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  1. Dylandude


    Am I imagining it, or was Richard Fain drunk when he recorded that?
  2. Go for it. Put us out of our misery. I can’t bare the excitement 🤔
  3. Does this include FeverTree Tonic water.
  4. Bruce sang three songs, and that was the last we saw of him.
  5. If that’s how Az shore team treat customers I will probably skip any upgrades to the packages. It may put a smile on my face when I disembark $1400 better off.
  6. This week I thought I would explore the options of booking the Azamara Indulgence package for a forthcoming cruise. I clicked the ‘book online’ on the Az website, filled in the online enquiry form and requested (tick -box) that Azamara ring me to complete the transaction. I got a reply saying I would be contacted within 24 hours. The following day I got an email from Azamara requesting I ring them. It wasn’t what I was expecting, and to date no phone call from Az. I will try one more time and enter my email as noreply@********.com to see if someone from Az actually contacts me. Not a great CX
  7. For a forthcoming cruise we have a large OBC from AZ and upgrading to the Indulgence Package looks very attractive. Can I clarify the following, 1: I cannot book the Indulgence Package before we board and use the OBC, paying only the outstanding difference towards the package? 2: I can purchase the Package today and tomorrow book my tours to the value of $700 from Package allowance, then board and get them applied against the OBC? 3: I can wait until I board, upgrade the Package using the OBC then and ultimately run the risk of not getting the tours we would like? It all seems overly complicated. Comments, adivce and opinions welcome.
  8. I wish Az shore excursions department would ring me. It might help me get my finger out and book tours for our next cruise, rather than procrastinate the way I’ve been doing.
  9. Was it a Gibraltar Rock band?
  10. Thank you Mrs f. Do you have any contact details?
  11. Thank you for the tip. I will check Marcelo out.
  12. Can any one recommend a private tour in Rio? We have been before, so can skip the main sights. We also need to be in the airport by 15:30 latest for an 18:00 departure So ideally we are looking for a private tour from 09:00 with an airport drop off. The cruise line does an airport drop off combined with a tour, however it doesn’t drop off until 17:00
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