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  1. That is 7, where are the other 67 the "Healthy Sail" panel put together and is recommending?
  2. Many workers were/are affected not just cruise related. Do you think pax will adhere to the protocols , many after all don’t think rules/protocols pertain to them. We’ve already seen that , as you said it’s why we are in the position we are. Things are spiking again whether it’s through more testing or not. It’s only going to take a few cases on board and then it will be a bigger problem
  3. I’m sure they are eager, didn’t the cruise lines waste months trying to get some protocols together. It’s a week away from pushing November , the staffing/ quarantine/training needed to start yesterday. And there have been few reports they have.
  4. Members of the Long Shoremen aren't cruise line employees. They work for the port. Misleading article/news clip.
  5. How about the 5th Dimension, oh wait that was a singing group.
  6. Where is the swami when you need him. That November 2nd "posted" sail date must be a bad dream. There is still much work ahead after the CDC recinds the "no sail", which we can't be sure they will. Cases are spiking again in US , and that is the CDC's main concern.
  7. Seaman11 I wish you well . Mid December might be feasible, but remember it will be 4-6 weeks after CDC recinds the No Sail. (Oct. 31st) 3 of those 4-6 will just be getting crew back ( 2 weeks quarantine) and then the training on new protocols. And we don't even have a clue whether the 74 Healthy Sail recommendations/ guidelines have ALL been implemented yet. Many seem to think provisioning the ship will be easy. Are the wholesale distributors going to be able to supply?
  8. The elevators will have to stay open for the disabled ( motor scooters). I'm just coming off knee replacement and not sure in another month or two I would be willing or able to take stairs without hindering others. I've seen the impatience of people before using the stairs pushing past others.
  9. And the " no shirt, no shoes, no service " was because it created health issues. Isn't that what requiring a mask is a health issue? It's pretty simple to most .
  10. Is that even possible to "fix" in that timeframe?? We can't even be sure Carnival or any other cruise line has done what needs to be for the CDC's approval. It seems Carnival has an abundance of work to do yet, with the clock ticking towards 2021.
  11. Thanks I missed that! There out to be thought😂😂
  12. There is no comparison to what Carnival did and what they were therefore " required" to do to correct it. Sure most people have had some past historical issue, but they pale in comparison to what Carnival has blatantly done and now side stepping the problem/probation. Is the timing of this bad, yes. However had Carnival fulfilled their probation it wouldn't be a story.
  13. How can you say the cruise lines have done WAY more. The healthy sail panel within the last month has just laid out 74 recommendations . Can anyone be certain the cruise lines have implemented these. Some seemed very costly ( ICU type facilities, Specialized Dr., having ports willing to accept ships with Covid, getting Covid patients from point A to point B.) Agree it is one's choice to cruise or not. The cruiselines just have to have every t crossed and I dotted leaving no grey area. If they fail to do that it doesn't make any difference what one chooses.
  14. In no particular order The Waterfront Sugarcane Mojito Bar District Brewhouse Thermal spa ( hydrotherapy pool) Le Bistro
  15. It is funny how paying for a checked bag ($70.00 R/T) on Spirit alarms people. Adding it all together the fare with add ons is usually less expensive. DW and I can travel to warm weather climates with that " personal item size" each. Cruises we take 1 checked bag along with 1 personal size. To see how much luggage people come to port with is astonishing.
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