask them if there are any accessible staterooms in whatever category you are looking at, they sometimes magically have one available. So if you figure out a cruise you want but an accessible stateroom is not showing as being available, I'd give them a call and ask if there actually is one you can book.
  8. This is the funniest post I have ever read. Thank you!
  9. You probably already saw the article from CruiseCritic but here it is in case you haven't: https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=3400
  10. Celebrity is by far our favorite cruise line. And Equinox is our favorite Celebrity ship. We will be on the Equinox again in Nov. Gotta love the Martini Bar!
  11. I cancelled our cruise on February 22 and received a refund on February 25 (I should say a partial refund since we were past the final payment due date). Royal's cancellation email also stated the OBC (from Royal) would be rolled over for future use. However, to date I still have not received a refund for the drink or Internet package purchases. I also had used FCC (which don't expire until September) to purchase most of the cancelled cruise and I have not received notification about the FCC being available to use again either. I know the cruise lines are extremely busy so I am being patient....
  12. I assume you mean seats actually at the bar (and not the tables)? Get there before they open (typically opening at 4pm). People thin out as time passes but sitting at the bar is the primo location.
  13. I know this isn't an answer, but you may or may not be able get on the tender. There is limited availability of accessible tenders in Belize. Have you checked directly with Carnival's Access Department (not their main call center)? If not, their contact information is 1-800-438-6744 ext.70025 or email access@carnival.com Also, take a look at Carnival's information: https://www.carnival.com/about-carnival/special-needs/wheelchair-users.aspx If it's a must to get off at each port, you may want to look at itineraries that do not require a tender.
  14. We have been to all these islands. My husband is the scooter user and he has taken it off the ship at all these ports. We do not venture very far from the ship any more but we typically get off for a short time at least. We have never taken any type of accessibile excursion since the scooter (with the exception of St Maartin). Check with your cruiseline to see what types of accessible tours they might be offering on your sailing. Below are several links to sites with accessibility reviews (and some accessible tour recommendations) of these islands: St Kitts. This site has a review of its accessibility: https://spintheglobe.net/dir/2019/01/28/cruise-port-of-call-wheelchair-accessibility-review-basseterre-st-kitts/ And here is a video of the shopping area right off the ship: St Maarten. One time we took an accessible tour from the ship that took us to the French side of the island. The vehicle for this tour had a lift for those in wheelchairs or scooters. However, the last couple of times we have gone to the Harbour Point Village just off the ship. Accessibility reviews: https://spintheglobe.net/dir/2019/10/02/cruise-port-of-call-wheelchair-accessibility-review-philipsburg-sint-maarten-st-martin/ https://www.curbfreewithcorylee.com/2014/07/28/wheelchair-accessible-st-maarten/ San Juan. Unless your cruise originates in San Juan, you will probably be docking in Old Town, which is not our favorite place to get off the ship. In any event, you could at least get off the ship and go a ways to see how comfortable you are with the streets and sidewalks. If your ship originates in San Juan, you will probably dock at the Pan American Pier. Accessibility reviews: https://www.accessiblecaribbeanvacations.com/san-juan-puerto-rico-disabled-access#.Xlq5eKhKjs0 https://www.curbfreewithcorylee.com/2014/07/31/wheelchair-accessible-san-juan/ Grand Turk: Also has a large tourist shopping area right off the ship. Accessibility reviews: https://www.accessiblecaribbeanvacations.com/grand-turk-disabled-access#.Xlq8jKhKjs0 https://www.curbfreewithcorylee.com/2014/08/04/grand-turk-cruise-center-reviews/
  15. We have only used Uber a couple of times and there are just two adults, 2 suitcases and 1 collapsible wheelchair. We have always requested an Uber XL (which has been a large SUV) to ensure that there is sufficient room for the wheelchair. Has anyone with a collapsible wheelchair had any luck requesting an Uber X and the wheelchair fitting? I'd rather order the Uber X if I was confident that the trunk or storage of the vehicle would accommodate the wheehchair.
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