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  1. OP: I think HAL is having enough problems just getting FCCs and refunds done and getting the website into usable shape. To answer your questions, we haven't had any communication from HAL since March but recently received Viking brochures. Although we are not in your targeted age group, we are 5 Stars and Platinum Medallion holders and sailing since 1999 on HAL. Not really expecting anything from HAL, but look to the website for info, such as it is.
  2. Oh, ugh! This should not be happening! HAL will just have to fix it. I swear that HAL has the most unreliable IT programs and now the accounting department's software is screwy. Our TA said she can't even phone HAL accounting but has to email them. It ends up taking several days instead of mere hours. Best of luck with this and please keep us posted:)
  3. One of the problems seems to be that HAL uses separate systems for refunding. Fare, taxes, FlightEase, shorex, etc. That has been how it worked with our cruise refund, apparently, making for a long, drawn-out timeline. Hope you get yours SOON, Carolyn!!
  4. Example: Inside fare with promo $1400, without promo $1100 -- promo costs $300 Outside fare with promo $2200, without promo $1600 - promo costs $600 Balcony fare with promo $4100, without promo $3200 - promo costs $900 This is great marketing, but for my money I would book according to how much the promo is costing me.
  5. Excellent post! Good info. "Late booking" has so much to do with it. No comparison pricewise booking a month or 2 out as opposed to a year or more. Our mantra is to book after final and are glad we have.. Everyone needs to choose their own personal comfort level, however.
  6. As you have noted, yes. I can see that HAL would charge more for the promo for suites, as they receive wifi, too. HAL may think the higher level stateroom the pax book, the more they drink :)
  7. What I find interesting about HAL's prices: doing a basic look at cruises that interest us I find the Have It All promo often adds different amounts to the pricing (for the same extras) for inside, outside, balcony. I compare pricing with and without the promo. One cruise inside with the promo is $300 more than without, OV is $600 more with the promo than without and VH is $900 more with the promo than without. Great way to make money :)
  8. Typical, the farther out, the higher the pricing. This is normal, but your numbers are wild! HAL has a nice plan going with the "book-by" date for the FCC. Nothing for us to book anytime soon (some good pricing in January, but they likely will not sail). Farther out means HAL isn't doing price drops because they don't need to fill the ships, yet, by dropping prices.
  9. I know exactly what the OP is saying. Trying to find something to book with FCCs and finding prices double of what we would expect. Given the worldwide situation, I do not think we can bet on price drops closer to final/after final, as was very usual in the past. Maybe, maybe not. No one knows how many changes the cruise lines will make in their pricing schemes. Market forces may indeed dictate lower prices, as usual, but I am thinking HAL will want all those FCC amounts back.
  10. In same boat and my question is: we have until December 2020 to book and December 2021 to take the cruise. If I book a cruise for 2021 (as this year isn't going to work out, is it?) and that 2021 cruise is cancelled, I will be past the book-by-date. So, what happens then? Will HAL push forward the book-by-date and the sail-by date, as well?
  11. All you who know these things: "ransomware accessed and encrypted a portion of one brand's information technology systems". What does this mean? Pax credit card info?
  12. Thanks, again, Carolyn :) Have you been in the position using a FCC and then the cruise is canceled? I am wondering how HAL deal with that FCC. Do the dates you have to book by and take the cruise change to later dates? Enjoy your day: is it hot down there? Up here it was 90F yesterday in the sun!
  13. Agree! It is truly amazing how HAL says they are doing refunds in the order of sail date! Obviously not.
  14. Thanks, Carolyn. The pax for our cruise have been quite quiet lately, so most may have everything up-to-date and paid out. A matter of time, but it is interesting to speculate about why it can take so long: to end up waiting for +150 days maybe you have to be: late bookers, 5 stars, CND payers. All three and we've hit the jackpot. You never know :)
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