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  1. On the Allure there were so many keys sold that they serve embarkation day lunch in one of the main dining rooms. We ate a Giovannis in January jc
  2. Have you ever used Uber? The way it works is within the Uber app, you can actually see where your Uber driver is, what car they are in, the color, the driver’s name etc. So, you look at your phone and watch it approach. Funny last cruise in FLL, we had an Uber coming, and we were staying at the Hyatt place on 17th... he kept getting close, and I would tell the others here he comes, and he would turn and go the other way... I think he was struggling a bit finding a pretty easy spot, but traffic is heavy on cruise morning. If you use the app it is obvious when they are there, I assume Lyft is the same way, I haven’t used Lyft because Uber gives me a $15 a month credit thru my Amex Platinum card. So, I rarely use any of these services, and when I do I use Uber. It is not necessarily better. JC
  3. The one device 7 day package I bought was in my name. When I did a 2 day package I used her name. jc
  4. So, on our recent Allure cruise, since it was 7 days I cheaped out and only bought 1 internet package, knowing that we are D+ and had a lot of time for free. So, when we got on board I logged in using the Voom letter in our cabin, then about day 5 or 6 I created a new log-in using our D+ credentials and had two devices for the last couple of days. It all worked. JC
  5. I agree that the DL change would be easier. That said, in two weeks, you can easily get an expedited passport. Find a good passport expediting company, and pay a couple of hundred for a passport and you will be good to go. On the other hand is father-in-law ok with having the cabin to himself, then the worst case scenario is MIL stays home. I don’t know about you, but I could probably live with that scenario....🤣 jc
  6. When do you leave? I am betting that 99% likely that the misspelled BC or DL will not be a problem. My wife was able to fly a few years ago when she left both her drivers license and passport at home, but she had a work ID and a credit card. A bit of a moment but they let her fly.
  7. Ah... I would think that she would still be ok, but that is problematic. It might even be problematic getting a passport, but I assume not insurmountable. jc
  8. I can’t imagine that a 3 night cruise would require a passport. Wouldn’t a birth certificate and a driver’s license be enough? And, a BC will never match the name of a married woman and her drivers license. jc
  9. Totally agree. Save the splurges when you approach 80 points. jc
  10. I have never done this, but i am certain your TA can do it. JC
  11. Try a royal ship with a royal promenade. Quite the festivity. We did the Symphony TA in 2018. Amazing amount of costumes and the quality was off the charts. jc
  12. So, we need to put a bubble over the ship, because some people are too something to understand falling from the 14th deck is bad? Wow.... simply wow. jc
  13. I was swabbed for the flu about 10 years ago, and I didn’t know the results for several days. I don’t think it is quite that simple jc
  14. Not to mention when you get to 350, he can cruise as a third in another cabin while you book a suite and you get bazillion adders. Learned that last year sailing transpacific. jc
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