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  1. Last month on the Westerdam the PG Lunch cost was still $10.00.
  2. Just look for this near the Future Cruise Consultant desk with the blank forms nearby:
  3. Unlimited laundry has been available on all of my 4-5 day cruises.
  4. Just a note that you do not have to wait to see the Future Cruise Consultant while on board. There should be a dropbox nearby with FCD blank forms to be completed and inserted into the box. You should receive a confirmation before you leave the ship.
  5. Good question since non-alcoholic beer is not on the minibar menu.
  6. Definitely Deck 5 aft corner NS for amazing photos with nobody blocking your view, sun block until late afternoon, A/C just a few steps away, large table for drinks/dining, and room for lots of your friends. Photo examples from 5191:
  7. A bartender told me the best way to purchase beer was at happy hour. Order one and get the second for $2. Order another beer at full price and get another one for $2. Repeat as often as you wish, then ask for a bucket of ice to take the beers back to your room. On Embarkation Day, I tell my Room Steward to have the minibar contents removed and two Diet Cokes for each day placed in the minibar with those not fitting just placed on my coffee table. Works every time for Diet Coke so should work for beer as well. FWIW my last two HAL cruises had a Louis X or Louis XIII cognac for $105/100 per shot (Not on the menu but you may request). At happy hour, the second shot was just $2.......just in case you may be interested.
  8. Your Room Steward will pick up laundry from your room both morning and evening, if you wish to do both. On most of my cruises, morning pick-up meant laundry return that evening. As soon as you unpack on Embarkation Day, complete the laundry list (list and bag will be hanging in your closet above the wicker basket for shoe shines), save the pink copy, stuff your laundry bag, and leave it on your bed before you go to dinner. If you want to sleep late any morning, just hang your laundry bag on your door handle before you retire for the evening. Only on rare occasions will laundry be accepted on the day before you disembark but it never hurts to ask about one last laundry submission. Doing laundry twice a day may save you one piece of luggage.
  9. Your new Room Steward will arrive with a bellman's cart as soon as the departing occupants leave their stateroom on Disembarkation Day but your new room will not yet be ready for occupancy, just to receive your moved items. All of your hangup items will go on the bellman's cart but what items that are left will have to be packed in your suitcases. Hangup items will go into the new-stateroom closets and your other items left in your suitcases before you close the door. When you return after "in-transit" passengers are allowed to return to their staterooms, your room should be ready. This return is usually one hour before the new passengers start boarding. Keep your fingers crossed that the departing occupants of your new stateroom choose to be in the first groups off the ship.
  10. At the Front Desk or Neptune Lounge if you have access to the lounge. You can always bring your own hole puncher. Note that some cards are now pre-punched to accept lanyards.
  11. Here is the link for the Indian Vegetarian Menus: http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/indian-vegetarian-menus-7-day
  12. Westerdam SS staterooms are larger than Vista Suites on smaller HAL ships. Here are some images:
  13. On June 2, there were about 50 Mariners in the MDR for lunch if I remember correctly.
  14. As requested menu for Embarktion Day (scroll down): http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/here/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/KD-Embarkation-Day.pdf This was the same Embarkation Day MDR Mariner-only lunch menu served on the Westerdam last month.
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