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  1. I have a home San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico on the Sea of Cortez. We do not change time here, it always is the same as Arizona, my other home. So, part of the year we are on Pacific time, part of the year on Mountain time, just like Arizona.
  2. We flew Turkish Airlines from LAX to Istanbul, and then on to Hurghada, Egypt. Very nice airline, I recommend them.
  3. And that's why we always do a private table.
  4. You don't mention karaoke, which is our favorite activity. Can you say anything about it? We're going on May 6th to the Mexican Riviera. Dive, drink, sing!
  5. I collect dangle earrings that are made locally. Also, an occasional shot glass to add to the collection.
  6. We're not doing the ship's excursion, we are diving with Cortez Club and then they take us to the whale sharks. Went with them before and they are great!
  7. I'm planning on doing that again next May on my Golden Princess cruise. This time I'll have my underwater camera rig to get photos. The last time I did it was 10 year ago and had just started shooting underwater. They are awesome!
  8. If she threatened to sic her dog on other passengers then she should have been immediately locked in her room (or better ship's jail) and then both removed from the ship at the next port.
  9. I don't snorkel, only dive. But, I live part-time in San Carlos, Mexico and there are areas there that people love for snorkeling. Rocky Point also is good for that. However, cruise ships don't go there, just nearby Guaymas. Caribbean is great, but southeast Asia is even better. 🙂
  10. Actually, if you go with private operators there are a lot of choices. Avoid the cruise excursions they are awful.
  11. Must not be snorkeling in the right areas in Mexico. It is quite good in some areas. Diving is even better.
  12. I also would like an answer. We are on Golden Princess in May and want to do a night dive in Cabo. That means getting back to the ship around 7:30 pm.
  13. It's a 10 minute ride and never have been hounded for a tip.
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