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  1. We switched to Antigua also. Non stop flight. Can board when we arrive. No overnight necessary. Ship in port until next evening if any flight problems. Seemed so much easier. sheila
  2. I do care.... 100% vaccinated cruises for us!
  3. You may be right. In that case, the cruise lines will need to do the simulated cruises first. BTW... I would never go on a cruise that didn’t require 100% vaccinations. Would you?
  4. Are you serious? The CDC has already said 97% vaccinations for passengers required. Do you really think because the vaccines are not FDA approved, CDC would not require? The CDC has asked the whole country to be vaccinated.
  5. Ron DeSantis better wake up and understand if his residents cannot sail out of Florida, he will be in big trouble next year! I will personally campaign against him. He must allow Regent and other cruise lines to have their passengers produce vaccination documents in order to board ship.. I can’t believe he understands the severity of his actions. sheila
  6. Don’t cancel anything yet. I have five cruises on a regent, starting in December. Wendy is right. Frank DelRio will never sail with those rules. He will continue to fight the CDC. Or move out of the US sheila
  7. It’s time for to reconsider flying to a Caribbean island to a Regent cruise instead of out of a US port. The latest CDC requirements are insane... wearing masks during diner except to put food in your mouth. Chew with mask on! Sitting outside poolside with social distancing of 6 feet... must wear mask. And, we will all be vaccinated... guests and crew. This is the definition of insanity! Hoping you hear me..Frank DelRio. sheila
  8. I can not find any information regarding St. Maarten......... We are on the August 5th cruise, as well. Sheila
  9. The CDC rules for cruising are stricter than those for nursing homes, trains buses or airlines! Biggest question is...why?? We are resigned to the fact that we will no longer be able to sail out of Florida. Caribbean here we come! Its time for Regent to stop wasting their time and reorganize their winter sailings to begin and end on a Caribbean island! sheila and herb
  10. We are flying out of Miami. Had a choice of three flights non-stop on AA. Both flying Antigua and back to Miami. We chose this cruise after booking then canceling Nassau cruise. Reasons are: 1- ten day cruise instead of seven days 2- no hotel needed. We were still a bit nervous about staying in a hotel and dining in Nassau. We go directly from the airport to ship ....ship is overnighting, so if any plane delays, we can still arrive the next day. 3- more interesting ports... if we decide to get off the ship. only negative —— 3 hour flight instead of 1 hr. let’s see what h
  11. Why all the lengthy conversation.... Be vaccinated at least two weeks before boarding a ship! Period!
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