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  1. Wow, no risk? Can you tell me the lottery numbers? There is no way one can say that. A few cases on a cruise ship won't add to the case total in Miami correct, however it could quarantine the ship.
  2. Not sure if I believe " The Motley FOOL"! But you never know and IF they did it's certainly stands to reason no cruies for awhile.
  3. Just in the process of cancelling everything again for October. As much as we want to get down to Fla. and meet up with friends we met on a cruise 10 years ago, it's just not a wise decision right now. First time in "years" we haven't gotten together at least once a year since then.
  4. Jimbo the choosing what side is correct will NEVER be solved. To those saying "no big deal" the small county I live in is going to mask required in ALL public places tomorrow. We are now at a level 3 (Red) which will require more mandates. The Governor who was very proactive from the start , is addressing the state this afternoon. Pretty sure Ohioans won't be happy. We are far, far from being over and let's not forget flu season is quickly approaching, which will more than likely compound things.
  5. And if many saying no cruises are "right"? Reality is better than fantasy/expectations. Even Seaman11 with all his positivity finally came to the realization he wasn't cruising for awhile. As much as people want to sail or vacation , it's not a best case senario. Houston "We have a problem" can be expanded to US "We have a problem ".
  6. Then it needs to rebound and become common again!
  7. There are exceptions to everything , for the “most” part common sense is a fading thing.
  8. Just listened to the Governor this morning downplaying things right after the Mayor of Miami said how bad it is. Until ALL government entities come to an agreement (highly unlikely) we will continue to have problems. I would love to come down to Fla. in October, but just cancelled flight, Airbnb and Car rental is next. All for the 2nd time this year (April was the other). No cruising for us in the near future, will wait and see how the guidelines go or even if the cruise lines adhere to them.
  9. Maybe KW could expand Fantasy Fest 😂😂😂😂. Say once a month!
  10. Or people start using common sense. It's been around for years and some of us older people know how to use it.
  11. To be politically correct ( and I absolutely hate that) 1 would be correct. LOL Cruising vs. AI is a Fun comparison, I've done both and can say they are BOTH enjoyable. Right now I would certainly take AI over cruising. More space at an AI.
  12. We are talking dining on a ship for 1 day as opppised to people continuing to book. It's not an apples to apples comparison.
  13. Cost effective, I'm thinking not! Who in their right mind would spend 💰💰💰 just to dine on a ship for 1 evening.
  14. Why use one person's quote and comment on it 6 different times? A little overkill I think. We can definitely see/read you don't agree.
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