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  1. Jimbo59, that's exactly what I was hoping to hear. Mosaic, anything specific?
  2. Our first few cruises were on HAL. (Before it had HMC!) We've cruised them several times, but I just realized it's been 10 years since our last HAL cruise. What should I expect to be the same, or a noticeable change? Does it still have teak loungers on the wrap around promenade? Is entertainment still 2 production shows and guest entertainers? Is there still a crew show? HAL's service used to be some of the most gracious on the seas; is it still? We have sailed several different cruise lines and love them all for different reasons. What will I love most about HAL now?
  3. It looks to me like you can get the credit if you cancel for May, just not a refund at this point. I have a May cruise on Emerald (same company), and I'm hoping they cancel before the 14 day deadline so I can get a refund. Otherwise, I'll take the credit! We cruised on Emerald last year and it was extremely well done. It was my first river cruise, so can only compare it to ocean cruises.
  4. We're sailing Emerald (one of Scenic's lines) in France in mid-May. I'm wondering the same thing about the PRIOR to June 1. My TA is working on getting an answer, but there's nothing yet.
  5. Ugh, I had all the info for Vigie Beach in a spreadsheet, but it's corrupted. I see that it's $10 each way for taxi up to 4 pax. Can anyone remind me the prices to rent chairs, buy a bucket of beer, food, etc? I really appreciate the help!! Also, when we went a couple of years ago, there were 3 gentlemen who were there and took care of us--are they still there?
  6. I'm wondering if the retractable roof over the swimming pool has been fixed. Last time we went it could only be opened or closed when in port.
  7. lenetere

    Beach Limerz?

    Has anyone been here? I had planned on Coconut Beach Club, but obviously can't go there! Does Beach Limerz sell day passes? Or do you rent chairs and umbrella? With the proximity to the cruise terminal, it seems like the ideal location.
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