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  1. He's wonderful isn't he. He delivered dinner to us on our balcony too, the the night we sailed out of Flaam, such a lovely evening dining and watching the fjords pass by. My mum wanted to take him home with her! Enjoy the rest of your cruise.
  2. We got off the week before Joan. She hasn't mentioned the smell on deck 6/7 around the atrium so I guess that has gone now. For the first 4 days of our cruise the odour of sewage was VERY strong, I wouldn't have sat in the Blue Bar for anything! Our suite was very clean and well cared for, much better than I thought it would be, but some areas are in need of that refurb. I have to say that we din't notice the 750 kids, but we live in Italy so find British kids well behaved ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Oriana will always hold a place in my heart,. As a travel agency manager I was offered my first ever educational on her, a 10 day trip to the Canaries. What a wonderful experience, I would never have tried cruising without her, and I encouraged many friends and clients to try her out. Needless to say they loved her too. Buon viaggio ๐Ÿ˜ช
  4. It also has a lot to do with the speakers and they way they are tuned. In the past ships used to use higher quality equipment, now they use cheaper alternatives which themselves are using cheaper and cheaper components. When you add in the fact that the systems are not now professionally tuned, the result harsh sound. It's not necessarily the level which is always to blame, just the quality.
  5. I get the call to book message as well but I live in Italy so imagined that it was because they know I'm no in the UK.
  6. I would say that if you think you've booked an obstructed balcony, you've paid for an obstructed balcony and you get an obstructed balcony you haven't lost anything. If you really don't want an obstructed balcony you should call and see what they can do, you won't be in a worse position than you are now and at least you'll know!
  7. Ok. So just imagine you are a lady who is in her 70's/80's. You can no longer wear 'nice' shoes because you have bad feet. Due to a heart problem you have swollen red and purple legs (you could also easily be younger with Psoriasis or maybe an artificial limb) so you don't want to put your legs on view of all and sundry in a dress. How would you feel if you were frowned upon for wanting to eat in the main dining room? You may have gone through something others have no idea about. Why should you be judged and not be allowed to participate? I know this is not the situation in every/most cases, but really, people should not judge others. I LOVE formal nights and I wouldn't want to see the end of them, but there are staff on the payroll who should deal with 'flouting' of the regulations not other guests.
  8. I love dressing up, but if I saw a woman in 'nice slacks and a top' it wouldn't worry me. How do I know that she doesn't have some nasty flesh eating disease. I'd prefer she keeps it hidden. Yes, I hate men wearing shorts in the dining room, but I wouldn't waste a moment of my hard earned holiday getting all worked up about it, I'm there to have fun ๐Ÿ™‚ I think it would be wonderful if guests could relax and enjoy themselves rather than concerning themselves about the dress choices of others. It's all a bit 'neighbourhood watch' at sea.
  9. I know this is a HUGE compromise but Lavazza do a Caffรจ Espresso which is almost acceptable. We bought it from one of the large supermarkets when we were back in the UK; we were absolutely desperate for some good coffee. You're never going to get good espresso coffee without a 'proper' macchina but it's better than most others. We have a suite on Azura in August and it looks like we have a Senseo machine so we might be ok......just about!
  10. Thanks for the replies, I hoped that would be the case!
  11. When you have breakfast in the Epicurean as a suite guest do you get a table assigned to your party size or do you have to sit with other guests? Thanks!
  12. You may be better off getting a private guide who will collect you from the ship and 'whisk you' to the places you want to see. They will purchase skip the line tickets and get you too see as much as possible, including having lunch in a nice place rather than an expensive tourist trap. This, of course, costs more than your average tour, so if you're looking at something economical then I would suggest doing a Rome on your own transfer and just visiting one or two sites. You really need to spend more than one day in Rome, it's a wonderful city when you get over all the tourists, vehicles and craziness.
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