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  1. While the Grandeur might be an older ship and showing her age, the crew were always painting the exterior and fixing any issues that were showing. Will be interesting to see what the Enchantment looks like in comparison.
  2. Forgot my card one time and used husbands when we checked in. No problem
  3. Of course we know the Grandeur has a great DL. Hopefully they are going to move it to a more favorable place because s we all know Grandeur's DL uses a lot of South Pacific. Will be interesting. Let me also add that the crew of the Grandeur are the best and hopefully the Enchantment's crew will be also which I am sure they will be.
  4. Will be sad to see the Grandeur go. We have 2 B2B's on her this year and next plus a couple single. Was on the Enchantment when she was in Baltimore. Nice ship, but when they stretched her they did not make room in the theater or other venues for the extra passengers. We have cruised on the Oasis and Freedom class but prefer the Grandeur. Can't imagine the DL being utilized by all like on the Grandeur. Times change and I guess we will have too also.
  5. Thanks for taking the time to post your videos and answer questions. Keep up the good work. Maybe someday I will get to meet you in person, until then keep us informed with your posts and vlogs.
  6. Thanks for posting the video. We will be going there next month.
  7. Enjoy your cruise. Your photos and information was outstanding. I'll have to make a list of all your excursions while waiting to board. Very informative. Thank you.
  8. I agree with Biker19, a lot smaller than I expected.
  9. As long as it works for you, that is all that counts. I have always used cdp. Never even thought to look for another site. lol OT: I see we will be cruising together in Feb. Looking forward to it.
  10. Just checked and not being maintained as reported above.
  11. Are the Diamond and Diamond plus pins alike.?? The reason for asking is that we never got one when we turned Diamond. Once we became Plus we got one, so we don't know what the other looks like. Hubby wears his on suit jacket.
  12. Can't add anything new to the discussion. Our longest was 21 nights. For me, the longer the better.
  13. I live in Maryland and can't get it either.
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