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    Refer a Friend

    Can anyone tell me how Ponant's Refer a Friend offer works? We have just booked a cruise and wondered if we could take advantage of this offer if someone referred us.
  2. The prices showing at the moment for 2022 include the 25% Bonus discount. We saved an additional 5% as there was a 30% Bonus offer on when we booked. I wish we had received a 30% discount on the current prices shown! Still, I thought the price we paid was not too bad a deal and gives us something to look forward to.
  3. We booked on 8th February when the 2022 cruise schedule became available on the PG website. The 2022 schedule was not available on Ponant at that time as they only showed cruises to December 2021. The prices shown on PG appeared in US $, but when we phoned to book the cruise we spoke to a Ponant agent in France who then quoted us in Euros! We paid the deposit in Euros which was the equivalent of the $ rate they quoted. The PG and Ponant prices do align, but when we booked they had a 30% Ponant Bonus which has now dropped to 25%. Hope this all makes sense.
  4. On the Ponant UK site our Paul Gauguin cruise in June 2022 is showing. I don't know why they are not showing on the US site.
  5. If you look at the deck plan on the Ponant website, you will see that they are now showing only 2 suites aft on deck 7. However, the deck plan on Paul Gauguin still shows the 5 aft cabins available. I know Ponant have just recently updated their website. Paul Gauguin may not have updated theirs yet.
  6. We are thinking about booking a cruise for 2022 and wonder if anyone from the UK can recommend a Travel Agent they have used? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. We are thinking about booking a cruise for 2022 and wondered if anyone from the UK could give me some advice on who they used to book their cruise? Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. We were on this cruise. The email we received made no mention of the passenger disembarking in Miami and falling ill on his return home. Did we receive different emails? Below is the email we received. Dear Valued Guest: The safety and security of our guests and crew are at all times our first priority. You are receiving this communication because our records indicate that you were a guest on the February 26, 2020 voyage of the Riviera. Oceania Cruises has been provided information by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that a guest who traveled ab
  9. We were on this cruise, too. We watched him being airlifted off the ship and not long after that the Captain announced adamantly that the passenger had a heart condition and did NOT have Corona virus. He updated us a few days later saying the passenger was doing much better having had the appropriate medical treatment. Two days ago, nine days after having returned home from the cruise, we received an email from Oceania saying we may have come into contact with a passenger who was on our cruise who had the virus.
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