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  1. Here is the current Room Service Breakfast options for staterooms other than Pinnacle/Neptune Suites that have a different card: http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/here/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Room-Service-Card-1.pdf
  2. I would attach the GoPro to the front railing of the sled with a flexible tripod and I don't think the musher would have any problem with it. You can carry a flexible tripod in your coat pocket. Another option would to ask the musher if you could attach it to the harness of a rear sled dog. I'm sure you would not be the first to ask. Of note, the sled seat is not padded so your backsides will not be very comfortable as you bounce over the snow. Hopefully, you have a GoPro 7 or 8 to take advantage of the better image stabilization.
  3. White Pass Railway and Dog Sledding will take you via bus to Caribou Crossing where you will have lunch, play with sled dog puppies, ride what appears to be a VW chassis pulled by sled dogs (not free), and visit the museum. A bus will take you south to Fraser where you will catch the train. On the return train trip, sit on the right side of the train as the left side view will be a rock wall. If you are a photographer, go out on the platform between train cars for unobstructed photos.
  4. Puerto Limon, Costa Rica canal egret.
  5. As I have done for most of my many cruises, I will be doing a live thread here on CC each day (starting May 3) where I will answer questions during my Alaska cruise days. Accessing my website from such a poor internet-connection area will not allow me to post menus until I return home May 16.
  6. Per the Nieuw Statendam Environmental Officer, individual-serving packaging and plastics are being eliminated due to their effect on the environment.
  7. Soda prices are $2.50/can. They will sell you 4 oz of soda over ice in a glass or a full can of soda with a glass filled with ice for the same price. Here is the current beverage menu: http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/here/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Bar-Menu.pdf
  8. Lobster night will always be on the second Gala Night of a 7-day cruise. Gala nights are usually on sea days or early-departure port days. They are not on the first or last nights or subsequent nights. The first and second Gala Night menus are the same throughout the HAL fleet. Here are menus for the first and second Gala Nights (Disregard the Club Orange Header): http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/here/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/NS-A-MDR-Day-03-Gala-Night.pdf http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/here/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/NS-A-MDR-Day-05-Gala-Night.pdf
  9. The same system happens in Alaska with menus for 7-day and 14-day itineraries but the menus are not the same as those for the Caribbean. I will be on a 14-day Alaska cruise the first week of May and will post the menus. I will do my best to obtain the 7-day series.
  10. My May 2020 Maasdam cruise switched from Haines to Skagway months ago. Great dogsledding in the snow in Skagway.
  11. Here is a link to my HAL triple-Danli last year that includes train ride, McKinley resort info/maps/menus, and park photos: http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/place/alaska-2/denali Spending 8 hours on the TWT was about the limit my backside could endure on a school bus. Adding additional hours to go all the way to the end of the line is not a backside option for me. I highly recommend Fly Denali, booked through HAL, for your free day with its circling of the big mountain and a landing in the snow.
  12. Veendam charter issue to verify: I just booked the Veendam for Nov 22 - Dec 6, 2020 out of Tampa. You have a full charter scheduled scheduled for Nov 20 through 27,2020 for the Veendam out of Tampa. Something appears to be amiss.
  13. The zodiac excursions for my May Maasdam cruise did not appear initially on the list of shore excursions but were added over several months. I got lucky to spot them when they first appeared. Since seating is very limited, they disappear quickly. Just keep checking.
  14. I booked three zodiac excursions this May in Alaska and will report my experiences here on the HAL Forum.
  15. In Alaska, Park Rangers will come aboard and spend most of the day in Club Hal with lots of show & tell items, history of Alaska, provide handouts, recruit junior park rangers, and provide personal descriptions of the scenery that the kids will be watching. This is especially the case in Glacier Bay. Both kids and adults will be thrilled with the Crab Fishing excursion aboard the Aleution Ballad (TV series Deadliest Catch fame) in Ketchikan and the stop to feed the lots of eagles enroute to the crab pots. HAL has ships in Alaska that vary from 2600 passengers down to 1200. The latter include stops at the smaller, less "touristy" ports where fishing is the dominate industry. I spent one afternoon in Kodiak on a fishing boat learning about kelp farming and photographing whales, otters, puffins, harbor seals, eagles, kittiwakes, and sea lions. Lots of history lessons and wildlife secrets that are not taught in schools. When choosing itinerary, first decide what you want to experience (scenery, hiking, wildlife observation, etc.), where you want to stop (big ports or smaller fishing ports), how many passengers with whom you want to compete for tables/activities (ship size), and budget. As to budget, anything involving flying (float planes or helicopters) to reach dogsledding in the mountains, glacier walking, and flightseeing are more expensive and sell out quickly due to limited seating. Enjoy your planning and feel free to ask lots of questions.
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