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  1. It was that way last week on the Miracle. I don’t eat them but others said they weren’t bad just not as good as before. The stuffed mushrooms were also not served in the sectioned dish. Seemed a little dry to me.
  2. I got this error for a long time. I eventually called and person I spoke to was very nice and tried a bunch of things but eventually had to escalate it to the next level. I got an email the next day from the person it was assigned to informing me they were looking into it. After about 4 days I got another email that it had been fixed and it has been working since then.
  3. We always get our boys the soda package. They might drink a soda or two but mainly they get a fruit punch that the bars make. It has orange juice and pineapple juice along with other stuff. I haven’t seen these juices in cans. Not sure if they have tomato juice as they use a Bloody Mary mix. It has always been worth it for us and they love ordering their own drinks.
  4. I saw Ginger Ale for sale from Fun Shops so I’m sire it will be available onboard as well. https://www.carnival.com/in-room-food-beverages/soda/schweppes-ginger-ale-6-pk-LCB
  5. We are about 5 hours from Galveston and 8 hours from NOLA. We actually prefer to leave about midnight when we drive to NOLA (kids sleep the whole trip!). One time we drove to Mobile (10+ Hours) and probably wouldn’t do that again without stopping somewhere overnight.
  6. Take good care of the Miracle for us. We are boarding her for a 13 night Panama Canal Cruise when you return. I’m about to drive everyone crazy around here with my excitement😀.
  7. Dr. Pepper is only served on ships departing from Galveston and NOLA. I did just read today confirmation that it will still be served from those home ports after the switch to Pepsi.
  8. We are sailing the February Panama Canal Journey Cruise from San Diego to Miami and we will have 2 Cruise Elegant nights and 1 Throwback formal night.
  9. I flown out of DFW a lot although it’s been a while. I don’t remember any moving sidewalks there☹️.
  10. I have a friend on the Vista. She has been sitting with a couple who had 4 family members on the bus who did survive but were not back onboard when she wrote the message. She is a minister and just met the couple n the Atrium when she saw they were upset. She said at that time the passengers onboard had been told that there were 5 deaths from Vista, more from other ships and many critical. Not sure who told them this or how correct it was. Apparently the tour bus and another vehicle collided head on. ETA- I read the above article and it does look like the number she heard onboard was not correct according to the official statement.
  11. I also use a double column checklist. Since I was always packing for a family of 4 and “mixing” suitcases in case any get lost my columns are an x when I get item out for packing and then which suitcase it’s in once it’s actually packed.
  12. Great review! The timing was perfect as our next cruise is the Panama Canal on the Miracle in February. It has been several years since we were on the Miracle and I am enjoying reading positive reviews since she is headed to dry dock following our cruise. I usually ignore the naysayers about mist things anyway but I’m happy you enjoyed the ship. One question about your experience. How do they do YTD with one dining room? We haven’t been on a ship with only one since YTD started. We prefer assigned but I was curious how it works.
  13. I emailed mine on the evening of 11/4 and it was posted the morning of 11/7. I just went back to check and my email confirmation dies not include the sentence about faxing. I did black out all account info.
  14. I haven’t been able to get to my documents since late last night. I haven’t tried anything but my phone because it is not time sensitive for me but you are not the only one experiencing the problem.
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