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  1. So true. The beauty of Vancouver disembarkation is the 4 lines for Customs, about 30 seconds per couple for Canadians, possibly a bit more for others.
  2. We used Expedited last Sunday. "Expedited" (= "walk off with all bags") in Vancouver is usually 7:45 am. Anytime after that is OK. We were off at 7:40 so they start even earlier sometimes!
  3. As a Platinum level Mariner I think a concierge or some means of priority at the Front Desk would be welcome (as would any other things they want to throw at me), but I do think HAL's plan, while duplicating some perks/rewards among Mariners, CO and Suite pax, is to make the extra money off newbies/non-Suites/non- high Mariners. This is what CO does. On our recent cruise, Alaska, 2 x 7 days, I was surprised to see the CO card around the necks of a lot of newbies (no stars on their cards). Without past experience of HAL, they buy CO. Interesting. I saw very few CO cards on anyone with stars on their cards.
  4. What broke? They looked quite sturdy to me so I am surprised to hear this.
  5. Only for Suites and CO. The other new ones (for everyone else) are horrid, crinkly plastic. I guess those are sort of waterproof, which is a plus, but no zipper as the new Suite and CO ones have.
  6. I saw only a few pax at the priority line for the MDR, same for the Front Desk. I did notice that there is an Assistant DRM assigned to the CO podium, so CO doesn't take away the Hosts at the regular podium. At the Front Desk CO would most likely create longer wait times if there were many COs there at one time. I thought the Suite perks and CO's overlapped, other than Suites get the Pinnacle for breakfast. I do know the very nice new bags are the same, except "Club Orange" is printed one the Co ones.
  7. Westerdam Suite breakfast in the Pinnacle; Club Orange has a separate line to the MDR for Breakfast and Dinner, which gives priority seating there, no separate area, just no line-up.
  8. Ruth There are two 700 day medallions out. We have both: when presented we got one of each, and didn't notice until we got home. Since then we never think to ask for matching ones on the ships. May do that and see what the deal is. Old and new. The do both have the 700 day bar on the bottom.
  9. It is packed and I can't even begin to think where exactly! Two kinds now: one, well, platinum coloured, the other mostly white. Pins the same. The one defining feature that is the ribbon is white, not blue.
  10. Pricing can be better booked as one cruise. It varies. I've seen it both ways. You just have to do the homework. Perks can be non-existent or some nice chocolate-covered strawberries, some chocolates, a Pinnacle lunch,a bottle of wine. We've had it all and once zip. Depends on the ship.
  11. A smart, new fleetwide program. Remember them when you are tipping extra!
  12. Does HAL or any line really put all their eggs in the suite basket? Are Suite pax that important? I would have though any line would want to satisfy all their pax. So few pax per ship in suites relative to so many not in suites. Have you added up the income for suite and non-suite accommodation for an average ship?
  13. Wasn't that a awfully long time ago? I am thinking about customer satisfaction overall.
  14. In general terms each line has its market. Some want waterslides, some don't. Pay for a suite on X and get a lounge and dining room. On HAL, you don't. Pick and choose.
  15. Not sure why HAL needs to add more specialty dining, suite lounges/dining rooms as has been one of the focuses of discussion on this thread. Their relatively smaller ships do not allow it and when HAL does try to shoehorn in something, it is often an aftermarket black eye. HAL has always been a follower, not an innovator, yes. But HAL's market is what it is. They seem to be doing just fine. Do all lines have or need a waterslide, a skating rink, a climbing wall? HAL has a decent product with the emphasis on service and beautifully designed ships. Suits many pax.
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