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  1. People are swearing to me that they only bought it for one in their cabin. I am not saying everyone has the key on their card. I have no idea. I just know that people I have met and tend to believe tell me they bought it only for themselves. There is no way for me to know. I do know when I bought the key, I bought my key with the company credit card and my wife’s key with my personal credit card. So, it is not hard for me to imagine not doing the second transaction. I did it because I thought those were the rules. That said, I believe the people I have talked to. JC
  2. The North Star is handled on the Ovation exactly like the Bumper Cars. IE show up when it is open and stand in line. I haven’t done either, but looked at both lines and did something else. That would be when Star class would be nice. I am dissappointed that neither is offered with the key. It does look like gettin off in Tahiti with the Key will be nice if you need off early. Will let you know when we get to Bora Bora. Biker is probably 100% accurate on the flowrider rules. I got into a discussion with one of the managers, a couple of days ago, when he got onto somebody at the front of the line for not holding the stupid plastic flowboard shaped signs that points out the dangers and rules of the flowrider. He showed up again the next day, and I again whined. I told him it is the dumbest thing I have ever seen, and I have never seen it on other ships. Jasper (who sails more in a year than I do in a lifetime corrected me and said they had the dumb things on other ships.). Anyway there were none in the line today. They cancelled the 9AM advanced due to weather it is windy and rough, but it has been exactly same windy and rough everyday. So, we were told we could book Ifly again after day 7 or 8. Ifly was closed all day. We went back to book it and they said not until we leave Tahiti which tomorrow is the first of 3 days. Today was day 8. Stupid. Anyway, I hear rock music blasting from the flowrider sound system to walk up at about 10:30AM and see a line of 25 people. GRRR..... so off to the cabin to gear up. Got back about 15 minutes later and was able to do 2 runs in the remaining 2+ hours. It was 79 today. This is the future. Tomorrow Papeete. Advanced session from 9-11. I will do that session, then we will wander around the port of Papeete. Yesterday the key session had 7 people 3 of which had never appeared before. I truly don’t get it. Yesterday, was the day Bob (aka CruisinBob in this forum) and the two ladies finally agreed upon for our hour. It didn’t start until 20 minutes after the key and after 6 hours and the falling temps I bailed after about the 4th run with about 15 minutes left. I was exhausted after 6 hours standing in line. Not to mention we had Chops at 6:30PM and I needed drinks in the DL prior....🏄‍♂️ JC
  3. Hi Al that is an insane price Barely worth the 19.99 I paid. People in the Key line only bought it for one in the cabin. Their IT department is horrible jc
  4. I misspoke, there are 6 key flowrider sessions. You have to look at the little chart more carefully than I did initially. Advanced today 9-10, regular 10-2 (except the clocks moved forward an hour so four hours today total. Tomorrow I have the key and following that a private session at 5:15, I hope it warms up!!!! Today is the first day that we have mostly wispy clouds so it may be warming. A shower hit the flowrider just before start up. Then it started clearing. Woke up to 72 F 22C this morning, it is the same now. Which seems weird that it doesn’t get hotter. They handed out chocolate Easter Eggs in the WJ (the only lunch spot opened after 2pm (along with 270 cafe). I had roast turkey for lunch. jc
  5. I mis spoke (typed) a while back there are 6 key sessions for the flowrider on our 16th night sailing. JC
  6. Brilliant post. People post this just to wind the forum up. Works everytime. jc
  7. O, and the cover band is an INX band. Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to see them yet. jc
  8. Ha! Yes, eating, drinking and the flowrider. Saw the production show something dream that we saw two years ago, We watched the piano player, a magician, and the comedian has been doing stand-up most days for a couple of hours. He is definitely a work in progress as far as surfing goes. We went to the Hush disco last night. Got back to the room to watch the St Louis Blues beat the Winnipeg Jets as I was falling asleep. JC<————— avoids full on reviews these days, but is always happy to comment on just about any aspect.
  9. Hmm.... got a notification Biker had posted but nothing new here. jc
  10. So, yesterday we got 6 hours on the wave, including an announced advanced session at 8AM. Regular 9-11, regular 2-4PM then the key at 4. There were 10 in the key line 5 of which were boogie. Father and son, and 3 single men. We told them again, that there are no lines mid day and the temps are much warmer for boogie then. That they should really try stand-up during this session because the line will never be this short any other time. This time we convinced them to try. They did ok. Yesterday was Groundhog Day. We got our second Saturday. Today there is an Easter Service somewhere on the ship. Advanced stand-up at 9AM. jc
  11. I doubt I could convince the DW to take two TAs the same year. jc
  12. I am hungry, and have another 20 minutes until Chic opens for lunch. jc
  13. Yeah, on my first or second Oasis cruise they painted it overnight and it was treacherous standing in the gutter. Wonder if they will paint it when they have the time in Honolulu. We had an 8AM advanced session. Then 2 hours. Then another 2 hours at 2PM, then I have the key at 4. jc
  14. Hello Scotland! I will be definitely bringing my wetsuit with me to your side of the pond. jc
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