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  1. So, what is the amped wave on Allure like, I am hoping it is not the unhinged balloon it was when we sailed the Allure in January 2020. I really hope it bares no resemblance to the Odyssey’s wave…. So, what does the Allure wave look like since I am sailing her in December?
  2. So, despite it being available for me to give RCI a short term loan, it really doesn’t exist. Thank you! jc
  3. OMG, you have just posted a logic foul. Logic is never allowed in this kind of thread this is all about spewing. Get your bile out of your throat and toss it into the forum. jc JMHO and YMMV
  4. With a name like yours, I would think we should be asking the questions! sigh….
  5. Don’t think I have been gone…. Just CC acting weird for me. Very weird
  6. Russ Lomas, that is one messed up surface. I agree with Biker19. I am now officially unhappy, and I am scheduled to be on the Odyssey for 3 weeks in 2022. I can only imagine how that middle one will screw up your ride.
  7. Yes, doesn’t seem to answer the double question. For half the question it means one thing and for the other half it means the other thing.
  8. So, what are these new seams and where are they? I remember hating the Liberty of the Seas, because there was a significant difference in the wave from the two pumps, one was slightly higher and it caused a line and a dead spot in the middle that really screwed up my timing and rhythm. JC
  9. Yeah, us oldies need 4 or 5 in the line. On the Anthem in 2016 sailing to Canada from NYC, there were several sessions with just me and staff, it is where I went from being ok to actually being able to surf the wave and develop rhythm and ride the top of the wave. I even had time to practice the stuff I don’t like, launching from the top and spins. I don’t like these things because they are not natural to me. I grew up water skiing a very straight forward sport and snow skiing slightly less straight forward but still natural. I think top of the wave launch and tricks are skateboarders and snowboarders things. I like carving, and I am boring on the wave.
  10. It is showing for my December 11 cruise. Which is why I started the thread after I checked in for my sailing. I would think they might cancel it, but 90 days of $400 beats 90 days of not having $400 to RCI most likely. 😆
  11. You are killing me. I mean actually killing me. Riding all day would be a heavenly experience for a few members of this forum. JC
  12. Does anyone know or could share their letter when they purchased the Key on any of the cruises since the Covid restart has begun. How are they handling embarkment lunch? JC
  13. Agree, I remember before they had the lounges, just the event in a bar like the dungeon, and the only thing available was cheap wine and a discount on a mixed drink. With the weird nut mix and not hold cold snacks. I believe it was called the nightly Diamond event.
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