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  1. FLOWERS: Wow! Kazu: someone is a master gardener :) Haven't been to Butchart Gardens for years, magnificent! Thanks for the beauty shots.
  2. Yes, messy. Seems to be a lot like how HAL does most things. Lots of time to get this figured out. Thanks for your help :)
  3. Thanks, Kazu. Messy, isn't it? As the fount of all HAL wisdom, would you happen to know if we can use the ought-on-board FCD/FCC when booking with the cancelled cruise FCC? For all or some of the deposit.
  4. Kazu I'll have to find and read this. Where exactly can I find the new details? Three cruises I am looking at all have 90 day final payment dates. Thanks :)
  5. I sympathise completely. Our plans have been to cruise 3 -4 times a year, around 75 - 100 days and now this is on hold for a couple of years, maybe. Glad we have cruised a lot in the past, but it seems little consolation. I am obsessively looking for what to book with the FCCs, taking into account all the variables and strategies. Personally I don't see HAL sailing, much, if at all before March or April. Certainly not on many itineraries/destinations. Good luck with your planning, jut keep booking when once is cancelled. The best you can do and it keeps you in the game :)
  6. Thanks to the great photo posters. A lot of work is going into these gardens! They look right out of "Homes and Gardens"!
  7. KAZU! Loved Malaga and those planter photos are a treat :) Spain is my fav for Europe and do remember so well the markets full of fresh flowers!
  8. Absolutely, these guidelines will make cruising safer than when cruise lines closed down. They have to have an intermediate plan between now, with the "no-sail" order, and when this whole mess is as back to normal as possible. That could be years. Without some serious changes cruise lines will not be able to sail to a degree that would be worth it. It will be "different" on the ships, so we'll get used to it or we won't be able to cruise.
  9. These guidelines sound very well thought out, very legitimate from a safety point of view. Certainly the way to go, but who would want to SAIL under even some of these guidelines? And PAY money for this "experience"? Incorporating some of these guidelines should be considered by HAL, for sure, but they won't contribute to the enjoyment level of cruising. The lines are going to have a rough time of it.
  10. Photos! Yes! This is a great addition to an excellent daily thread. Thanks to those who posted. I'd love to see this continue :)
  11. Wonderful photos! How long are the flights, any stops?
  12. Riesling is good! Deer in the backyard is common for a friend of mine. She planted all the deer-proof plants and shrubs which which was told deer would not even look at. Keeping them away saves their veg garden. The deer stand around munching on these very plants while she wildly waves her arms at them and yells. A truce of a sort was achieved as she lets them eat. They do stay out of the veg garden now :)
  13. Thanks for the daily. Love the maps, a great addition. The soup sounds excellent! By chance I put a pot of dried chickpeas on the stove just 10 minutes ago. This works for me!
  14. Sounds about right, so far, in our experience.
  15. This is good news! A standard wait time for posting to the CC, but it seems like such a long time when you are waiting! I find having no cruises to look forward to is really hard, but we'll get through this and return to the fun of planning, dreaming.
  16. Obsessively scroll through HAL's website on a daily basis and get the research done to use the FCCs for a boatload of cruises. We need more to look forward to :)
  17. Is Cunard the first to do this? Quite an clever marketing idea.
  18. From Canada, March 15 cruise: we never received the email but can see the FCC on our HAL account online. Lots have received the email, lots haven't. Take a look at your HAL account and see if it has been recorded.
  19. Thanks for mentioning this. It might be an interesting and doable idea. Each line would award points (or whatever) when you sail and the total of all the points you have would get you the rewards offered by whichever line you sail on. Up to each line to decide on their reward scheme. Something to think about if the ships ever get back to sailing :)
  20. Interesting. From Carnival to Seabourn - how would they even start to combine all these very different loyalty programs? Sounds as if a new program overall would be needed, but I can see problems with that. High priced Seabourn with a ton of extras included, low priced Carnival with not many extras, plus the rest somewhere in the middle. Rewards for all these would be a nightmare to put together since you don't want to overlap rewards. We saw with the star program and all the "priority" rewards for 4 stars which were what suites received anyways. That didn't go down well.
  21. Curry, yes! Mine will be chick peas and yams, lots of coconut yellow curry sauce, brown rice, spinach. And a Cab S,
  22. This makes sense. HALs' top level requires 500 cruise credits; Princess's 151 cruise days or 16 cruises. Big difference: there must be huge number of top level pax on Princess. I suppose with double credits on HAL for suites plus spending, you could get to the 5 star level with maybe 200 actual days, but not many pax are in that position.
  23. Let us know! We are still waiting, too, but for the whole refund. Have FCCs and know the amount of the refund, which is not showing on CC. Only 99 days so far :)
  24. I did look up Elite quite a while ago. I remember that it seemed you need very few days to get to the top level on Princess as compared to HAL (something like 150 cruise days, which is less than 4 star on HAL). Must be a lot of Elites. Interesting to compare the two lines for their reward program.
  25. Does any Princess level give free specialty restaurant dinners (2 pp)?
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