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  1. He left the the ship around the end of September. Did not know when and where he would be returning.
  2. Never book with a TA that does not provide Princess with your credit card number..
  3. Porters are all over the place when you drive up. Give your luggage to them and go inside to check in. Your luggage will be delivered to your room.
  4. Cougaraz... Would appreciate if you tell Giovanni that Ginger and I will be on the Grand September 13th and that I am bringing a couple of bottles of his favorite Sicilian wine..
  5. We have been in F307 numerous times and in fact will be there 3/7 Hawaii & 3/22 Coastal. No smoke and no Casino noise
  6. Can you please say hello to Giovanni & Club Class Waiters Royston & Edgar from Larry & Ginger. Also can you check in Sabatini's and let me know the name of the Head Waiter. Much appreciated.. Thanks
  7. Can anyone confirm that Franco is back on the Grand?
  8. If you purchased Princess Cruise Insurance when booking a cruise can you cancel insurance before final payment is due?
  9. Did you get to meet waiters Royston and Edgar & Head Waiter Giovanni in Club Class?
  10. When you dine at Club Class say hello to the Head Waiter Giovanni and waiters Royston and Edgar. Tell them that Larry & Ginger will see them in September and that we are bringing a couple of bottles of Nero d'Avola to share with Giovanni..
  11. Say hello to Club Class Hostess Renata, Head Waiter Giovanni & Waiters Roysten & Edgar from Larry and Ginger and tell them we will see them in September. Also tell Giovanni I will be bringing a couple of bottles of Nero d'Avola and give Renata a big hug as she is going home after this cruise.
  12. Club Class.. Say Hello for Waiters Edgar & Royston and Head Waiter Giovanni if he is still there and tell them Larry & Ginger will see them in September.
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