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  1. Yep just emphasizing for other to be prepared! We were and would have waited until our time slot. Just shocked at the lack of people at the time ( I think 11:00) . Cab dropped us off , walked right through and onboard by 11:30
  2. Early/late " be prepared for longer line" is a great thought. However when we went (about 1 hour before check-in time) we walked right through. Noboby in any of the lines.
  3. Port intensive cruises shouldn't factor in. Most pax are still ON the ship 8 hours a day. So you have "1" drink an hour, that's approximately 7 or 8 drinks@ 12.00-15.00 dollars a drink. Having that 1 drink an hour isn't excessively drinking, you're on vacation. Heck start your day with a couple of Mimosas or bloody Mary's or Bailey's and Coffee. There may even be a port or 2 that "might" not be as good as anticipated.
  4. Only when one doesn’t read all the posts😂
  5. Have you checked solo cabin/rate for your son? Not sure it would be beneficial but worth looking at.
  6. Not sure about Port Everglades, but Carnival in Miami has an early/late line pax can enter. My philoshy is I'd rather wait at dock than at hotel. We Always get to dock around 9:30 or so.
  7. I was a roll the dice type also until in-laws got older and Health came into play. Now that we are older ( Medicare age) and FIL is going to be 91 I always get it. To the OP wishing you well , just can't agree NCL is soulless. There is a reason for the policy (cancellation) even though many don't agree with it. Sure each individual case is different and one would think all cruiselines could come up with a "better way".
  8. True but to say "they" have never witnessed it is a big stretch, unless they stay in suites /Haven and don't leave that area. Especially since they mentioned how much they cruise.
  9. On our 8 day cruise a year ago on Vista our final bill was 1,400.00. Cheers cost 900.00 We do enjoy ourselves on cruises. Start the day with 2 (Mimosas or Bailey's and Coffee or spiked coffee) 2-3 around the pool 2 pre-dinner (Achlemy) 1 with dinner 2-3 at night (shows or just walking around) 9-11 drinks over a 12 hour day . Mix in some Non-alcoholic (Water) and you are well ahead of the game. I'm not one that buys into the argument that you are OFF the ship for x amount of hours. Pax are still ON the ship a good 8 hours a day which is a little over averaging 1 drink per hour.
  10. You've never seen people cut in line at buffet or not pay attention to where they are walking ( 2 abreast down the narrow cabin hallways talking ) or trying to jam on an elevator? Walking 4 abreast up/down stairs so one has to turn sideways to avoid running into them? Count yourself lucky. Sign me up for your experience.
  11. Paid in full when you purchase. Only payment plan is what was mentioned. (Your CC).
  12. Just because it holds 300 people doesn't mean they will all be there. Not everyone will choose to participate. Vibe on Escape about 80 pax , maybe 14 people participated. If Rommel is the Vibe bartender "Shot O'Clock" is His thing.
  13. Vibe: Padded loungers /umbrellas Private Bar waitstaff to bring you drinks cold wash cloths to cool down plenty of towels 2 bathrooms hot tubs misting station fresh fruit skewers continental breakfast And if your lucky enough to have Rommel (Vibe Bartender) he does "Shot O'Clock" Anyone wanting one of his speciality shots just step up to the bar . It's usually not just 1 though. Yes he does take/make shot requests. We enjoyed it on the Escape a few years ago (99.00 at the time) and the Vibe pax had a great time. We ran into 2 of our Vibe "family " on the Bliss a couple years ago.
  14. Hummm, choices? Agree all pax have the "choice" to pick and choose what is best for them. It's easier to complain though. Are the perks actually free NO, the cost is built in. Too many it makes sense to pay the extra (gratuity) as opposed to paying alacarte in Specialty Restaurants or buying your drinks individually . I cringe when "nickel and dime" props up. Funny how many know exactly what they pay and others are alarmed. Nothing is hidden, well some will argue how the gratuities/fees are dispersed is hidden.
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