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  1. Looking forward to being back on board July 17! First time back in the Bahamas in about 20 years. It will be interesting to see the changes in both Hopefully Crystal has not changed.
  2. Thank you Keith, we look forward to being back on board: July 17 Nassau R/T FloatSomeMore (Vickie/Davide)
  3. Called at 3:30 east coast time, was on hold 2 hours, during that time was able to cancel hotel reservations in Singapore and receive refund for those. When Jeremy (Captains Club) did answer, he was great! Resolved our issue and expedited our refund from cancelled cruise. Turns out they had applied our refund to a wrong credit card. Total time on phone: 3 1/2hours.
  4. I have read conflicting reports and wonder how safe the ice/water in the Melia in Iquazu Falls is. Staying two nights there. Have stayed at other Melia resort in Mexico and we drank bottle water/beer, no ice. Not paranoid but also embarking on four week cruise after this adventure. Any thought?
  5. "I always bring a corkscrew, also a bottle stopper as sometimes the corks break, also take along my travel wine aerator. I specifically ask for 2 red wine glasses if not there and usually rinse out myself as sometimes they are not returned or unwashed. These items are always in my suitcase so never forgotten." Love the way you travel, we do the same!
  6. Thank you wrk2cruise, saved $900 on our December Australia cruise.
  7. We had our flight to Buenos Aries under Celebrity's program of booking flights but not paying for them until final payment. This prevents you from moving your seats because they are not paid for. We were able to work with Choice Air and get the seats assigned from Miami to BA. Made final payment to Celebrity for the cruise last week (Monday) and American still showed our trip as unpaid yesterday. Our TA checked and Celebrity was holding the air portion funds until January 8, we travel in February. They have agreed to release the air funds to American so that we can continue to change our
  8. Thank you again, I will explore this further. Today we are getting ready to head to Maine for a week. In NC we've had a drought and our leaves are falling before turning in most instances. Looking forward to seeing how the northern half is doing.
  9. We usually have the premium package but still attend the Elite reception to see what's happening and who's there. We usually tip $1 - $2 dollars for good service and a round of drinks even with the package during this time frame.
  10. Thank you Waterbug, our flight number is: DL2908 flying out of San Diego April 1, 2020 at 1:45 pm. We mainly fly AA so this is a learning curve for me. And yes, we did use Celebrity's CruiseAir to book the flights. Appreciate you helping us out.
  11. Thank you Waterbug. After reading your response I did further research and you are absolutely correct! We requested Premium Economy on the ChoiceAir site. Having just returned from Italy in Premium Economy we selected it. Have now been to Delta's site and there is a difference; however, we were able to get exit row seats and I think we'll be okay. Still have the option for Business class at $200 extra per seat. Just wanted to say thanks again. Expectations are definitely realigned.
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