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  1. FYI the poster (TWO), SeaShark is debating with, does have a tendency to tell others just how wrong they are. First hand experience there.
  2. Only 60 posts before the dreaded nickel and dime came into play. Nice , very nice! BTW Someone had to do it!😂😂
  3. Our personal consultant never contacts us, but is very helpful when needed. Those who say they can do nothing, that's not been my experience. She found us a deal when we decided to get Spa passes. if I remember I was eligible for a discount, that certainly didn't show on line. And as JamieLogical stated they have the whole inventory of rooms available, not the limited ones showing online.
  4. Danny8826 There is another free/reduced air thread going on that the OP has stated they are 20 days out and still no air showing up on their DOCS. Scary!!!! Personally I would be very uncomfortable with letting someone else choose my flights.
  5. When you book a cabin/specific category AND room number you usually don't get moved. You paid for that exact category/room. GTY/Sailaway rates NCL can put you wherever. There is a huge difference. From the free air and cabin situation seems you are looking/took the least expensive way. While not all bad ( you're on a cruise), it has it's problems.
  6. I would think NCL could "see" your reservation and flight while it's being migrated over. It's a PITA but I would call everyday and try to escalate it to a supervisor, if you haven't done that yet. They have to be going crazy with the Cuba issue and changing bookings/cancellations, but at 20 days out YOU should get priority resolving your flights not showing.
  7. Isn’t under packages the prepaid gratuity for 2 what I was talking about. Whether it’s prepaid gratuity or DSC it all the same.
  8. The price of the cruise with DCS is shown before booking. Everything is itemized under details and is completely spelled out. Sorry but if pax don't review/look at booking details it's on them. Cruiselines don't hide the gratuities, DCS, or whatever anyone wants to call it. Don't understand how some can't/don't see total purchase. Those that ask about removing something (DSC) are perceived to be tightwads, frugal, or just plain cheap whether true or not. Is prepaying gratuities/DCS the best option , who knows, however it's the cruiselines choice. And it definitely beats the heck out of the envelope system used years ago.
  9. Thanks Frank and Beans for your response on being Alcohol related. YOU have NO CLUE this is a fact. Job well done on stirring the pot, NOT!
  10. In this computer age we live in its always a good idea to keep that paper trail. I Print everything as soon as I make reservation, dining times, perks, etc. Never know when those dreaded computer glitches pop up. And yes they can be a pain. OP , glad it worked out and even though it took some time well worth that time spent on phone.
  11. This!!! OP, There are many behind the scenes workers who make your cruise . A few of those you don't come in contact with are laundry, line cooks, dishwashers, maintenance workers who are essential to making the cruise. Just reward those you come in contact with extra if you feel inclined. We always tip a few bartenders, room stewards, and waiters/waitresses extra. However it is a personal preference on how each pax thinks.
  12. Drinks and lunch at the Local watching the ship come alive.
  13. Take some time to enjoy the Waterfront, definitely make dinner reservation (Specialty Dining) pre-cruise. Main dining rooms just show up whenever you want. Like other lines don't hesitate to order something else if your dinner isn't to your liking in MDR.
  14. If this is rude so be it. 50% off current cruise booked with itinerary change 50% of future cruise if booked by xxx date and sail by xxx date. And now even with the full refund offered some people still won't be happy. They will expect/want compensated for airfare and hotel ( if non-refundable). Taking a cruise has risks involved, missing ports, Hurricanes, ship mechanical problems, etc. It's better to be flexible and roll with it.
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