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  1. Yeah, I was surprised at how well enforced the Alaska (USA) Canada was enforced on the train there. We are so screwed... jc
  2. Other than port days why bother? Good grief.. jc=
  3. When does this amplification occur? I know I am a dumb bottom, as everyone else knows this but me... jc
  4. That is crazy... what does one have to do with the other? Lawyers, good grief. jc
  5. Eventually they may figure it out. That said, who knows. JC
  6. So completely depends on the ship. The newer big ships the internet is fast, the older big ships.... um... the older smaller ships the internet is pretty much awful. It, also, depends where on the planet you are. Going to Norway, not so good, going to the Bahamas pretty good. jc
  7. So, Tokyo is a lovely place. We stayed at the grand Hyatt next to the city government building. They treated us really well. There was nice park next to the hotel, and we went to the top of the city government twin towers which provided great views of the city. Tokyo is like the largest population city on the planet.... so you need to figure out what you want to see and do. We were blessed to be there during the cherry blossoms in April. Lovely. The locals do not speak English, some in the big hotels do, outside of the hotel, the people are very polite, but most can’t speak a lick of English anymore than most of us speak a lick of Japanese. It is a challenging city to visit because of that. jc
  8. That has been my personal experience. Somehow when I run out of money on my card, I have to give it a reason to the let the games let me play. Never was I able to just keep playing while the bill ran up. Can kids with a card with a no charge charge arcade charges, heck if I know. I just know if I as an adult try to play past whatever credit I have it requires me to make a transaction. So, despite, being called a child hater, and just a general piece of cr&p.... I don’t buy the kids just kept playing.... They willingly said, give me more credits. JMHO, and YMMV... I don’t know I wasn’t there.... jc
  9. My guess is the kids borrowed a parents card and refilled it... jc
  10. Sorry, Bob. That sucks. Although, I must say I haven’t uses an IPod for a few years. At this point, I would say here is my IPod please take. Sorry, that is me being funny. JFK was not awesome... and when we connected thru JFK to go to Munich in 1986..... it was even worse. jc
  11. Nope I wasn’t on an immersion cruise, just a transitional cruise. There were no charges for these activities because we were not sailing from China. Ifly, Northstar, etc... .all free jc
  12. That was my experience. On the Anthem in 2016, we made 5 or 6 flights on a 9 day cruise, one booked pre-cruise. On the Ovation in 2017, we made three flights on 16 day cruise, one booked pre cruise. On the Ovation 2019 on a 16 day cruise we got two flights, one booked pre-cruise. Since I spent hours on the flowrider, it was shocking how often they had groups of 3 to 5, and how many flights the instructors and staff took. Truly, a different world from the Anthem.... jc
  13. O’Hare is all screwed up too, as they are working on the International terminal. You really need about 3 hours to have a cushion if connecting in Chicago for International flight or returning home. We had 3-1/2 hours coming back from Norway in February, and we ended up having about 30 minutes to spare. I asked the bus driver how long he thought this mess would take before it went back to normal and he said 4 years. I hope he is wrong. jc
  14. I thought they had done a remodel of JFK? I fly thru DFW a lot and have for the last 30 years... they used to have a train that was about twice as slow as walking. They fixed that about 2 decades ago, with a very quick train between terminals. I last flew into JFK 3 years ago, and yes it was still pretty awful, but fortunately I wasn’t connecting. jc
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