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  1. Tummy

    Snorkeling West Bay

    We always bring our own, but you can rent from many vendors around there. I believe I saw on the Bananarama website that they have a package with transport, facility use and snorkel rental for $35 pp (4 people min).
  2. Tummy

    Snorkeling West Bay

    This is our video from last year showing our group tour with Victor Bodden. I think it was $35 each. I liked the snorkeling there so much, we're going again next week on the NCL Getaway. West Bay was probably the easiest and most spectacular beach access snorkel we've ever done. This year we booked a private tour to have some more time with the sloths and snorkeling.
  3. Tummy

    Video of our Victor Bodden Roatan Tour

    Looks like the embedded video broke when they updated the boards. Here it is again:
  4. Tummy

    Video of our Victor Bodden Roatan Tour

    Sorry I just saw this. From Bananarama you walk a few minutes to the left towards the cliff. I recently learned that the best place to get in is in front of the Infinity Bay resort. Once you walk in, there is a kidney shaped sandy area. Swim out and you can go to the left (towards the rocks) or to the right. We were mainly on the left. It gets very shallow over there though.
  5. Tummy

    Glacier Bay Time Lapse video from our balcony

    For those asking about mounting, I found this photo showing the mounting via suction cup.
  6. Tummy

    Glacier Bay Time Lapse video from our balcony

    In Glacier Bay, I don't think there was much difference between the sides. The captains will always hold the ship near the glaciers and spin around to the other side. I think we held position for about an hour on each side. They also opened the bow to allow people to view from there and we stood at the railing while we approached, then went back to our cabin while we held position to view from our balcony.
  7. Tummy

    Glacier Bay Time Lapse video from our balcony

    No, I attached the suction cup to the glass and the camera had a view over the railing.
  8. Tummy

    Glacier Bay Time Lapse video from our balcony

    I used a suction cup to mount to the inside of the balcony glass with a selfie stick on top to get enough height over the rail, then tied it tight with a nylon belt/rope. I should have taken a photo of the setup. It was a 2 second interval.
  9. Tummy

    Glacier Bay Time Lapse video from our balcony

    So happy you liked it! The weather was fantastic and that really showed the mountains and clouds. I used a Sony x3000 action cam which has a really great optical stabilization, great color and generally good exposure. We also use it for the , our , and some others on our YT channel. The stabilization works really well and looks almost like a gimbal on it's own. Combined with a gimbal, it's crazy smooth even when walking normally. The interval was set for 2 seconds and there is a special auto exposure mode on the camera to help even out time lapses, but you still see some flickering. For some reason it stopped after about 5 hours, even though there was plenty of space left on the 128gb card so I didn't have anything of the second glacier we saw that day. I had it hooked up to an external USB battery and I guess it stopped after the USB went out even though the internal battery still had plenty.
  10. Tummy

    Glacier Bay Time Lapse video from our balcony

    Glad you liked it! Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of the setup. I attached a suction cup mount to the glass with a selfie stick threaded on to get enough height above the railing. Then I used a strap (actually the belt off my cargo pants), to tie it to the post/railing.
  11. Glad you liked it. I loved the suite. It was probably the highlight of the trip for us since we spent so much time in the cabin enjoying the views to Alaska. On a Caribbean sailing, we would probably be at the beach or by the pool most of the time.
  12. Tummy

    Roatan Honduras snorkel suggestions please

    We took a tour that included Bananarama, but you can probably take a taxi directly to West Bay beach and spend more time there. Snorkeling was fantastic and so close to shore. You can see some shots in the later part of our tour video. I can’t wait to go again. Much better snorkeling than we saw in Cozumel, Belize or grand cayman on our last cruise. 12_4-4W5u-4
  13. I actually shot this around Thanksgiving 2017, but we’re thinking of going again. Our favorite part were the sloths and snorkeling. The coral and fish were fantastic. 12_4-4W5u-4
  14. Tummy

    any Birders out there???

    I got s shot of this eagle in Ketchikan two weeks ago. There are eagles everywhere there and so easy to spot with their white heads.
  15. We booked a Harv and Marv’s Outback whale Watching Tour from Auke Bay in Juneau. The weather was fantastic and we saw several orcas that came right up and under the boat, but only one humpback in the distance. N-V60nDuqeE