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  1. How about phoning the Mariner Society and asking? It would be interesting to know what they think!
  2. Interesting review, great photos. Very enjoyable and informative reading! Thanks for taking the time!
  3. Usually around 9:30 - 9:45 am is time frame for the last group to disembark. As noted above :)
  4. These cabins are all sorts in respect to what you can see out. Once in a while you do have crew out there working. I don't think they can see into the cabin much, if at all, in the daylight, which is the only time they would be up there. You will see them easily so just close the curtains and you'll be fine. This upsell is the way to go and I hope you enjoy the cabin and the cruise!
  5. Inside to Suite! Spoiled for life! Enjoy every minute!!
  6. Take your receipt to ensure you get the credit onboard. Documentation always!
  7. As noted, they do this ALL the time. Just make sure everything is spelled correctly to match your passport and you're good to go.
  8. Thank you. Would you consider 33% a good number?
  9. We were also asked to conserve water. The Captain reported that about a third of pax did so. Not sure what went into this accounting for how many complied, but he seemed happy with the number.
  10. "Operational reasons" are used for other things, too. We've had the old 5 star Cooking Classes cancelled for Operational Reasons. It was nice that we received the aprons and recipe cards, though!
  11. Wow! Hope you get Santarem and Boca on the return trip!! Both are really worth the stop.
  12. Excellent! Keep your eyes open, you never know what promo will come along next!
  13. Just my experience: Any port in Japan, plus Shanghai, Hong Kong, any port in Indonesia.
  14. Sooner is better! Good for you! Hope you enjoy the rewards of 5 star!
  15. Remember that once back from your cruise, you have 60 days to book another cruise and double the Future Cruise Credit that you will have through purchasing the FCDs. Medicine Hat! Wow! Family there long ago. Loved that name when I was a child, so exotic!!!
  16. OK, not a regular booking. All bets are off. Thanks Venn!!!!
  17. Interesting. Did you book yourself online or through a travel agency? How did HAL "talk you into" the Club Orange upgrade? I have a hard time following this description of your cabin assignments, so if you could give the ship and cabin numbers, it would help my understanding of this. Balcony to porthole?
  18. There are a lot more pax booking the whole cruise rather than the shorter portion. If HAL wants to please these pax with first choice of cabins (they are paying a lot more, on the ship for much longer, so adding more to the bottom line), it makes good sense to have the whole ship available for their booking and the "portion" bookers get what is left over. What is HAL supposed to do with a cabin that has been booked for, say, the 4 day portion, when pax want to book for the whole? Leave it empty for most of the cruise? Kazu: agree totally!
  19. As noted, this is the way it works on HAL. HAL maximizes cabins for the pax on the longer itinerary. HAL is not Princess, so it is unfortunate you can't pick your own cabin. Princess has a lot of really good short cruises to choose from. I hope you can find something with them.
  20. 7 days? Sounds great to me! I've seen less, but I guess it depends on what you paid for the G.
  21. Loved the Chocolate Surprise, but such a crowd! Finding a waiter you know helps! Both are a good additions to the "do something different and fun" line of thought. During a series of sea days they break up the sameness. A plus for HAL.
  22. Google "Tianjin to Beijing by train". Lots of info re the high speed trains.
  23. Times vary, normally in the Queen's Lounge. Of the many we've attended, on only one did the CD say anything. Lots of food brought around on most ships. The cream puffs (fresh!) are excellent and a good reason to attend! The Orange Party on the Rotterdam on Koningsdag is part of a day-long extravaganza. A great day!
  24. I would seriously consider a hotel. So much to see in Beijing! And you could do bus tours from the hotel.
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