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  1. On Grandeur now and non alcholic frozen drink allowed in Diamond Lounge. Cruiser also ordered shot of rum.
  2. I have watched the videos, short ones and the 16 minute one, from what I observed, did the GF pick the little girl up and put her out the window, YES. was it his fault, YES. Sadly in these times, no one wants to take responsibility of their own actions. It is always some thing or some one else's fault.
  3. No one seemed to be paying him any attention from what the video shows. I have said something to parents before about how what they are doing or what the child is doing,could be harmful. Only have said a couple times, because it is ignored. Seems like people just don't care. IMO
  4. Apparently she does not think he is responsible. IMO, they have not faced the facts and do not want him to take responsibility. I would be yelling at him, why did you do this, but maybe they have asked him and he just keeps saying I did not know. Also, someone explain to me that has knowledge, why are the parents giving interviews if this case is going to be litigated. They are having a public trial before the case actually goes to court or is settled. (should not be settled, IMO)
  5. My question to GF would be, "Why pick her up?? The picture at hockey game shows her standing by herself with no one holding her. She was on her level to see out the window and bang on it." (Don't know why people would allow anyone, especially a toddler, to bang on a window or any glass) GF is trying to find an excuse for what he did.
  6. Just Google " certification for emotional support animal" Anyone can pay and get certification. No training needed. It has become too easy for people to claim they need a support animal.
  7. I think this will happen also. There comes a point, where it is better to settle than to continue to fight. We will never know the terms or how much was awarded, but it will be cheaper for RC than to continue to fight. As far as the GF, he has a life sentence even if he will never admit to doing something so stupid.
  8. We were sitting in the Diamond lounge one evening, and a couple we were talking to said the first thing they do when they embark is to stop by Guest Services and have the auto tips taken off. We were surprised they told us this since nothing had been mentioned about tipping.
  9. In the past several years, there has not been any pens or paper in our cabins. Whether at the beach or on the ship by pool, I like the idea of having bag attached to lounge. Just a deterrent. Love my highlighter.
  10. For cruisers that need super glue, the Dollar Tree sells one time use tubes, pack of 4 or 5 I believe. We carry them ever since I had my frames break on my reading glasses. Now I also carry an extra pair of reading glasses. Like all the ideas that have been listed. Some we already do, some we don't need. Thanks.
  11. I use them all the time on a cruise. Sharpie to write on sticky notes for hubby or room steward. Highlighter for the Compass. Carabiner ( all this time did not know that was the name) to attach straps of my beach bag to lounges.
  12. Sakari took beautiful pictures during her dive. Glad you were able to go, but like the above poster, I'm thinking now you have to walk all that way back.
  13. Thanks for the info. None of the GeoBlue insurance plans are available for Maryland residents. I will call today and get info.
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