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  1. O good lord. People give it a rest. It will eventually end up in a court. Until then let’s focus on the events and the facts. When you say that a certifiable worthless lawyer has value, realize, 90% of the people immediately think you are clueless. Just trying to help your understand. This is a tragedy, it is not Judge Judy. As I said before, Quit. Quit, telling people not to do things that are dangerous. Quit judging what you probably know nothing about. Quit, trying to destroy a business and an industry. Just quit. Can we talk about what actually happened without declaring whatever your evil heart wants to impress on all of us, dumb people? jc
  2. The amount of speed they can turn up the wind to is the key. That said, if you were over the limit you are very lucky to have gotten the chance to fly. jc
  3. Quit. People like to do things that are exciting and dangerous. Quit being our nanny. Quit judging. You are condemning people to your crappy lives where you sit and never do. Where you judge but never accomplish. Quit !!!!!!!! seriously, take a chill pill. jc
  4. New Zealand has their equivalent to Yellowstone (ie a bubbling smoking caldera) at the same port stop. On our first cruise that stopped at Tauranga, we visited the thermal features near Rotorua. White Island the Bay or Plenty Rotorua are all part of the same gigantic volcanic feature. They sell a book describing the various ways dumb tourists have died in Yellowstone. jc
  5. We drove to El Tiede when we were there 13 years ago. Looked a lot like the surface of Mars. Good way to spend a day. Of course, we were on the island for about 2 weeks, so we had lots of time. jc
  6. Yeah this is a very complicated disaster. Very difficult to cope with. jc
  7. Thanks for the update on this. I can only imagine the mother’s anguish. JC
  8. I want to congratulate CC management for reopening this thread. Good job. I am saddened by this tragedy, and this is a good resource for information about it. jc
  9. On a ship where it is standard procedure to put your bag in the hallway the last night of the cruise? Cruises are different from hotels. Just seems a bit of tempest in a teapot to me. jc
  10. I probably subscribe to that. If I saw my bag, 100 yards from my cabin, I would grab it and wheel it home. And be happy to have found it. jc
  11. Please don’t send yourself to the corner wait until the bad people send you there. If you don’t get caught being bad, why should you be punished? jc
  12. If people are willing to pay, more power to both parties,. I am out. jc=
  13. If it had a flowrider, I would book a cruise to South Africa. jc
  14. Could this be because of the Wonder, transitioning to China at this time? Combined with low booking numbers? jc
  15. I appreciate you posting the dailies. The flowrider is generally something you either love and are driven to do or have your experience. You need to be a glutton for pain and discomfort, which I am to persevere on the flowrider. jc
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