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  1. Knowing our luck, by the time we get to D+ they'll have taken that discount away to lol
  2. Will keep my eye on it, if this virus keeps causing havoc they might pay me to booze 🥴😜
  3. Was the discount only for a D+? Or was that for all?
  4. I read somewhere recently that D+ get a % off a Deluxe Beverage Package, sure it was 25/30%? Is this the only C&A tier that offers a discount on a Deluxe Beverage Packages? Or am I just making this up
  5. Is the Voom included the one with stream??
  6. so what is the best in your opinion perk for a GS class that I should be aware of and most definitely take advantage of??
  7. Thanks for all the reply’s, just wanted to get a feel of what others think about food and drinks packages when there is more complimentary fare than normal.
  8. So. We are in a Grand Suite this coming fall on Oasis, it’s our first at that level and not sure entirely on what the perks are when it comes to eating and drinking. We usually take a drinks package & a dining package when we sail. I read that we can eat in CK complimentary and if desire to, breakfast in Chops or other designated speciality restaurant? Also that there maybe a complimentary drink in CK from 11 to 11 for suite guests? I’m assuming that’s only in CK? Not at any bar? Unless of course we have a drinks package, which is the real question. Would you bother with any food or drinks
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