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  1. We were on the Allure in October and I've attached the photo deals that were in the Cruise Compasses. Also the flyer that was given to Diamond members.
  2. It sounds like you need wheelchair assistance. NCL has wheelchairs to assist people embarking and disembarking and they have people who will push the wheelchairs to a certain point (ie, like when embarking, they will push you to your room, if available, or to the buffet or another public area). The wheelchair pushers take the wheelchairs with them after they take you to your drop-off point so you won't have the wheelchair to use thereafter. When you are waiting to check in, there typically is a special line for people with wheelchairs, canes, walkers, etc and you would be directed to this line. When you get to the pier, advise every NCL employee you encounter that you need a wheelchair; sometimes they will tell you to keep going because the wheelchairs are available further along, or sometimes the wheelchairs are very close to the entry into the terminal. If you have this much difficulty standing, consider renting a wheelchair for the cruise (assuming your wife can push you). There is a lot of walking on ships, the docks and at port stops. A wheelchair for your use might make all the difference in your enjoyment of the cruise. A scooter is another thought; however, you may need an accessible room for it to fit through your room door. A final thought would be a walker with a seat where you could sit down when necessary. Unless you rent something from home and bring it with you,Scootaround is the exclusive provider of rental equipment for NCL. In any event, you will need to advise NCL of your needs. See the link below: https://www.ncl.com/about/accessible-cruising
  3. Have you considered renting wheelchairs (assuming someone could push them) or scooters for them? Or you can bring your own from home (rented or your own). It's not only the ship to consider getting around on, some of the docks are very long and if there is any walking around in port it may get very tiring. I don't know about the Sun but some rooms actually have a bath tub in the bathroom. Would that be acceptable? A handicapped room would definitely be a possibility (especially if scooters were involved) if in fact the ship you are considering still has them available. They are bigger to get around in and are more user friendly in the bathroom. Here is NCL's Special Needs page for your information: https://www.ncl.com/faq%2523special-needs
  4. Take a look here. Check to see if you can reserve a van accessible parking spot. They should also be able to answer your question regarding an accessible shuttle bus. https://www.portofgalveston.com/91/Cruise-Parking--General-Information
  5. Carnival transportation from ship to airport: If she gets a vehicle with a lift, at least the scooter would not have to be taken apart to load it in the luggage compartment of the bus. More information from Carnival's website about this: AIRPORT TRANSFER For transportation from the airport to the cruise port, hydraulic lift transfer is available for guests with mobility impairments. This service must be requested in advance. Hydraulic lifts have a maximum weight limit of 600 pounds, including wheelchair/scooter and guest. Standard airport transfer charges apply; there is no additional cost for the lift. If you require this service, please let us know no later than 14 days prior to sailing. After booking your cruise, you can reserve your hydraulic lift transfer online, by accessing the Manage My Cruise page or by calling the Guest Services Contact Center at 1-800-438-6744 ext. 70025 If you decide to rent a wheelchair, Carnival suggests Scootaround. The wheelchair will be in the stateroom and it is left there upon disembarkation on the last day of the cruise. https://scootaround.com/en/rental-equipment (Use this code for a 10% discount: curbfree19 (from the website https://www.curbfreewithcorylee.com/)
  6. We are in the casino on every cruise we take. My husband has the scooter and he decides which machine he wants and if he can't get right up to it with the scooter, he gets as close as he can, gets off the scooter and walks to the machine. I then drive his scooter to a nearby area where it can be parked. There are no designated scooter spots so we just park it in the best spot nearby. So depending on how the casino is set up determines on how close you can get to your machine (s ). We always go in the morning so there aren't as many people. What ship are you going to be on?
  7. When we have nonrefundable OBC from Celebrity, we go to the casino cashier and ask for $XX of the OBC to be transferred over to our card so we can use it in the casino. We play video poker and after we get the amount transferred over, that amount is available to use on the machine (you have to play whatever funds you have transferred over to your account in the casino during your cruise because they will not refund it). If you have requested, say, $100 OBC, transferred to your card to play in the casino, you can play, say, $20 at a time on your machine, which is what we do. You have to actually play the $20 on your machine but anything that you win over and above the $20 you have originally transferred to the machine you can cash out. We have taken home many hundreds of dollars from the casino using our OBC as described above. We just cash out a lot when we think we've played the $20 OBC. However, last month on the Equinox when we went to the casino to get our OBC transferred to our cards, the cashier told us that they did not transfer OBC to your card any more, it is automatically there on your card and you just play the machine using the OBC that is on your card. No matter how it gets on your card, you have to make sure to cash out frequently otherwise you will have not only played all your OBC, but any winnings over and above your OBC (which is what you're could to be taking home).
  8. We booked the Caribbean Princess for Feb 14 2021. I choose mini-suite to begin with and it said there were no more accessible staterooms in that category but they would upgrade us to a window suite at no additional cost. There is only one accessible stateroom in the window suites and it was available and that is what we booked. Plus since booking this accessible window suite (last October) Princess is currently having their Best Sale Ever promotion that includes drinks, wifi and gratuities (our original booking included gratuities and $300 OBC). Our TA called Princess and they changed our reservation over to the new promotion for $25 pp per day extra (total = $350) and we got to keep the $300 OBC. So for just $350 more total, we got drinks and wifi added on. And we still have the gratuities and $300 OBC included. Plus a window suite for the price of a mini-suite.
  9. You might clarify with Celebrity being able to use it for BandAids etc in the Clinic vs having to see a nurse/doctor. If you purchase BandAids etc in one of the shops vs going to the Medical Center to purchase them might make a difference.
  10. I have never been on a cruise where there was not an elevator (although it may be on the opposite end of the ship) to access the gangplank deck. If you are taking Carnival excursions, check with Carnival regarding the possibility of leaving the scooter in the van/bus. On a private excursion, check with the tour operator regarding the same. Here is information from Carnival that should be of assistance: https://www.carnival.com/about-carnival/special-needs/wheelchair-users.aspx
  11. @cruisestitch Celebrity states (in the link below) that using OBC for medical bills is not allowed. And to the OP, direct from Celebrity's website is their explanation of how to use OBC. They do not mention everything it can be used for, especially in the casino, which is my favorite place to use it: https://www.celebritycruises.com/blog/onboard/how-to-use-cruise-onboard-credit-like-a-pro
  12. What airline are you going to be on? Most will allow you to take it to the door of the plane and then you leave it there and they "gate check" it for you (meaning they take it and stow it and return it to you at the door of the plane after you land). I would definitely not check it in at the ticket counter. I would pick it up at each (if any) layover, and then take it back to the door of the next plane for them to stow on your connecting flight. You will probably need to check in with the people at the counter where your gate is (where you sit and wait for your plane) and they will give you a special tag to put on your knee scooter. And make sure the scooter is checked through to your final destination, but that you can retrieve it at any layovers. Here's a link that might be of interest (even though they are trying to sell knee scooters): https://www.rentakneewalker.com/stories/traveling-with-a-knee-scooter
  13. We will be on the Encore in February and it sounds like we have the same perks, the "Free at Sea" package. What are the alcohol taxes you mention that are not included? Is this tax for the City of Miami (or state of Florida) while still docked in Miami?
  14. If they are looking for handicapped parking, it will be on a first come basis at the Port of Miami. As an idea, they might consider parking at an off-site lot. Attached is a site that talks about off-site parking. You can make on-line reservations at most of the off-site lots to ensure a parking spot. You might consider calling the off-site parking lots to see if they have a handicapped spot that is still available and can be reserved. Also, if you have an oversized piece of equipment (say, a scooter) confirm that they can accommodate it on their shuttle. https://cruisefever.net/miami-cruise-parking-guide/
  15. I can't speak to the Vision, but we were on the Allure in October and where our muster station was located (one of the public areas), they had everyone in scooters, wheelchairs, etc in one area of our muster station. When the drill was over, all who were in the handicapped section of the drill got to leave the room first. They led all the scooter, wheelchair people out in a line and everyone else had to wait. I have to tell you this was the best muster drill ever. We have never been to a muster drill where the scooter/wheelchair people got to leave first after the drill. Handicapped passengers go to the muster station they are assigned to (it's on your room key and on the back of your stateroom door). So there will be handicapped passengers at numerous muster stations, depending on which one they are assigned to. However, within each muster station, there is typically an area for the wheelchair/scooter etc passengers. Once we are on board and find out the location of our muster station, we always scope it out ahead of the drill time and then about 45 minutes or so before the drill begins, we make our way to the station before the mob. (Plus they close all the bars and dining venues 1/2 hour or so before the drill begins.)
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