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  1. I agree.. our family all have iPhones and when we are on board we are able to “audio FaceTime “ back home (no video feed) and talk as long as there’s a decent signal on board... if the signal is weak the call keeps breaking up.
  2. I was told the same thing.. bring my DD 214 with me when boarding... for our particular cruise the military discount was only $100.00.☹️
  3. There is an option when you log in on line to have them mailed out... just click on the link and it will tell you that you will have them in 7 to 10 days
  4. Wow... thanks for mentioning this... I may have misunderstood her when going over the booking... I will definitely touch base with her and get it all straightened out... thanks again!!
  5. Unfortunately it is non refundable.. oh well.. I am sure we will find something to spend it on 🙂🙂 .. we have three perks also so maybe a few shore excursions or some shopping on board... Thanks so much for your replies and help!!
  6. We just booked a Celebrity cruise and part of the promotion from our travel agent was a $500.00 OBC. Would anyone know if any or all of that OBC can be used as a deposit to book a future cruise while on board.
  7. I know food is very subjective, but we were on Divinia last year and we found the food average at best... cannot say it was totally bad but just not equal to Celebrity or Royal Caribbean’s food. We are not fussy eaters so we always found something, but some nights it was not too easy.
  8. Thanks so much for posting this... I was able to get a nice refund on an excursion that was previously booked and paid for 🙂
  9. Cabin location plays a big part of your WiFi experience. We had a decent signal in our cabin so everything was pretty smooth. I think that some of these ships need a few more repeaters to distribute the WiFi a little more evenly.
  10. I can tell you that while on the Breakaway the internet wasn't that bad. We were able to stay in touch with family using "Audio Facetime" (no video) and also had very few issues with reception. Keep in mind it is nothing like your wireless internet at home but with a little patience you will get by.😊
  11. Thank you all for the very helpful information
  12. Hello all... just wanted to get a little feedback. We have taken quite a few NCL cruises and always found that their shore excursions to be priced very high so we usually make arrangements on our own. We have now starting to do some Celebrity cruises and their shore excursions seem to be a little more reasonable. Is this just my imagination or has anyone else compared prices and come to the same conclusion? Thanks for your feedback 🙂
  13. I agree 100%... Royal Caribbean should not keep the Insurance Policy money! I have purchased Insurance from 3rd. party Insurance companies and was able to roll my policy to a different cruise after I cancelled a previous cruise.
  14. I agree 100% with your assessment of the Tampa Terminal. We were there last year to cruise on Dawn and that terminal was a “horror show “. So frustrating, and the workers at the terminal could care less. Also the traffic outside was a mess also!!
  15. A lot of people also like the security that comes with a travel router... not only does it allow you to share many devices with one Voom purchase saving you a few dollars, it gives you added protection from getting hacked on the Royal Caribbean wifi.
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