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  1. My favorite brands are Sinful Colors and Essie. I use a variety of blues and, occasionally, copper.
  2. Those strollers would make it much more difficult for a person in a wheelchair to maneuver down the hallways.
  3. And, a number of them don't. Use the ATM in Mexico and you will pay a fee, also.
  4. Take pesos, it's a hassle for them to have to deal with a foreign currency. Prices and attitudes will be better with pesos. Many banks in the US can get pesos for you.
  5. Better make sure you have a visa for Mexico. Really, not a good idea to do it this way. Just fly to Mexico.
  6. It's been seven years since I last dived in the Caribbean (go to South Pacific now), but my top choice would be St. Lucia, followed by Barbados. St. Martin diving isn't worth it. Never dived at St. Kitts or Antigua, so can't help you with that. Have fun!
  7. Look at the ingredients to be sure. For example, the brand "Reef Safe" sunscreen is NOT reef safe.
  8. I don't pack them, I wear them the first and last days.
  9. They are terrific! Say hello to Catherine!
  10. Not me. I'm an underwater photographer and I like to be able to spend a lot of time at greater depths doing my thing. I used to free dive for abalone, but when the permits were denied a few years ago, that ended that. I find snorkeling to be boring. Actually did it back in November as a safety diver for some friends going off my boat. They weren't scuba-certified. Did not have a good time, but everyone got back on board safely.
  11. Don't wear it on Princess, Carnival, or HAL. They go in the drawer.
  12. I'm biased. My feeling is that if you are scuba-certified, why snorkel?
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