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  1. Glad you had a great time. I just canceled our January 2022 cruise on MSC, but I debated all the way up to final payment day because of exactly what you describe. Sailing on one of these ships at half capacity sounds like heaven! MSC's vaccination policy is changing too frequently for my comfort but perhaps we will consider a trip on X this winter. Otherwise, we'll have to wait for our Edge 2023 trip. 😪
  2. We were supposed to do the ABCs on Silhouette in Jan 2022, but put it off a year so that we can do the ABCs on Edge in Jan 2023. Silhouette is a great ship, but we have sailed her a few times and are eager to try out E-class. The ABC itinerary looks terrific regardless of ship.
  3. Yes, because the snow could just as easily occur the day before, meaning you are left scrambling to find a day-of flight (which will likely be full of other people trying to do the same thing). I watch the weather and change our flights in advance accordingly when we fly during the winter. Much easier to change before the snow hits than after.
  4. Not necessarily. Bad weather can just as easily delay or cancel your day-before flight and leave you scrambling for another day-of, when you would have been fine if you had just booked the day-of flight in the first place. We try to fly Southwest as much as possible so that we can change without penalty at the last minute should the weather forecast indicate a big snowstorm or something on our original flight date, but we'll pay a change fee too, if we must.
  5. There are plenty of YC rooms with balconies. We chose a YC Inside for our upcoming MSC cruise because it is our first cruise with MSC, and since we don't know if we will like the line or ship, we didn't want to spend a lot of money on a cruise that might be disappointing. The inside room lets us enjoy all of the YC amenities (which we KNOW we will like!) at an extremely reasonable price. We find we don't use our balcony that much on ships that have nice outdoor areas anyway, especially if said outdoor areas are private/uncrowded. Our last cruise was in a sky suite on Summit and we spent most of our outdoor time on the Retreat sundeck enjoying the excellent service - I think we sat on our balcony maybe two or three times the entire week.
  6. This is our policy if we have to connect or it's longer than a 3-hour flight to the destination. If we can fly directly to the port city, we are comfortable with day-of travel as long as we are on the earliest flight out. From NYC, that means we are fine flying day-of for all East Coast and Florida departures, but we would definitely go a day ahead for Caribbean or West Coast departures, probably New Orleans/Galveston as well. Our policy may change once we start traveling again, though, since there are fewer flights available these days.
  7. We are X fans but our next cruise is on MSC Seashore in YC in Jan 2022. We are hoping they change their Vax policy by then, but we shall see. No plans to ever sail any of the family-oriented lines but open to all others, although we tend to prefer larger ships which would eliminate some of the luxury lines. It depends on itinerary, though, and what we are looking for in a specific trip.
  8. Good to know. We tend to eat late so no major concerns there. I found a thread by the late, great vtcruising with a lot of excellent info as well:
  9. Looking forward to more input on this topic as Edge returns to the water. We have an 11-night booked in 2023 and plan to split our meals more or less evenly between Specialty and MDR. We have never been impressed with the MDR on S-class so hoping that the four-restaurant concept results in better food and service.
  10. Tons of great info on this thread: We decided that deck 8 was the sweet spot for our 2023 Edge cruise. It will be our first time in an aft balcony - can't wait!
  11. Ugh, this is my worst nightmare!
  12. I believe the current practice is to give patrons a $35 credit toward their meal in Raw on 5 (since the prices there are a la carte). All other restaurants with the exception of the Magic Carpet are included.
  13. For my money on an S-class ship, Aqua is worth about $25 more per day per person than a regular balcony, simply because Blu is an upgrade from the MDR. If Aqua costs more than that (and sometimes even if it costs less), we would prefer to spend the $25+ per day on specialty restaurants to upgrade our dining experience. The Persian Gardens are a nice perk but can be crowded, making it difficult to get your "money's worth," so I don't really factor that into the equation (except on Reflection, where the PG is larger and more interesting than other ships).
  14. All else equal, we would choose Reflection, but Equinox is a wonderful ship as well. If the Equinox itinerary is better or the price much better, I wouldn't hesitate to choose Equinox.
  15. Resort-casual pants will work fine for the MDR on Celebrity. I basically live in loose linen pants on Caribbean cruises and I have never felt underdressed even in specialty restaurants on Celebrity. Pair them with a nicer-than-tshirt top and cute sandals for evening and you're good to go.
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