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  1. The issue is ,we are having enough difficulties in the US getting this vaccine situation figured out. Every state has their own timeframe and here in Ohio we haven't gotten to the under 70 group. We have had doses mis-handled /ruined. So yes I will defend our small corner. He was a Canadian so not biased. Go to U-Tube and look up Byron MacGregor's (The American's), the corner is a little bigger. It was years ago , however very powerful on who the US is and how others " thumbed their nose".
  2. J & J and Moderno are US headquartered companies. I guess you haven't read /noticed some comments from UK CC members , some have as you say " lovely sentiments" also.
  3. If the US has placed orders from the top 4 , not sure why the regulatory agency get them rolling. There is no perfect vaccine, they still aren’t sure how people will be affected. You are dealing with Pharmaceutical companies who are pretty good at their business
  4. I would think the larger countries would have the resources and needs to purchase before some of the smaller countries.
  5. Why should any private corporation be able to purchase ANY vaccine before government entities. If any foreign government wants to purchase fine . Thats different.
  6. Not a very good analogy about hearing crickets. I thought "crickets" made quite a bit of noise.
  7. Holding a child outside a window 150' above a concrete pier wasn't done accidentally . The grandfather did do "something wrong" that caused the death of the child. It's their (family) lawsuit that is prolonging the misery.
  8. That's the inconsistency here , the Health Dept. does that, the Drug Store didn't.
  9. DW is in a situation with her dad getting his 2nd dose. They can’t give her a time/date. The first was 3 weeks ago. We can’t seem to get things in order here in Ohio. You would think there should have been an exact time frame in place, instead of saying we will call/text you when ready.
  10. How about the cruise lines just play a recording over and over again near the windows,of the 5 Man Electrical Band signing. "Signs, signs everywhere a sign, blocking out the scenery, blockin out my mind. Do this, don't do that ,can't you read the signs."
  11. The point would be to show that "no fault" is on them. Also to prevent a design change to ships. As I mentioned to Sparks, where would the design changes stop. Plexiglass on ALL balconies and open deck space instead of the railings? That would create another problem of ventilation on open decks, you would be putting pax in an oven.
  12. If to get the design changed , what's next. Plexiglass on ALL balconies, open deck spaces? You may as well put people in a bubble. The design has worked for years. Lets say they do win ( on getting design changed) what do they do for ventilation? That's why they open in the first place. Nobody has just fallen off a cruise ship, they have gone overboard because of doing something stupid or a desire to jump. In this case the grandfather dangling the child out a window that is plainly open. The design hasn't been an issue before, it's only an issue now because of one
  13. We in the US can't get it figured out on the who , when , where to get vaccinated. Yet people are concerned about getting crew on foreign flagged ships vaccinated. " Charity begins at Home", let's take care of us first. Money shouldn't "talk".
  14. Does it make a difference the 💰💰💰💰 amount. It's a frivolous lawsuit seeking money they don't deserve.
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