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  1. Nope, they are ineffective and I don't wear them now unless a store requires it.
  2. I wear earrings every day, no matter what I am doing. I do take them out when I go to bed.
  3. If I were only a snorkeler, I also would not use rental gear and would get quality equipment.
  4. I disagree about not buying equipment for the first trip or once a year trip. When I started scuba diving 10 years ago, I bought all my own equipment before ever hitting the water. I never have used rental equipment. Learn how to use your equipment and how to maintain it. You will be much better off, and safer, for a number of reasons.
  5. Solve the whole problem, don't use a travel agent.
  6. I haven't done a ship's excursion in several years except for what we call the "party boat" in Puerto Vallarta. That's a scuba excursion with kayakers, snorkelers, and whale watchers included on a large catamaran. It always is a blast and usually there are fewer than four divers, so it's like a private dive. One time, I was the only diver. After the dives, the bar opens and food is provided throughout the trip. They follow up with a fun show. That is the only one I will do. The worst I had was in Cabo San Lucas where they turned it into a cattle boat and then held the diving to the skill of the newest diver. As a PADI Assistant Instructor with more than 600 dives, and being an underwater photographer, this was pure hell. Only private operators for us.
  7. There is an OXXO two alleys down after turning right from the dock. Turn left, go to the end of the street. They will have it. Ask for directions from anyone there.
  8. Mexico is reopening in two weeks, some areas a little later. When our May 6th cruise was cancelled, we switched to a December 10th Caribbean cruise. I am sure it will happen.
  9. I can't answer for ports outside of Arizona, but essential travel here refers to many people who reside in one country and work in the other. Also, there are a number of US citizens who reside in Mexico and need to travel back and forth on occasion. I believe they have shut down the pedestrian crossing in Nogales, but the Mariposa crossing (truck route) is open and people are not experiencing any problems going back and forth. That is where I always drive across. People carry documents showing they reside in Mexico, in case they are questioned. So far, I haven't heard of anyone from San Carlos being denied entry either coming or going.
  10. Yes, I have a home in San Carlos, Sonora and traffic has not changed going either way across the border at Nogales. Americans can travel back and forth and Canadians are allowed to leave Mexico and cross the US. Don't know about Mexican citizens, but I believe they are being allowed, also.
  11. Mexico is not closed. They are allowing travel both south and north across the border.
  12. No change other than in the buffet where food will be served.
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