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  1. I will be interested in hearing the answers. We sail on Summit and always try to book one of the aft Aqua's with the large balcony. Would love to try a suite but the price is so high. Laura
  2. Any insurance that will waive it if purchasing by final payment? We booked cruises 2 years ago for end of 2022 and beginning of 2023.So far in advance we did not purchase insurance then. We will both be turning 70 this December and both live in different states. Laura
  3. I am in my upper 50's and rarely drink at home. 2 years ago I did a 14 day Journeys cruise and got my money's worth with the Cheers package. I really didn't think I would because I had only been back a week from another cruise with a beverage package. Laura
  4. I love cabins by the elevators. Have had many and never noticed any noise. Laura
  5. It lets me watch for a couple of minutes then goes back to main page.
  6. Is the webcam now making you pay to look at it? It was always free before. Laura
  7. Send the ships to NY or NJ. We did 9 day cruises that were able to get to Bahamas and Bermuda. Laura
  8. Yes we will have to make a plan to meet. I love Bermuda. Had to cancel for 2020 and should have been leaving June 6 for this year. I am sure this one is a go. Laura
  9. When in May? We are sailing May 13,2022 in Aqua. Should have been sailing next week but now have to wait til next year.
  10. While I don't chose my cruises based on maitre d' I really enjoyed Ken Byrne when we cruised with him and it really made the cruise extra special. Laura
  11. Same here. I had 2 windows open on my computer and watched the video and read everything numerous times but still could not fine 2 answers. Thank you to those who provided the answers. I guess maybe it was cheating but I really tried to find the answers.
  12. This is it! I got it. Thanks so much.
  13. I'll be sitting here waiting for someone with the right answers to get through.
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