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  1. We cancelled the transfers since it seems that our 6am arrival and 2pm departure for home sounds like it will give us plenty of time to get taxis. We will either have breakfast and relax at the airport hotel (will it be easy to find?) or maybe take a taxi to another hotel near the cruise terminal. I will be checking out these hotels - any suggestions will be welcomed. Thanks for the advice.
  2. Is there a deadline for when you can cancel transfers and be refunded the costs? I'm sure it's hard to predict, but do you think we would have a long wait for a taxi from the airport? And what about the taxi from the ship back to airport at end of cruise? (Our flight home is not until afternoon.) Thanks for your suggestions.
  3. I will be on a Riviera cruise, Miami to Miami, with my 86 year old dad. Our less than ideal travel plans include a red-eye flight that arrives at 6am. We have an Oceania transfer to, I guess, the cruise terminal? And then a long wait before we embark at 1pm. This will not be easy for my impatient father. He is already worrying about where we will get breakfast, etc. So I would like to know if anyone who may have experienced this wait has any suggestions on how to make it as pleasant as possible. I am wondering what is available in the terminal, and is there somewhere to get breakfast? Will we be in charge of our suitcases until we embark or will Oceania take them from us at the terminal? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Thank you, wp bob, for the shuttle info. It will be very helpful in planning for our next cruise. We don't have a full day in Lisbon - the ship leaves at 3pm. On a past cruise I had two bad experiences with shuttles on days with earlier departures. People hurrying to get on the shuttles back to the ship were rude, pushing, etc. Did you experience anything like that at Lisbon? Approximately how far was the walk back to the ship from the town square that you mentioned?
  5. Rain is in the forecast for our upcoming trip on the Marina. I think there was an umbrella in the closet . . . but I just wanted to check and be sure. Am I right?
  6. We have never eaten a meal in our room but were considering it for our next trip. We were wondering how hot the food is by the time it arrives (silly question, I know, but my dad doesn't like cooled-off food, which is why we have avoided room service in the past.)
  7. We will be on the Marina - sorry, I should have specified that!
  8. Just received our precruise packets and the list of amenities for our PH1 does not include a DVD player. I was wondering if there are DVD players in PH1s and, if so, where does one get the DVDs?
  9. I was wondering how many weeks before a cruise does Oceania mail out their pre-cruise packets of info?
  10. Thanks for your answers. I like to plan ahead since my time wil be limited and it helps to know where my starting point will be. And I will definitely visit Santa Croce!
  11. If anyone has taken this excursion I would like to know where the Drop-off/Pick-up point was in order to plan my day most efficiently.
  12. Aruba: We were leaving Roma from the Marina last April, using a service that our travel agent set up for us. There were 2 or 3 other ships also disembarking passengers and there was some kind of traffic jam and all the transport trying to get to the ship was delayed. We were waiting quite a while, and when we got to the airport we were the last passengers to board the plane. Needless to say it was not a pleasant experience, worrying about making the flight. I don't know if Oceania transfers have some kind of guarantee to get you on your scheduled flight and if they don't they will take care of arranging another flight?
  13. The most current correspondence from Oceania lists our Rome hotel as the Ambasciatori Palace on the Via Veneto. Most comments I have read say the hotel restaurant and the other restaurants on that street are expensive, but I can look for other options the afternoon we arrive if we will have time the following AM. On the hotel web site I don't see breakfast listed as an amenity. The Marina departs at 6 PM. Thanks for all the help. It is just a small detail but it's good to know ahead of time.
  14. Thanks for the information. I am traveling with my 84 year old dad and he will be worried about getting breakfast. Will we have time to eat somewhere besides an expensive hotel buffet or will that be our only safe choice? We are generally early risers.
  15. After spending our one pre-cruise night at a hotel in Rome (provided by Oceania), I am wondering how soon the following morning Oceania will be taking us to the ship. Do they give us any more time to sightsee in the AM or will they be getting us to the ship early? (We are using Oceania transfers.) Thanks for sharing any experience.
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