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  1. The more I'm reading on CC, the consensus seems to be that most doctors won't sign the note so that they won't be liable. Who knows?? It's all a guessing game right now. The thing is, if doctor won't sign it, just as retiredgram said, an FCC won't do diddly squat in our case, depending on how long this requirement lasts.😒
  2. So here's the thing, in my case. For the first time ever, I have a NR which I took in order to move my cabin up from Obstructed at a lower price, probably about a week or two before the virus took hold here in the US. Who knew? Anyhow, according to new guidelines, my DH and I will be required to get the doctor's note. My final payment is due in August for our Transatlantic that may or may not happen. My dilemma is....if I pay final payment, and doctor will not sign necessary note for either my DH or myself, I wonder if RCI will refund my payment, or if it would come in the form of FCC. From what I understand, if cruise is cancelled and you have NR, you can either get payment back or take the FCC. Of course, this doctor note is going down a path never before taken before.
  3. Thanks for putting a smile on my face today!!😁
  4. Norwane....did you have "cancel for any reason" insurance? We had bought the "cancel for any reason" when we bought our insurance for our cruise back in 2017. As luck would have it, I got sick and we had to cancel our air, cruise, and hotel, as well as excursions, the day before we were flying to London. I had gone to Urgent Care, then my doctor, and gotten notes from them both. Luckily, we got 100% back from the insurance company after filling out their forms, including doctor notes, etc. What I didn't know was that when you file for "cancel for any reason", you only get back 75%. Talk to your travel insurance agent.... We're wondering if we'll be sailing in November, or if RCI will be cancelling our TA cruise.
  5. Great pictures. She looks like a beautiful ship! Thank you for sharing.
  6. I took a picture of the required note on my phone...I plan on showing it to my PA on my next visit and will ask if she would be signing one for both my DH and myself.🤔
  7. Thank you Ourusualbeach for your quick and informative response. Hopefully it won't be canceled, and we both pass the doctors notes with flying colors!😁 Stay safe, and stay healthy!
  8. My first ever Transatlantic is scheduled for November 1st out of Southampton. For the first time ever, I have a NR deposit for this cruise that may or may not happen. My husband and I are in our 70's, and the way it looks right now, we probably will need a doctor's note...again, providing cruise is not cancelled. Has anyone who had a NR have a cruise cancelled by the cruise line?
  9. Thank you both Dodgestans and h20skibum. Apparently I posted this question awhile back, and had gotten my answer. Not too embarrasing!🤤 Thank you both for getting back to me so quickly.
  10. Can anyone tell me how Obstructed Cabin 6222 is on the Anthem?? TIA
  11. Jennyumaa, I would think that if a stateroom category is sold out, there wouldn't be any reason for the cruise line to drop the price. There are still quite a few staterooms available in my obstructed balcony, (40 available, last night) so luckily for those in my category, there has been another price drop for my particular cruise. You have nothing to lose by calling your Travel Agent to ask about this topic. Good luck!
  12. I just realized you're not done with your blog..lol!! Yay for me!😎
  13. Your pictures and videos are phenomenal! I loved following along...looks like we'll have to book a cruise going to all of these Greek Islands. Absolutely beautiful! DH and I had been to Athens and Santorini out of Civitivecchio. I have always heard how beautiful Mykonos is. Crete and Rhodes look gorgeous also!😉 Four of our friends will be on your TA next November 1st with you. I truly enjoyed following along with you and your Fiance. Have you set a Wedding date yet? I wish you much happiness!😊
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