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  1. You are allowed a glass of your chosen wine at the table and I think I am right that as long as you wait 15 minutes it can be topped up as often as you like. They just don't bring the full bottle to the table. I'm assuming this is how it works as the T and Cs look identical to other cruise companies. We have had packages on the American ships as the drinks are more expensive so worked out better value on them. Not so sure with this though as drinks cheaper of course depending how much you wish to drink. However, it has been different depending on which ship we were on. Sometimes the wine waiter was quite happy to bring the bottle and leave it on the table, others came regularly to ask if we wanted a top up. On one ship the wine waiter avoided us like the plague when we were trying to catch his eye for another glass ! So, does it depend on the wine waiter or the cruise company? Not sure we wait and see ! We for our next cruise in June will buy the wine package in advance and then other drinks as we go along. Kath
  2. Ok Brenda, Well we are travelling down to Southampton on the same day and probably around the same time. We will possibly see you at one of the service stations ! I'll have a wander round if I see an Intercruises coach asking for Brenda and you can do the same and ask for Kath lol Kath
  3. So everything is done beforehand then we just queue up for our cruise cards. Is that right ?
  4. Hello Brenda We use Eavesway coaches that come into Bolton Bus station. This leaves around 7.15am usually and I think starts off in Glasgow. Perhaps you travel with a different company ? Kath
  5. Slightly different subject addressed to you. Noticed your area is Bolton and we live in Rossendale. Do you travel to Southampton on the coach from Bolton bus station ? We have booked on this.
  6. Thank you for this brilliant information. Ive got notes of all you say and really looking forward now !
  7. This thread is absolutely brilliant ! Full of really nice people who enjoy their holidays knowing they will get exactly what they have paid for. I'm weary of the constant moaning about one thing or the other so reading all this is very refreshing. Life isn't perfect nobody ever said it was. We are all very lucky to be able to enjoy holidays all over the world so lets just think positive. I agree with all the great comments about P and O and we have tried several of the other cruiselines both cheaper and much more expensive but come back to P and O time and time again. In our opinion P and O provide exactly what we want and all the lovely people we meet along the way provide that extra bonus. Long may they sail !
  8. Yes we are on this cruise too. Just read the really interesting and informative posts and like you would love any advice re these ports. We would like to do things on our own if possible but not having visited the Fjords before welcome any tips. We love walking so happy with anything that involves some of that is fine. We are also happy to do a P and O excursion if that's the best advice but have found on recent cruises elsewhere independant trips are quite easy to find.
  9. Thank you for that its exactly the information I was looking for.
  10. Thank you very much Tom Baker I was beginning to think I had a problem but according to you and a few more comments we are not beyond hope yet ! We were going to give our usual Friday early evening glass of wine a miss but I think we are ok for now
  11. I was trying to have what I thought was a reasonable discussion as to the merits of buying a drinks package/wine package along the lines of others who had posted previously. I certainly don't consider it is up to me or anyone else for that matter to comment on what people should or should not do with regards to drinking alcohol or anything else whilst enjoying their holiday ! If I may add if I require/want medical or health advice I am perfectly capable of giving it to myself having been "in the business" so to speak for 51 years ! As you quite rightly say some could easily put away 30 units and if they chose to do that who are we to comment.? Not me for one.
  12. I have been trying to find out if its worth our while to buy a package. We have bought them on cruises other than p and o and the terms and conditions are more or less the same. The difference being that drinks are cheaper on p and o than on the American cruiselines so made the package more economical. We usually share a bottle of wine at dinner, occasionally a drink at lunchtime if on the ship of course, one before dinner and one or two later in the evening. So not excessive I dont think ! We have been on several p and o cruises and previously bought the wine package so I thought I would compare the price now of both the wine package and other drinks prices to get an idea. Well what do you know? I couldnt check which wines were in the wine packages which I have always been able to do in the past. There is a discount of around 15% if you buy in advance but why would I buy one without seeing the choice of wines ? Also although I could find a very comprehensive list of what is available fom the bars along with many, many bottled wine choices, now there are no prices displayed ! So I couldnt make a comparison on the value of either the wine or full drinks package. We rang p and o to ask if we had missed something but was told our information was correct. For some reason which he couldnt explain we could buy a wine package before we travel but not a drinks package ? Im not sure whats going on. We have 2 cruises booked one short and one very long so it would be nice to know what p an o know !
  13. Need to be aware that some train companies are now limiting the amount of luggage you can take. We travelled on Cross Country trains in 2017 from Manchester to Southampton which is a convenient mode of transport for us not living too far awy from Manchester. We had done this journey some years previous and direct time with no changes of around 4 hours. However, I had omitted to read all the small print so I suppose in a way my fault. We had booked first class seats as got them at a good price by booking 12 weeks in advance and didnt think there would be any problem with 2 cases each as away for 35 days. No problem putting them on the train in Manchester but we did notice there wasnt that much baggage space. I think that like the airlines the train companies are adding more seats giving less leg room and on the trains less luggage space. However, on leaving the train in Southampton the guard was very rude indeed telling us we had no right to take so many cases on and we would have to pay extra when returning and also put the cases in a different carriage to the one we were travelling in and I should have seen that on the paper work. We contacted the company before returing home asking how we could pay to take the cases back with us and were advised to take them on the train and not able at that stage to pay any extra but may have to put them in a different carriage. However, the guard on return was very obliging and managed to accomodate our cases with us for which we were very grateful. A lesson learnt for next time !
  14. I see on occasions an upgrade might work out better but I would never say when booking I would accept one. The only reason the cruise line would move you I think is because someone else wants your cabin and not whatever else is offered. Also remember that with auto tips an upgraded cabin will most likely have higher tips so the company gain that way. We have this often when hiring a car at airports. Congratulations they say your car has been upgraded to a much bigger one. No thank you as that’s more fuel and more insurance I’ll stick please !!
  15. Thank goodness for common sense !! I as beginning to think I was posting i a foreign language as not many seemed to understand what I was saying. Thank You. So are we any nearer ? If the cruise companies and/or the staff don't think they are getting paid enough then they can increase the price of the cruise and we can choose to buy it or not. If we choose to buy the product then can we please decide wether to give any extra in the form of a tip for any extra good service we receive ? SIMPLE !! Well some of us thought it was simple others not sure.
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