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  1. So, because of the value it had to be signed for, so I had it held at the UPS office today, picked it up at 3:30PM packed for the lake. Wife came home what the heck is that, new toy I replied. 10 minutes later exactly what kind of new toy do you have? I said a surf board on top of a hydrofoil. Reply from the DW... I knew it was some sort of crappy surfboard thing, are you nuts? On the drive to the lake we passed an ambulance, O good the ambulance is ready to take you to the hospital I hear. In the morning assembly, watch a you tube. Take the cover off the boat rewatch the you tube on how to surf it... then off to... Will let you know how it goes if I am able. jc
  2. Ok, I have been watching this thread for several hours, and I feel compelled to help. (Not at all sure that I am healthy because of this) I have been to Norway in June and in February. I am not a people from Norway... but I am not sure that there is any time when you would say it is sunny in Norway. In February, the sun was sort of shining on the mountains over there, and it was sort or light out, but I wasn’t worried about getting a sunburn. In June we had a cold rain one day and lots of sunshine the rest of the time with the temperatures around 70F or 21C for a high. What I am trying to say, carefully, is that your post seems a bit challenging. Why don’t you start over? Maybe say I would like to go to Norway, when is the weather most likely to be pleasant. Or when do you think I can go to Nashville and see a concert. just trying to help. jc
  3. As MM says, we have stayed in aft cabins on many of the Voyager and Freedom class balconies, and I love them. The ships all look the same the only differences are the individual balconies view (ie the super structure you look thru). I love the huge size of them. If I were to book one of them today, an aft balcony would be my first choice. jc
  4. Where I have seen them (never been to one) they are where the land is flat and making lakes big enough for boats is hard. We are blessed (cursed) with tremendous ancient mountains the Ozarks which if you put a dam up along the rivers make for excellent deep water lakes. My sonar says that just a few hundred yards in front of my cabin it is over 130 feet deep. When you are cruising along charting the bottom peaks soar up from 100 feet below to suddenly just 20 feet below. There is a cove we particularly like, it is a short 10 minute easy ride from our cabin, where the turtles are trained when a boat drops anchor to come out to because you will get fed. Where we park in the cove it is less than 50 yards wide, yet there is over 50 feet of water below the deck.
  5. Here is a video of how to do it. I think it should definitely be something a FlowRider would like. that said, as you youth, I was a really expert slalom water skier, and as a youth I was a very solid snow skier. So when I did the FlowRider I just knew I could do it easily.... Turns out the FlowRider is very hard... took me many cruises to get to the point I thought I would be the first day.... I hope that mastering this new toy is not that hard!!!! https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=yfp-t&p=slingshot+wake+foil+video#id=7&vid=ad1d2c5034ec439a9a9930a7fc98bd23&action=click JC
  6. It was on the news... that is like having a direct conversation with god don’t you know.. only eclipsed by a conversation on twitter by someone who knew someone. jc
  7. So, if farmers quit working and truck drivers quit driving, food will magically appear in stores? Wow... gotta love science. At some point if everyone is locked down on their little apartment... how do the things we all need to survive get produced? It is one thing to close Disney land it is another to close a factory or a meat packing plant. So much for my premise being dead wrong. We the majority of the people on the planet depend (possibly in the near future, desperately) on those who produce things and stuff. We can pretend that we are all good and it doesn’t matter, but the reality is a tiny fraction of humanity feed the entire of humanity... what happens when they quit? jc
  8. It should as long as we continue to protect the at risk elderly and those with serious health issues. Young people are not safe social distancing in any shape form or fashion here in the USA and probably no where they are completely invincible. So, whether we develop herd immunity or not, they are probably doing what they are biologically programmed to do. Which is try to get herd immunity. Well that and getting la##. 🤣 (self-edited) jc
  9. Deaths from Covid19 in the USA are almost not even at epidemic level and way short of pandemic level. I think we will all learn to live with this virus or we will all kill ourselves in the streets when the food is no longer in the grocery stores. I am afraid leaders all over the world will opt for the latter option. jc
  10. Not at our lake. Those are probably more popular in florida. I have seen a few in the Midwest but nothing around here. My tritoon does have a small table for 4 restaurant a couple of coolers full of drinks and snacks. We usually have sandwiches, French cheese (mimolette) pickles, chips, fresh fruit, and adult libations. Not sure why I said bought it 3 weeks ago, as we have had it since Memorial Weekend. The bionic bar is replaced by me, although beyond lemonade and vodka or gin and tonic, I mostly only pour wine. jc
  11. I just ordered a FlowRider replacement for surfing on the ships. Am I insane? Anyone ever done this? Should I cancel it? It is called a Slingshot Hover Glide Foil Wake V3. You can do it behind virtually any boat. I bought a new tritoon about 3 weeks ago since cruising and vacations are no longer a thing, so I keep adding toys. I couldn’t afford a wake surfing boat, nor could I retire to the beach to surf there, so this is my latest thought. Yes I know I am insane. Anyway, would love to hear thoughts and opinions about my current insanity. jc
  12. Obviously, I am in that group. Of course, not being retired hampers my ability to enjoy nearly as many. jc
  13. Yes, but he is the Pezz and he is on and off the ship every other week and he probably had Star class the last cruise. I gathered that he sailed on his own some weeks (slumming) and with his wife (not slumming). Of course, when you steal jewels insured by Loyds of London for a living with the inside help of Scotland Yard, you don’t worry about a few things like rules and laws. Of course as a high school principle from Jersey... you probably do exactly the same as a jewel thief. I am not judging... just mixing fantasies told by Pezz and about Pezz jc
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