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  1. Have the airlines text your boarding passes to you. Once you're at port it will show up. if I remember you can pay a small amount to print passes onboard, just go to Internet cafe they will assist you.
  2. The Local is open for lunch. We head straight there before IT gets busy. The Local is 24 hour restaurant.
  3. And if any of your group is a Chocolate fiend get the "Deal Closer". Every night is an Achlemy Bar night!!!!!
  4. We have stayed there twice. A two bedroom suite works out well for couples traveling together. Just enough on the breakfast buffet to tide you over. Courtyard And Marriott both have restaurants and are located in same complex.
  5. Welcome to Corporate " America", it's not only NCL. It took almost 6 months for me to get a rebate check that was suppose to be 4-6 weeks. Yes the finger pointing was going on as to the delay. It became a circus of events/phone calls.
  6. Our experience in Miami on the Vista. 1) Had 11:30 Check in 2) Arrived 10:00 3) Early/late line. Walked right in Nobody in it 4) Docs scanned in through security 5) Boarding pass 6) Waiting room 7 Onboard by noon. Very organized/smooth process. For those saying why not just go at your assigned time I would rather sit at the pier and watch the hustle and bustle. YES we were prepared to sit and wait. In our case it worked out, others MAY not be so lucky.
  7. I'm guessing you didn't purchase Cheers????? Had Cheers our last cruise and just got a shot at night and put in fridge for that morning coffee in room. MDR always able to get Bailey's for my coffee. Now with the spiked coffee available at coffee shop we start there.
  8. Thought I had read it is now $199.00 per person per day! 16 days x 199.00= Another cruise!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  9. Very good to hear something positive. Hurricanes create havoc on "Everything", and cruiselines are going to do all possible to ensure the safety of pax and their assets (ships) and crew. We've sailed out trying to get ahead of hurricane ( took 2 tugs just to get us away from dock in Miami) and missing KW. Also tried out racing hurricane back to Port ( Miami again) and port closing on us .When people choose to sail during peak hurricane, it's a choice they made and sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. We love Sept./Oct. and know the pit falls.
  10. We also love the Lido deck. 1) Your cabin is close 2) Noise isn't a factor 3) Easy stroll to get that morning coffee 4) Close to food for that b/fast/lunch/snack 5) Enough Bars to keep us happy 6)Your Bathroom 7)Quick trip to enjoy that sunshine. OP go for it you won't regret it!!!
  11. So many get hung up on just the alcohol, non-alcoholic drinks can add up. Lol not a beer drinker, just worked in the beer business. Cheers saved us 450.00 And love the โ€œDeal Closerโ€ at Achlemy
  12. If booking yourself one thing to remember is you don't see all the cabins available. Carnival shows 10 if I remember. PVP's have the entire inventory of cabins available to them. I look what deck we want , usually Lido, then call my PVP and see what is available close to the locations showing on website. If you book Early Saver and price drops it's very easy to call Carnival and get it adjusted. Booking with a TA you have to call them, Carnival won't deal directly with you.
  13. I did take into consideration you may have had more. You can't only have spent 197.00 with your numbers. So together you had 7-9 drinks a day between the 2 of you. These are your numbers. Low end drinks are 7.00 each ( not including gratuity) 7 drinks = 49.00 x 5 days = 245.00 9 drinks = 63.00 x 5 days = 315.00 You couldn't have only spent what you say. Things just don't add up. Cheers does make sense if combined a couple drinks about 14 total a day. It doesn't matter who drinks more the husband or wife. Plus we haven't even mentioned the non-alcoholic drinks that are included in Cheers, which many pax consume in a day.
  14. Something doesn't seem right. 197.00 divided by approx 7.00 per drink = 28 drinks over 5 days. 5 1/2 drinks a day divided by 2 pax isn't as much as you wanted, unless you are a very, very light drinker. If one drinks that little , NO it's not even close to being worth it. But it also isn't relevant to having Cheers. Cheers is for those that drink 7-8 a day or more.
  15. 7 day cruises have ample sea days to do a M&G. We have had great turnouts on NCL Epic, Escape and Bliss. Our Bliss bar crawl was a fantastic turnout also.
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