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  1. Joe: There is another thread about Crown Bay late arrival ("Crown Bay to Trunk Bay"). A couple of ideas, if you want to stay close: Take the ferry from Crown Bay Marina to Water Island and spend an afternoon on Honeymoon Beach. Alternatively, walk or taxi to Lindbergh Bay and hang out at Emerald Beach Resort.
  2. It's a US thing, to encourage you to buy in US territory. mets: You should have stopped at one of the grocery sores, Plaza Extra or Food Center. Both have large liquor departments...
  3. The Red Hook to Cruz Bay ferry is on the hour every hour both ways, not on the half.
  4. I don't know when your trip is, but there should be a new restaurant or two at Yacht Haven Grande by next season. These are right on the marina and close to Havensight. If you want to spend some $$ for a view, there is a new restaurant at the top to Paradise Point called Prime. Greenhouse is kinda run-of-the-mill IMHO. Mafolie would require a taxi, but is a great place.
  5. Family: The taxis are generally shared vans and open safari trucks, so they don't wait for people. Well, if it's a tour that they are doing, they will hang around for everyone to get back on. I see that you got some other answers on another board. The ride up to Paradise Point takes about ?10 minutes. How long you stay is up to you.😉 The cars are constantly moving, so another ?10 min. to go down again. Best beach depends on what you want to do. Magens is great for hanging out in shallow water and playing on a long beach. If you want to snorkel, you might want to try another place, like Sapphire.
  6. TT: Did you see that the ship arrives at noon? LOL To the OP, you don't have to hurry back on the 3, but you won't want to stay on a beach past sunset, as it tends to get buggy then. Sunset is around 6, year around.
  7. You can probably get a package deal with a taxi driver for Magens and Mountain Top. The other view is Paradise Point, but it is not near, or on the way to, Magens from Crown Bay, which is where Royal Caribbean docks.
  8. MSC should dock at Havensight. There are shops and restaurants/bars there. If you have youngsters, the Pirate Museum is across the street, also the tram to Paradise Point.
  9. Cometman: We looked at the prices and then decided we would rather drink socially in the Compass Rose for that price! LOL
  10. At one time the Kon Tiki served bottomless rum punch and was one of the true booze cruises. They have changed since then. 😉
  11. Morning Star is not open. Are you talking Honeymoon, Water Island or Honeymoon, St John? In the summer, Magens is a great place. It has all your requirements.
  12. Yes, and my point is that the other places on St Thomas already get unlimited cruise ship passengers where paying guests (and locals) are frequently not happy to see them. At one time, there were a couple of beaches that were the cruise ship beaches, but now, they go anywhere. Magens and Sapphire are nice big, long beaches that can accommodate many visitors. As an aside, the increase in tourism has affected many destinations from Venice to the Caribbean.
  13. " I just think it would be a mess for resort guests with safari taxis dropping day visitors off there and filling up the pool bar... " Well, it is a mess for all the other places that receive day visitors. Let Bolongo pick up some of the overflow.🤣
  14. Yes, there is always the chance that a beach gets too popular. Currently, Bolongo isn't one that is widely visited, so might be worth it. They frequently advertise live music and encourage locals, so why not cruise ship folk? 😉
  15. tnt: The Star Legend is an all suite ship. There are a couple of bigger suites, but I don't think they get anything special besides space. That is one of the nice things about Windstar, IMHO.
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