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  1. That's even better! Thanks everyone.
  2. We would definitely not head to the buffet for lunch (as they like to direct you). Thanks for the tip!
  3. This is exciting. We got a super deal on this stateroom, which was originally booked in October 2019. We have the Window Suite, plus the drink package, plus Internet, plus $315 OBC, plus gratuities. After rebooking a couple of times because of better rate and/or perk changes, we ended up with the Princess Savers: Best Price promotion. All for under $3000 total for both of us. I sure hope our ship sails!
  4. So on the Caribbean Princess, the suite perks for a Window Suite would be the same as mentioned in post #3? When we booked this cruise, I was looking for a mini-suite and the Princess website said no staterooms were available in that category and we would be upgraded to a Window Suite for the same price. This is how we got the Window Suite.
  5. Is a window suite considered a Full Suite?
  6. I think what it meant is when a scooter has been waiting and waiting for an elevator and then the one in front of the scooter, or right next to it opens, we have experienced many times where other people will rush over and try to barge on ahead of the scooter. When an elevator opens in front of us after patiently waiting, I board the elevator and stand in front of the door to hold it open (and saying to people who still try to get on to please wait a moment while the scooter gets on the elevator); this allows my husband on his scooter to board. Most of the elevators have enough room not only for the scooter, but several people to stand around it and in the back. We do not arrive at the crowded elevators expecting to be given special permission to board before all others who have been waiting. We have also had some very kind passengers holding the elevator door for us, telling us to come over to it, and telling others that the man on the scooter has been waiting a long time for an elevator and to please wait a moment while letting him on. Now on days where the elevators are not crowded, getting on one is not a problem.
  7. My husband rents a scooter for cruises only. He doesn't have one at home; he uses his walker or if it's a longer distance outside I push him in his wheelchair. He has rented scooters for cruises many, many times as we cruise several times a year (or we used to, anyway...). If he didn't have a scooter for a cruise, he would either have to have me push him in his wheelchair (which is actually a transport chair) or stay in the room. He cannot walk very far with a walker. Cruises ships are huge, not to mention some of the docks at the ports and even the ports themselves. Cruising with a scooter has brought him so much freedom that he's a different person on the scooter. He can't wait to get on the ship to get his scooter so he can be independent. Yes, the first time he rented a scooter he was in "training mode" to get the hang of everything - its speed, turning and stopping ranges. But after a short time he has become very good at operating it. A couple of things he's learned with a scooter on the ship: -People walking right in front of him on a moving scooter totally oblivious. -People running to and entering an open elevator when he has been waiting and waiting for it to arrive. All in all, though, most people are very aware of and courteous to anyone with obvious mobility issues, including people with scooters, walkers and canes.
  8. We were on the Encore in February every day of our cruise and there were no children in the Brewhouse. Not that someone couldn't bring a child in, but it's pretty much only adults. At least when we were there. Fun bar!
  9. I agree. Keep the drink and Internet packages separate. Just keep checking the Internet prices on line. Also check the pricing on holiday weekends.
  10. We didn't get the drink package for $44 a day but purchased it for $46 a day in July 2020. This was for the April 17 2021 Empress 8 day sailing. And purchased the Internet package in July (1 device, Voom surf) for $9.49 a day. I thought this was a great deal on both but I still check my account frequently just to see if the prices have gone down. Right now they are up quite a bit. So keep checking your account and repurchase if prices go down. Also, watch for sales on holiday weekends, Black Friday, etc.
  11. We received the attached form from Princess in 2019. Military_Personnel_Benefit Princess.pdf
  12. Try looking at mykonostraveler.com or John Sage's travel accessibility website. Mykonos Traveler specifically talks about their accessible beaches.
  13. It appears some people cannot get the military discount to show up in their mock bookings. I just did another mock booking for Feb 27 2021 on the Infinity (which is one of the selections they list as having this discount) and it came up for me. Maybe try using another browser or clearing your cache/cookies?
  14. I also did a mock booking and when you get to the "how many guests for your room?" page, it does say "see if you qualify for offers" but then it immediately switches to the "bonus for classic members and above" choice. See screenshot. Doing a search on Celebrity's website, I found more information: https://www.celebritycruises.com/cruise-deals/military-cruise-deal https://www.celebritycruises.com/cruise-deals/resident-rates
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