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  1. Or, if you're on the pool deck, they'll come in cans. I've never had the server open all 4. I had a couple of buckets of Rebel IPA on sea days and they all came in cans.
  2. We love the Lido deck and try and stay on it every cruise. Easy access to bars and food, a quick walk up to the gym, and as someone else mentioned, the elevator is nearly always headed there. We've only had an issue once with noise but it wasn't because of location, it was because a family traveling together put about 5 boys aged 10-13 in the room next to us and they were absolutely obnoxious.
  3. We usually give about $2-$3 per bag, depending on how many bags we have (i.e. if we have the kids, we have at least 4 bags with one of them being my step-daughter's overly large, over weight, I packed everything but the kitchen sink bag, which dictates a large tip).
  4. We did Alaska in May, 2017 and it was unseasonably warm in the day time. In the 70's. So, you may get lucky.
  5. Whenever we've traveled with the kids and have had assigned seating, we've been seated with other families with children of the same age group. Once, we had a table of 12, 3 families with 2 kids each. All were between 14 - 17. The boys really hit it off and spent a lot of their on board time together. The girls seemed shier (including mine) and didn't interact much.
  6. To travel, I pack my purse stuff into a backpack (so I don't bring my every day bag) and bring a small evening bag for on board for lipstick/balm, room key, phone, etc. I used to use a wristlet but my phone had outgrown the size of the ones I have and DH looks at me cross-eyed what the Coach or D&B boxes get delivered so I haven't gotten a larger one yet. During the days on board, I use a lightweight day pack for the above items plus camera, towel clips, bottled water. Depending on what we're doing in port, I use either a cross body purse or the day pack. I guess it depends on what you like to carry and the most efficient way to ensure you have what you need without over packing.
  7. When we were in Cuba in September, we took a Carnival tour, but it was on our second day there, not arrival day. They had the Carnival tours meet in the downstairs area of the terminal after going through customs and exchanging money. You're right, the first day it can back up because every has to stop to get their picture taken in customs and exchange money. The first day, it took us about 45 minutes to get through the lines and out of the terminal and we had waited a bit for a 2:30 tour after a 12:00 arrival.
  8. 1. Yes, this is true. A sister line (HAL) is testing fees for second entree, but it hasn't been seen on Carnival as yet. 2. My kids loved the Carnival clubs. The key is going the first night to the initial meet and greet. Most of the kids form their groups on that first night.
  9. I've seen stories about straws made out of pasta https://www.pastastraws.org/ which seem like they'd hold up well and then be quickly biodegradable.
  10. I don't think we have a favorite ship but our best cruise was probably on the Paradise to Cuba. The crew was amazing and the food was great compared to other recent cruises. All of the Fantasy class ships kind of blend together and we've been on 6 of them. There is something about the simpler layout and less people that appeals to us.
  11. As you go through the check out process, the second or third step is for delivery and gift options. But you have to go into and partially through the check out to see it.
  12. Thank you! Even with gray days, the colors pop off the pages.
  13. We normally stay forward with the preferred location being Lido and usually don't have any issues. But, we once stayed in room R1 on one of the Fantasy class ships (can't remember which one) and hit some rough seas. We were literally getting rolled out of bed and it sounded as if someone was hitting the bow with chains. Once we cleared the weather, it was fine.
  14. It depends, really. Where on the Veranda deck? If up front, that's OK because the Lido deck staterooms are above you. But if it's in the middle/rear you'll be underneath the pool and buffet. People have reported noise from deck cleaning during the night, dragging chairs, deck parties. Plus, the kitchen will crank up early in the morning to start getting breakfast ready. You say it's for your family but didn't say how old your kids are. Is it possible to get more flexibility with room choice if they're not right next door? Carnival does have some restrictions though but I can't find them on the website.
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