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  1. You can't get a bucket with Cheers. You will be charged 1 at a time, no freebie.
  2. Yes NCL makes an announcement when cabins are ready, usually around 1:00
  3. So you should be good, yes you can carry on all your luggage then
  4. Bong (Jonathon) makes a great Mojito, plus he keeps his customers entertained with tricks/jokes. He will pick on people, all in good fun.
  5. Not sure of last name but Jonathon is first name.
  6. It's a touristy place but Bayside Market has bars, restaurants, a little shopping, speedboat rides, entertainment (music). It's downtown very near the port. If I remember there us also a boat ride that takes you on a tour of fancy homes. Uber would be about 15.00 and no worry about paying/finding parking .
  7. As stated food is subjective , however we thought Pig's and Anchor was enjoyable. Hint: go as soon as you board for lunch it wasn't that busy. Many different opinions on Guy's Burgers too, it was a nice change of pace from the buffet. Double Cheeseburger with Bacon. if you're a chocolate lover the "Deal Closer" at Achlemy is very, very good.
  8. If the Violin trio (NewAge???) is still playing in Atrium Bar be sure to see them. The bartenders there were awesome also. Food is so subjective it's hard to say, we had pretty good meals. Steakhouse was very good. Serenity was OK, we just like to jump in the pool to cool off so spent most days at aft pool. Although technically not adult only , the adults on our cruise took over the pool. Minimal kids. Achlemy Bar is a must, great drinks/bartenders.
  9. If Miami, just go to terminal get in early/late line. Posters saying you "can't " until time listed are not correct. We were 1 hour before our check in last May got in early/late line and walked right through. It more than likely depends on how busy the other lines are, but it worked for us. Yes we were prepared to be told to wait. We played by Carnival's rules ( early/late line). If they didn't expect people to be early/late they should just elimate that line.
  10. If it was me I would pay the 11.00 and not worry about a computer glitch possibly causing the cruise to be cancelled for missing final payment deadline. Eventually you wil get the 11.00 back as OBC.
  11. On NCL people are lined up in common areas. In Jan. on the Bliss the self debarkation line wrapped around and thru the Casino. Very organized and moved quickly once debarkation started. Maybe that's not true for Haven ,Suite or Platinum but for general pax it is how it works.
  12. Bingo! Nothing is ever free, the cost IS built in somewhere.
  13. No water or specialty coffee is correct. Drinks/beer/wine up to $15.00 Any drink over 15.00 you pay the Difference + 20% gratuity.
  14. Aft balconies are fantastic. Grand Turk on your 60th , Margaritaville is right at the dock. Or walk along the beach to Jack's Shack or anything of the other quieter bars. Go for it!
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