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  1. We were told on a Celebrity cruise by the crew when we did this that they just loved it. They said they rarely get access to treats like chocolate bars and that many of them love American candy. They said if they didn't like it, they would pass it on to a friend who did. We've been on several Christmas cruises and I always take the bars wrapped in the Christmas colors. They always say something about it. I was just wondering if Oceania crew were just on a different level and might not see it the same way.
  2. We always give them a mention in the reviews if they have done a great job. We might do the envelope with the extra cash at the end. Thanks for the suggestions.
  3. We have cruised several different lines. This is our first cruise on Oceania. I always buy some chocolate bars of different types and take $1 bills. Any time we have someone come to our cabin for anything, I take one of those bills, wrap it around the chocolate bar and "tip" the person. Someone on these boards suggested it years ago as something he did. I have found it gets us really great service and builds a small relationship with the people who work in housekeeping and such. Over the years, the ship workers have thanked us at the end for these tips. Is this something that would be frowned upon on Oceania, or do the ship employees enjoy small things like this, too? I don't want to offend them as they all work so hard. Thanks for the information.
  4. Thank you so much to everyone who posted. We chose a ship tour. Let us hope that it doesn't get held up!
  5. We are on Oceania in June for the Panama Canal. One of our stops is Acapulco. We are TX residents and have been told by visitors to Mexico that Acapulco is very dangerous. We have heard news reports here of people being robbed at gun point on the beach. What can you safely do in Acapulco? Thanks.
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