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  1. The new Signature Beverage Package limit is $11. You may NOT just pay the difference. Here is the latest Beverge Menu for the poolside bars (double click to enlarge): http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/specialty-2/hal-regular-and-specialty-restaurants/hal-beverage-menus/terrace-lido-bar-menu
  2. You can also bring your own sodas to stock your minibar. I bring some Ziploc bags to keep some breakfast cheese slices in my minibar for late snacks.
  3. Gala Nights require collared shirts and slacks for men as a minimum. Of course you may dress as formally as you wish. My experience is 10-15 tuxedoes, 50% jackets, and 50% just collared shirts in the MDR early dining. Here is a link to some daily activities on the Konigsdam in the Caribbean in 2018: http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/specialty-2/on-locations-specific-cruises/caribbean-ms-konigsdam-11-day-when-where-daily-activities-2018
  4. I purchased a Vista (outside balcony) guarentee since all staterooms on the Pacific Coastal were guarentees. As a photographer, I would never book an inside stateroom. My preference is always an aft-facing stateroom but only guarentees were available. The Eurodam Neptune Suite was way more than I, as a solo, needed but I relished the opportunity to get lets of photos of the Neptune Lounge.
  5. For example on the Eurodam Gallery Bar:
  6. The above photograph was taken by me on May 12, 2015 and posted on another CC thread. You can find the original on my website. The weather in Skagway was pushing 70 degrees that day and waiting to board the helicopter while wearing my snow clothing was quite steamy. If the excursion would have been cancelled, a complete refund would have been paid. As the weather warms in the mountains, the dogsled sites need to be moved to higher altitudes.
  7. Guarentees are usually assigned 10 - 15 days before sailing. I received my last guarentee booking 14 days out AND I received a free upgrade to that stateroom assignment to a Neptune Suite 7 days from sailing day.
  8. I have sailed more than 30 HAL cruises with all but a few in aft staterooms. The sound of the wake helps give me a great nights rest. Perhaps I am immune but I feel no more vibration in the aft compared to any other stateroom. Being above the carpeted dining area will not be a problem. What you will enjoy in an aft stateroom is the one minute ride down to the MDR as well as being so near the room service kitchen which means hot food. The aft is also just a two minute elevator ride to the Lido Market for quick snacks. The view from the aft covers both sides of the ship that others will not be able to see from their own balconies. You will be able to enjoy a meal on your balcony while the ship is moving and feel no wind. Your fellow passengers will be blown away while the ship is moving. Once you go aft, you will keep booking HAL aft staterooms.
  9. Here is a link to When & Where for Alaska on the Westerdam to give you an idea of onboard activities: http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/specialty-2/on-locations-specific-cruises/westerdam-alaska-2019-when-where-northbound
  10. Average age depends on when you cruise. If kids are out of school, HAL will look like most other cruise lines, as far as age is concerned, with lots of families aboard. Since HAL is so popular with older folks, if schools are in session, the average age will be higher since retired folks will fill the ship. Roll calls can be very quiet with experienced cruisers not having any questions. Roll calls are important for new cruisers, or new to HAL, to ask lots of questions. This will stimulate the roll call. Here is a link to my photo review of the Eurodam from April 2019 to give you an idea of what to expect: http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/photo-reviews/ms-eurodam-onboard-images
  11. The Room Service Breakfast card must be completed and hung on your room door handle the night before you want it delivered. The cards are collected during the night from hundreds of rooms and programmed for preparation at breakfast time. There is no need to call Room Service if you choose to use your Breakfast card. Here is a link to the Breakfast Card (different card for Neptune Suites): http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/here/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Room-Service-Breakfast.pdf Note that you can "write-in" almost anything on the card and it should be prepared for you if it is available in the Lido Market. If you don't add "empty glass", you will not get a glass for any ordered milk.
  12. After reviewing my menu collection, with only a few exceptions, the following are available every night in the MDR: French onion soup, roast chicken, NY strip loin, Caesar salad, and grilled salmon. For an additional charge, there is a Main lobster tail ($20) and 36 oz. Ribeye steak ($75).
  13. Neptune Suite 7038 magnifying makeup mirror in the dressing room from April 2019:
  14. No. The boarding pass just gets you into the cruise terminal for Security and check-in. If you are in a Neptune Suite, the boarding pass gets you into the "Neptune Suites/4* and 5* check-in lines.
  15. FWIW the NY Pizza and Deli is also open late for custom individual pizzas and they have carry-out boxes. Perhaps a late-evening pizza run could ease any hunger urges. The Tamarind has a Bento Box for Room Service delivery that is reported to be a lot of food for the small price. On Embarkation Day, you can ask your Room Steward to have the contents of your minibar removed to give you room to store your own snacks. Bring some Ziploc bags to store cheese and meat slices from breakfast, cartons of milk, fruit yogurt cups, meusli, etc. There are crackers available at lunch to eat with the cheese as well as nacho chips (put them in a big, green salad bowl) to add to your late munchie menu. Nothing beats a plate of chocolate chip cookies from the Dessert Station for snacking throughout the day. Enjoy your cruise planning.
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