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  1. You're right. I was only trying to find a scenario where one could spend cash on a Princess. (Perhaps in the casino? I have no experience there.)
  2. You may, of course, settle your bill with cash at debarkation.
  3. Exactly where, and on which Princess ship, and how recently, did you buy ANYthing with cash?
  4. We got a rental car with one of those fobs, at 1AM in Nova Scotia. We had no idea how to do anything. Luckily there was a manual in the glove box.
  5. We often see those directories in Malls and such that say "You are here." How does it know?
  6. I always get an aisle seat. I like to have the freedom to get up when I want or need to. I keep my legs out of the aisle, but I am often bumped in the knee or shoulder, especially by the beverage/food cart.
  7. I'm running into the same situation with a Princess cruise, San Francisco to Hawaii and back to SF. I wanted to get off in Hilo, and rejoin the ship in Honolulu the next evening. I'm told that is also not allowed.
  8. I'd hate to lose a dollar if I decided to cancel. lol.
  9. I'm glad know that they have cut some of the entertainment in the atrium. I have complained on previous cruises. I don't think it's necessary to have something going on in Piazza all the time. Sometimes, it's nice just to hang out and chill.Typo Having (especially, loud) activities going on all day is detrimental. Don't mind the classical trio, or piano stylists and such.
  10. It reminds me of the situation where an expectant couple is considering whether they want to know ahead the gender of the baby, or want to be "surprised." My wife says, why not be surprised ahead of time, then you have time to make the appropriate preparations.
  11. To answer a recurring question, note that the Dining section shows Estrella (?) Anytime dining restaurant as serving lunch, 12:00 to 1:30, on embarkation day. From experience, I can tell you that it will not be crowded, and that the Beef Tenderloin is wonderful! We eat in the buffet most of the time, but make a point to go to MDR for lunch upon boarding.
  12. Check a deck plan for the new Sky Princess. Shows "Water Shuttle Stations" on Deck 4.
  13. Your loyalty level is maintained by Princess, not a TA. You have a Past Passenger number, and that should be all you need.
  14. One can go "to" a place and never enter. e.g., "I went to the bank, but it was closed."
  15. I always check the Patter. Look on the back, under "dining" It will give the hours for each dining room for the day. One of the MDR's will be open, usually until about 1:30. Generally, very few people there, mostly experienced Princess cruisers. I always get the Beef Tenderloin. It is delicious!
  16. My wife sends my underwear, socks, t-shirts and golf/polo shirts to the laundry. She does hers in the self-service. (She has a reaction to certain detergents.) The laundry all comes back nicely folded or on hangars, as appropriate. I don't think we have ever waited more than 36 hours for turn-around. Our shipboard account shows the normal charge; then within a day, a full credit is applied due to my "elite" status.
  17. AMEX deal doesn't apply to all cards, e.g., my AMEX Delta Skymiles card. Only the top tier of cards.
  18. American Express often has a similar deal for their cardholders. Unfortunately, it doesn't apply to my AMEX card with Delta.
  19. that $14/day would cover the gratuities for the beverage package. Those gratuities are included in Princess' package. Friends, who only occasionaly have a glass of wine, gave up the free beverage package on a 12-day NCL cruise, and saved $480 in gratuities which would have been assessed. They had all the wine/drinks THEY WANTED for a lot less than $480.
  20. So true, and I don't want a ship that looks like a floating apartment building. I want a ship to look like a ship, even if I did spend 18 months cruising on aircraft carriers.
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