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  1. Our favorite ports are in Europe. On this side of the Atlantic, it would be Ixtapa.
  2. It warms up fairly quick, a light jacket will more than likely be enough. Enjoy your cruise and have a cocktail for me!!!😀
  3. Every cruise I take with my special lady, which is every cruise. She makes my life completely!!!😍
  4. Luckily I can still work, but I am not on my feet all day. I have come to enjoy cooking and working in the yard. My DW loves the fact that I cook all our meals, she's a TA and works late. Cruising is our way to decompress.
  5. Back in the day, men would get their ear pierced. Never heard of a cruise line doing anything special.
  6. You're very lucky to have good health. The term senior has indeed changed over the years. At 62 I know what you mean about the stiffness and pains of age, I have arthritis in many places from high school sports and sometimes find it hard to get going. Put me on a cruise ship and it all seems to get better. I guess it's true, you're as old as you feel. Keep on cruising and enjoy.
  7. We have found the same level of service from NCL . As said lines are not going to get better by cruise line. We like to try all the lines and have enjoyed them all.
  8. Welcome to the group, ask what you want and don't get discouraged by some of the stupid people that post here... Most of us are more than happy to help, even if it is a question that has been asked before. Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for a group from your area. Have a great time here and on your cruise. Have a cocktail for me!!!
  9. That is why it's best to use a travel agent, mine could get it changed.
  10. Hold on to your memories and enjoy life to it's fullest. You must move forward and carry on. God bless you all !!! 😀
  11. Not worth packing for less than a week.
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