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  1. I tried searching and found nothing to answer my question, so I do apologize if it is there and I just didn't find it. Has any used the Carnival Fly2Fun option for airfare from the US to Lisbon? If so, what were the airline choices you were given?
  2. I always had a deal with my boys that they had to go on the first night. After that it was up to them. I rarely saw them😂. When they got to the teen club age we had to change out fining assignment to early instead of late because the teen club schedule. Anytime would work obviously but even my kids prefer assigned
  3. My PVP is on vacation this week. I know I have seen this question on the board before but I have spent almost an hour searching and have not found the answer yet. If Carnival cancels my cruise and I take the FCC/OBC option can it be applied to a cruise I already have booked before the cancelation or on new bookings only? I found an article online that was from last year that said the cruise has to be booked after the FCC was issued but I really thought I'd read that wasn't the case.
  4. Rescheduling our July cruise for February. Also going to Gatlinburg in June and returning home through Orange Beach. Then family wedding in Philly in Dec. Booked TA for Oct 2022 and discussing Alaska for June 2023. Also son will probably get married in 2022 so busy here.
  5. $100,$500 and $1000 cards are all available now. Still 12% discount.
  6. I was eventually able to get in on my laptop but still not able to on my phone. I’ve shut everything down and rebooted. Still didn’t work. I wasn’t able to sign in on my laptop at first and it is new. Didn’t have any cookies yet. Eventually it worked.
  7. Thanks. No luck so far but I’ll keep trying.
  8. And now it won’t let me log in😟. Anyone else having a problem?
  9. Am I just overlooking something? I have not seen anything about 2022? Is there more than what Saint Greg posted or is it there and I’m just blind?
  10. Our youngest graduates from high school this year so obviously kids sleeping isn’t an issue for us anymore. We are just cheap...although I prefer frugal😂!
  11. We are both night owls and split the driving. It was more about the kids sleeping instead of whining! Plus we aren’t big parties even on the cruise so being in the cabin for a nap before muster then in bed by midnight the first day worked for us. Others people not so much!
  12. We drive from near Dallas so Galveston is a little closer for us. I’ve never cared for the beach in Galveston and usually have travelled with kids so the nightlife in New Orleans isn’t a factor either. Since we were traveling with school aged kids we were limited when we could sail. Having said all of that our personal preference has been to drive overnight to New Orleans. Kids slept most of the way, no hotel expense and we got beignets before boarding! Also for the times we could sail it was always much cheaper for same class, same itinerary. I specifically remember one spring break we saved
  13. Many of the crew who were able to fly home had to go from St. Maarten because it was one of the few places that was allowing the international flights. I’m assuming that is still the case. I know the Horizon has been docked there for several days and maybe the Pride also. A couple of weeks ago the Dream was there for several days at least. Not sure how long because it was already there when I first looked.
  14. Our next cruise is July on the Glory to Montego Bay, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. Youngest son’s high school graduation trip. All of our family have been to these ports but there are supposed to be some first time cruisers going with us. I’m most excited to watch them experience the fun.
  15. Panorama is currently anchored in Manila Bay along with Dream, Conquest and Spirit. The Conquest and Dream did not use the Panama Canal to get there so they could all return without the use of the Canal. Having said that I have no reason to think the Panorama won’t be returning to the West Coast.
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