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  1. We are on this cruise as well and we are taking a wait and see approach. If Canada keeps its July 1 dictate in place, Celebrity will likely cancel for us. At this point I don't think there is anything to be gained by canceling ourselves.
  2. World Class is my favorite S-class bar by a mile. Pro tip: the World Class Bar staff also makes drinks for Sushi on 5, and if you go to Sushi on 5 during a slow time, they will let you order drinks off of their menu without eating there. They have some interesting specialty cocktails and this is a great way to try them if you are not a sushi person.
  3. Perhaps this may vary by TA, but the TA I use shows accessible cabins from day 1 and you don't need to provide any proof that you need one to book it.
  4. This is a good deal but it would infuriate me if I were a suite guest given current suite pricing. The best thing about Luminae and the Retreat is the lack of crowding and personalized service, both of which could be seriously compromised. I hope that Celebrity is judicious about how many of these upgrades they sell per cruise, or they are going to have a lot of angry suite guests on their hands.
  5. Exactly. Which ship, where to, what time of year and how long a cruise are all extremely important factors in determining what the general atmosphere of the crowd will be like on Celebrity. Probably on other lines too, although I would guess that ships with a lot of entertainment and activities (waterslides, wave riders, rock walls, etc.) always tend to draw a younger, more active, more family-oriented crowd.
  6. This is key. Our last couple of week-long Caribbean cruises (2016, 2018) on S-class were a young-ish crowd with many people around our age (early-mid 40s), and the dance club was hopping every single night. However, our longer S-class cruises have averaged older and there is definitely less evening action when that happens. Also, our May 2019 Bermuda cruise on Summit was a MUCH older crowd and the entire ship was dead by 10pm each night. M-class ships have fewer entertainment options in general so it made for a somewhat boring cruise, IMO, and I wouldn't choose an M-class ship again.
  7. Affogato literally means "drowned" in Italian. In the dessert world, it usually means gelato with a shot of espresso poured over, but a nice summer alternative is a scoop of lemon sorbet with prosecco poured over. Both are affogati!
  8. I was just looking for a review thread I started a couple of years ago and noticed that I cannot access any of my started or followed threads older than 2018. Anyone else having this issue?
  9. I have posted it on my roll call, but I thought I would post it here as well in case there are cruisers from other lines/ships who will be in town that day. If the mods want to move or remove it that is fine - was just trying to reach a broader audience.
  10. Alsmez


    We have a rental car reserved for Ketchikan for our group of four adults (two seniors). The plan is to drive to a few sites of interest (Totem Bight, a drive to the beach, etc.) and then drop my parents off so they can do a little shopping or get back on the ship while DH and I go and hike the Deer Mountain trail. A little something for everyone.
  11. We are visiting Skagway on May 24, 2020 (Celebrity Solstice) and plan to do a Glacier Bay flightseeing tour with www.flydrake.com. We will take the Haines-Skagway Fast Ferry (https://www.hainesskagwayfastferry.com/) to Haines and meet up with Drake, for an hour long (or more if the weather is good) flight which drops us back in Skagway. The plane can hold up to four adults so we'd love to find another couple to go with us - if any of you will be in Skagway (or Haines) that day and would like to join us, please let me know!
  12. We're in AQ on an 8-night Solstice Alaska sailing in May and I'm trying to decide whether to pre-book some specialty dining in Murano or wait until we're on board. We frequently take advantage of the first-night special, but I have learned from reading some older threads that they may have reshuffled the menus to make the first night menu a bit more appealing. Anyone know for sure? Unfortunately Solstice is not on the app or I would check there, although we learned on our recent Summit cruise that the app is not always accurate anyway. Thanks!
  13. We aren't big dessert eaters so we typically order three savory courses (two appetizers and a main), plus the cheese course. They will bring a cart and allow you to select whatever cheeses look good to you. On our last Silhouette sailing they had a wonderful selection; on previous sailings the assortment was less interesting, but still a nice substitute for dessert if you don't have a sweet tooth. The mignardises (bite sized chocolates and other sweets) are usually enjoyable and plenty of dessert for us.
  14. Finally got DH's number sorted after three emails over two weeks to the Voyagers Club. I tried calling but customer service told me they couldn't help and that the only way to in touch with the Voyagers Club people was via email. Not the most efficient process but it all worked out. We booked a 2021 sailing and TA was able to get us the status discount.
  15. Thank you for posting these - I was curious about these cabins. We have a sunset veranda booked on Edge for 2022 but may consider switching to one of these rooms depending on pricing. Given the way we use our balcony, we know the IV is not for us.
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