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  1. I was told by our Concierge on board one of our DAM ships 3 years ago, that they have a lost and found. If the lost clothing is not claimed (no idea on time frame) they donate the lost items to a Charitable Organization in another Country (not USA). I'm thinking 3rd World was mentioned... Joanie
  2. Slightly off topic...(Though it could be a cruise if you take a one way cruise to or from Seward or Anchorage and visited Katmai.) Anyway, I had to make a note of your signature QUOTE "Veni Vidi Velcro I came; I saw; I stuck around"UNQUOTE I miss seeing him....Velcro. I hope he's OK and maybe, just maybe we'll see him again. I cannot forget him at the first time his mother 273 brought him to the Falls. He was so scared and attached himself to his mom just like velcro, hence his nickname. Joanie WOW as I added the BF Island below, I came to the realization he's been around for 4 years now...Definitely a big boy now:)
  3. And then he helps to propagate the comment/complaint without checking such things in the photo such as; no wake or bow splitting (for lack of correct maritime wording) of the water it is pointed into. The whales are moving (swimming) down the side of the ship, their movement not showing sign(s) of distress, such as diving for safety in lower depths. Add to that the fact that their expulsion of air are straight up and again not showing signs that they are trying to get away from the ship. He propagates the misinformation/complaint that whomever started. For what it is worth....Optical Illusions Joanie
  4. I'd like to point out that the complaint is by a Lawyer known to pursue law suits against the Cruise Industry. I'm not sure of the slang term for Lawyers who chase ship. But "Ambulance Chasers" sounds just as good whether Ship or Car is involved. Joanie
  5. Ain't it great to have awesome PCC's:) Ours has never steered us wrong in more than 11 years:) Joanie
  6. I wish I could. However, no matter how I try, changing Font, font size, color, etc., my posts all look the same (to me) as everyone else's (except RuthC's) This problem only came to light since CC went to this new forum:( Joanie
  7. OMG!!! There are people hanging from the ropes that tie the ship to the docks!!!!!!!! Joanie
  8. Yes I do........ I miss cruising with the fantastic crews who treated me as a Surrogate mother ( I have 15 bar servers as my adopted sons.) I miss the camaraderie of being aboard with others enjoying their cruise as much as I. Being waited on hand and foot, and just the Joie de Vive (Spelling for French "Love of Life"?) I felt on HAL. In all my cruising, I never ever wanted to try any other line. I loved HAL from our very first cruise and refused to switch to another because I Knew in my heart they would not compare in my mind. So why try and be miserable. So stick with what I knew and be happy:) Unfortunately, I can no longer cruise, so I live vicariously through hubbys Almost Live Blogs and those that post their reviews and such. Joanie
  9. Yes he not only confirmed it, but was able to scan it and send me a copy. Joanie
  10. Don't forget the time the Bridge called us in the early (and I do mean early) morning hours to see if we were OK because they were receiving a Fire Alert from our bathroom. They asked if one of us had been smoking in there (smoking was not allowed in the staterooms, only on the verandah.) If I remember correctly, they sent an Officer to double check. It was a false alarm which we could live with because it showed they paid attention to all fire alarms, no matter if they are false or not. @ RocketMan275 What part of Huntsville? We've been stationed there twice:) Joanie
  11. I sure hope not. He's only been gone from home for 1 day and I miss him already......... Joanie
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