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  1. Said the person who is all.... OOPS
  2. The new Wonder of the Seas℠ unlocks the best of Japan, one adventure-fueled day at a time. You’ve never seen Asia like this. Start your journey into the East on our boldest ship ever in vibrant Shanghai, where neon-lit skyscrapers share streets with centuries-old Buddhist temples. Hike the foothills of Mount Fuji during an extended visit in Shimizu. And explore Tokyo’s traditional side in the historic Asakusa district. In between shores, China’s first Oasis Class ship brims with thrills on every deck — like the tallest slide at sea, Ultimate Abyss℠, unforgettable performances at the AquaTheater, and world-class dining to please every palate. Be among the first to chase adventure east onboard the new Wonder of the Seas, arriving in Shanghai 2022.
  3. I was looking at the RCI web page and it is now showing that you can “be among the first to chase adventure east onboard the new Wonder of the Seas, arriving in Shanghai 2022. Wonder if that will really happen and I wonder when if ever they will sail passage on the Wonder? Sorry for the overuse of the word Wonder. jc
  4. Of course you do. Said with complete understanding. jc
  5. Yeah, Med cruises are killers, get up early, take a two hour bus ride, walk around in a frenzy, get back on bus for two hour ride, probably fall asleep on the way back. Get on the ship take a quick shower dress, unlike Erby, go to the diamond lounge have an small handful of non-virgin cocktails, dinner (unlike Erby) have a glass or maybe two of wine. Maybe go to the show depending... and then go to bed, repeat at 5:30AM
  6. Great Review, Erby! I have been wondering about your “upcoming” trip since at least last year. Thank you for sharing. jc
  7. So, way way back in the day... because of the challenge of staffing ships, I always used to say the mantra of, I don’t really want to be on the first sailing after a dry dock or the first sailing on a new ship because the crew is not quite ready. I can only imagine what the first sailings, if and when we ever go sailing again are going to be like. Yikes. jc
  8. We don’t see much of that these days. Excitement about booking a cruise we may or may not take is hard for many of us to muster. I am happy for your happiness, despite this. jc
  9. How would you sneak in? Either your key works or it doesn’t? I can’t imagine unless my cabin was nearby the CL walking all the way back there to wait for someone to open the door then walk in? I did intentionally book a cabin on deck 12 just about 8 doors away from the CL on the Ovation for the TransPacific sailing in 2019. Got a notification sometime prior to boarding that D+ would not be allowed. It didn’t really affect me except for not being able to get a coffee in the morning with a convenient walk, versus the serious hike down to the DL. I tried my key one time it didn’t work, and I didn’t see any way to sneak in. jc
  10. Triple sec is to Grand Marnier what orange Koolaid is to fresh squeezed Florida orange juice while standing in an orange grove. It is barely a tolerable ingredient in a bad margarita. JC
  11. They have some form of Irish cream for sure. Not sure it is actually Bailey’s brand. I am a Grand Marnier guy, and they never have offered me that in the DL... which means they have forced me into a life of crime and malfeasance over the years.
  12. Ditto... Even on the Symphony TA when I would show up at 6AM and the line was a dozen long....
  13. We had a Jr Suite on the Ovation sailing from Singapore to Tianjin in 2017... and when we got to our cabin, we noticed two cabin numbers outside our door... Opened the door, found a door to the right and a door straight on. The gentleman in the single cabin to the right said, hello (I think he was an Aussie) we spoke to him twice again during the cruise and never heard a sound from his cabin. That is a strange arrangement, but was great to carve a little space for a single cruiser like that. Our bathroom separated between our beds, pretty nice layout. Our cabin was small but we had a great balcony, not tiny small, but definitely not as large as some Freedom class aft Jr Suites. JC
  14. Nope, never seen a Skoda not even one time on a US highway. jc
  15. I watched a tv show tonight on AWE DVRd a while back on the Carnival Horizon... not a horrible ship, but everything about it reminded me of our only Carnival cruise.... Yikes. jc
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