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  1. I copied theses to Facebook, but gave you credit. lol I copy a lot to FB, they are so funny.
  2. It's been all over the internet. Celebrity copied from some where also. It doesn't matter, it is meant to add some humor. IMO
  3. Thank you. I did not know about the OBC for your pre purchases.
  4. So you are saying, if I have purchased a dining or drink package, I will get 125% on that besides the 125% FCC.?? I just thought you got 125% FCC and all pre-purchased items were refunded to original payment method..
  5. you weren't imagining it. Hopefully he will return in a few weeks. Everyone enjoyed his post and of course pictures of Bella.
  6. I would post his insta thingy site but it will probably be removed. Look at his old post in his signature line.
  7. Let me get this straight. Apparently I am a little dense. If RCC cancels my cruise and I take FCC, is it issued in 2 separate names or one for the total cruise fare.?? If issued in 2 separate names, can each certificate be applied to the same names in future booking as long as it is the same 2 passengers? Went back and reread all replies and it seems that I can apply each certificate to each named person on a future cruise. Thanks
  8. Thank you for allowing us to accompany you on this adventure. Loving all the scenery along the way.
  9. I gave up trying schedule my dining times, so now, I just call them and they do it for me.
  10. Have 4 cruises booked for 2021. Also 2 booked in 2022. We still have 2 booked for later this year. I'm an optimist. All booked before the Covid19. We do not have to fly.
  11. Thank you for reposting. I had just tried to access it, but got this message. You do not have permission to view this content. I googled it and now I have the video. Thank you.
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