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  1. Thank you Mrs f. Do you have any contact details?
  2. Thank you for the tip. I will check Marcelo out.
  3. Can any one recommend a private tour in Rio? We have been before, so can skip the main sights. We also need to be in the airport by 15:30 latest for an 18:00 departure So ideally we are looking for a private tour from 09:00 with an airport drop off. The cruise line does an airport drop off combined with a tour, however it doesn’t drop off until 17:00
  4. The original post by WhitlocksEnd was relevant, I did read it not long after it was posted when the TA was named. I have been reasonably successful with upgrades over the past few years, however last year I uncovered a situation which highlighted a failing and why the named agent may not be participating. We normally book using 1 of 3 TA’s, two are US based, the third US based but with offices overseas. The cruise in question was last year, and one month prior to sailing there were plenty of unsold staterooms and I had not heard anything concerning the offer of an upgrade. My upgrade application had been logged at the time of booking one year earlier. Two weeks prior to sailing I contacted Nicole at LVC and was told an offer of upgrade had been made to my TA two weeks earlier. I immediately contacted my TA to query why they had not passed the upgrade on. The TA now quite embarrassed at being caught out, did get me an upgrade and I didn’t question how. What I did question was, (and it took a few phone calls to push for an answer) why was the upgrade offer not forwarded to the customer. The answer was, at $398 for the upgrade the TA was getting no commission so they decided not to participate and make me the offer. This therefore raises the question, at the new highly inflated upgrade prices do TA’s get commission? If they don’t then the situation we encountered last year will happen again.
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