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  1. Lots to unpack in your post! What vaccine have you had? Have you been part of a test group? True, Florida numbers are lower than they were some time ago when they are horrendously scary. Today Florida had over 1900 new cases. More importantly, Florida has about 370,000 active cases. Plus it won't only be Floridians on your ship! Here in Toronto, Canada, we are worried that we are moving into the second wave.
  2. Who will pay for repatriation if that becomes necessary?
  3. The OP says that martinis are a favourite. Do the packages include them? BTW my husband likes the coffee martini on Oceania. Frances
  4. Can you tell us which cruise lines / ships you have tried?
  5. It is US cruises. Canadian cruises are still off limits too, because of Canadian government regulations.
  6. The Cruise Lines International Association has decided to wait until November for cruising again. Here is the list of members - https://cruising.org/en/cruise-lines And the August 5, 2020 press release. https://cruising.org/en/news-and-research/press-room/2020/august/clia-announces-third-voluntary-suspension-of-us-cruise-operations
  7. I should say the mask rule in Ontario is municipal, not provincial. And there are some protests about it. A minority though, I believe.
  8. Well, we certainly have been careful. We hadn't seen our family between March 8 and June 27, even though they are an hour away. But then we were allowed social circles of 10 - and monogamous circles! No one could be in more than one circle. My city, Toronto and surrounding area ( about 7 million) were held back a couple of weeks reopening restaurant patios. Not that we have been yet. Too cautious and want to wait until things are working smoothly. Even our Conservative premier (like state governor, I guess) has been listening to the public health officials - mostly.
  9. A COVID-19 test is a snapshot in time. You don't have it today but get it tomorrow. The tests will tell you if you are positive or not. And newer faster testing as you board the ship could be useful. But not a "passport" or a test that is a few days old.
  10. In the dining room and staterooms. (I rarely have a veranda.) I just found this - and have seen other media stories about it: "Cruise ships hit by coronavirus outbreaks have quickly found themselves with no ports for thousands of passengers as countries on four continents have quarantined vessels or kept them at sea for days. Keeping all the passengers on board instead of letting them disembark on land is a strategy that can backfire, however, according to experts, because the ventilation systems and close quarters of cruise ships make them ideal places for illness to jum
  11. I guess it is too early to consider when it will be safe to cruise again. Has Oceania done anything with air quality on board? Are any cruise lines suggesting age restrictions? This was suggested early on by some cruise lines. Frances
  12. The OP has a 2022 cruise. Just go to https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/490-marina-roll-calls/ Click on Start New Topic. Include date, name of cruise, perhaps Marina in the subject line. I suggest you use the name of the month rather than use number. Many Canadians, Brits, etc. get confused if with 01 11 2018. Is it January or November?!
  13. From the Vancouver Sun https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/covid-19-still-hope-for-vancouvers-cruise-ship-season-but-some-lines-have-cancelled-for-2020/wcm/936fefc4-c277-46de-bcdd-8bf7569a138e/amp/
  14. We got a dozen mixed bottles from Le Sommelier through Wine Align https://www.winealign.com/exchange/141-Restaurant+Relief+Cases Not cheap but good wine. Delivered to our door! We also thought of but didn’t order from Ontario wineries. https://winecountryontario.ca/direct-to-home/ Frances
  15. BTW, the population of Ontario is just under 15 million. And today we had 294 new cases. Frances
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